Ek Deewana Tha 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom finds out about Shiv’s disappearances

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Rajan holds Vyom by his neck so as to warn him. If your mother gets even a scratch then you would get to know that I am indeed your father! Vyom tells him to kill him then. This is what gives you peace. Kill me. He acts to be suffocated. Rajan pushes him away. That’s what I cannot do! Vyom falls on his knees requesting him to support him for his love. Rajan points at the fire. What’s this fire and Shiv? Vyom lies that it is his illusion. Forget it! Rajan tells him to stop this game. Stop this game or this fire will one day kill you. Stop it or even your father wont be able to save you one day! He leaves from there feeling helpless.

Vyom says this is the fire which will set people on fire. Don’t repeat what you said about Sharanya today! Vyom Bedi is the lover who can kill his

mother, father and everyone for his love’s sake!

Sharanya asks Rati what all she knows. We might be able to do something. Rati speaks of a video. I got it from Vidyut’s video. After seeing it, I felt as if he knew something was going to happen and that he kept it to keep himself and us safe. Sharanya asks her to show her the video. Rati decides to send it to her when Vyom asks them what they are up to. What are my gossip girls gossiping? Sharanya cooks a story. Right then her phone beeps. Vyom points out that someone else also knows she is awake. You got a message. Are you both chatting to each other? Sharanya denies. It might be a spam. Vyom advises Rati sleep. Your eyes are swollen. Let’s go Sharanya. Sharanya and Vyom say goodnight to Rati.

In their room, Vyom complains of a headache. Shiv asks Sharanya what idea she has now. Sharanya suggests Vyom to take medicine. You will feel better. Vyom looks at her. Sharanya thinks he is too fond of giving medicines. Which medicine did you give me that day! Vyom says I will even drink poison if you will offer it so sweetly. She replies that she will give that too when the right time comes. He is taken aback. Really? Sharanya smiles. Have I ever said no to you? I will do whatever you will ask me to. She goes to bring medicine for him but she is already holding a packet of sleeping pills. Shiv asks her about it. Sharanya wants to give him a taste of his own medicine. Shiv smiles seeing Sharanya give sleeping pill to Vyom. Vyom takes the medicine. I really feel at peace when you take care of me so much. She says how I will not. I love you so much. He holds her hand and gets up but begins to feel dizzy.

Shiv is surprised that it worked so soon. She nods. It is strong. Doctor gave it to me when I woke up from coma. There is no side effect. He will sleep in a second. Let’s watch the video till then. shiv’s eyes are pinned on the bathroom. Sharanya offers him earphones. He leans down near her so he can overhear the sound.

Vyom has not swallowed the medicine. He spits it. Why are you doing this Sharanya? Why are you playing this game? You forgot that I am the biggest player of this game. The one who you are playing this game for has been tackled by me long ago! I am pained thinking that once again you chose Shiv between me and Shiv!

Shiv and Sharanya watch the video. Vyom is telling his father he cannot bear it anymore. I love Sharanya whereas I act to be on Shiv and Sharanya’s side. they will marry one day this way and I will dance in their wedding. Rajan tells him to relax. We will find a way. Vyom is irked that Sharanya does not think about him at all. She is taking Shiv to meet him tomorrow. We can change this scene right. Accidents and murders happen on the way. People die! Vyom is watching everything too. Sharanya says Vyom’s intention can be clearly known after seeing this video. It shows why he dint want us to go to Devprayag! Vyom enters and feigns a headache. He falls over Sharanya and acts to pass out. Shiv asks Sharanya what she was saying. There were no side effects and look at him! Just wake him up. Sharanya tries but in vain. I am trying so hard but it is of no use. He is so heavy like a bull! Shiv gets irked. Was it not enough to marry him that you will now give him my nickname too? You used to call me a bull! Don’t you remember?

Flashback shows Sharanya and Shiv practising for the play. Shiv forgets his lines and reads them from the paper. Sharanya asks him what’s in his heart for her. He fumbles in his sentence. She says you act so strong otherwise and cannot tell me what is in your heart! Say it. Shiv takes her name but then corrects himself calling her Heer. She throws the papers away. Talk about us. Tell me what your heart tells you.

Shiv and Sharanya reminisce the memory. Shiv says my heart says that I should! Vyom interrupts them. He walks in drunk. Sharanya hands the script back to Shiv and glares at Vyom. Vyom tells her to be the Heer while he will be her Ranjha. She asks him why he drank again. Vyom notices Shiv. You always come in between. This girl is mine. Step out of the way. Sharanya holds him as he stumbles. You want to be Ranjha right? She asks Shiv to hand her the script. I gave you time to say what is in your heart but you wasted it. He asks her what. She takes the script from him and hands it to Vyom to read. He is unable to read it correctly. She tells him to let it be. He says I love you to her and falls down with her. She gets stuck under the weight of his hand. He insists upon being her Ranjha. She ends up accepting it. Shiv looks at her in shock. She notices his sad face as he walks out of the room and smiles. This 6 feet 4 inch mountain cries too! I wish he is crying because of what I think it is! I wish he too has the same feelings in his heart that I have!

Sharanya apologizes to Shiv for making him teary eyed again. Shiv tells her she is his happiness. You can never be the reason of my tears. The one who you love truly sometimes fall down from the eyes. He looks at the sun. It is about time. I must leave. She requests him not to go. He tells her he is helpless. I have to go there even after death. I am sorry Sharanya. She fails in freeing herself. Shiv disappears. Sharanya cries feeling helpless. Don’t know where you go when the sun rises and sets. Vyom opens his eyes. Shiv’s ghost does not stay with you twice. I will do my work in his absence.

Precap: Vyom holds Sharanya tight when he wakes up. Sharanya is irked with his touch. Shiv is near that lake. I cannot let my Sharanya stay with that guy. Don’t know what is in this place! A lady peeks out of some window. Shiv turns and looks up in confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. This directors will soon kill as with suspense 4 de love of almighty break de suspense it’s enough now

  2. Clever vyom and Shivanya dumbos… At least one should have a sense..

  3. What is this creature-vyom bedi?? Now Rajan warning vyom?? Omg.. Who killed ram bisht? Vyom and Rajan together.. Definitely one of the mask of shiv killers also Rajan .. And he is fed up with vyom’s killings when it turned to his own house..after vidyut’s case.. Otherwise he supported vyom to kill anyone. Vyom is correct.. Kill ur dad and mom..they deserved to be die with their son’s hand..it is their karma… But Vyom is not deserved to be die.. He should live..live alone.. After killing everyone..

  4. Can’t they bring shiv back like laddo’s ghost turned to human in belan wali. Thanks for the update.

  5. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Stupid and foolish sharanya now vyom get to know about Shiva’s disappearance!

  6. love this serial 🙂

  7. Asiya Tanveer

    Y shiv isn’t trying to find out to know about the secret of the lake………?

  8. Asiya Tanveer

    Y shiv isn’t trying to know the secret of the lake

  9. Jaya Chaudhary

    I think shiv parents are killed in that lake as rajan go there every time saying lie of meeting and rajan also has commited a murder some time ago as told in story……….

  10. I can guess that rajan bedi has killed shiv parents as madhvi in one episode has said” We are responsible for shiv past”. And lake that area where they are killed………..

    1. I think true love ❤ will definitely bring shiv again.

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