Ek Deewana Tha 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Aditya sees Madhvi and Rajan fighting!

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Mohini turns to go again but senses something and turns. He is right here somewhere. She goes in another direction. The ghost is shown standing near the wall.

Rajan suggests Vyom and Sharanya’s marriage. Once Vyom gains conscious, we will go ahead with it. Everyone looks at him in shock. Rajan says I will speak to pundit ji and we will select a date. Mr. Bisht says I feel this isn’t the right time for marriage. Madhvi also asks her husband if he has lost it. Our son is in this condition and you are thinking of wedding? He looks at Vyom and nods. Sharanya is his biggest wish and medicine. He tells his family members to start shopping for Sharanya. The tube light breaks shocking all of them.

Sharanya recalls Mohini’s words. Rajan calls it perfect moment. It is considered

a good omen. Mrs. Bisht points out that Vyom hasn’t even gained conscious yet. Rajan is sure he will dance when he will hear this news. Such small wounds wont do him any harm especially when his lady luck is with him. Sharanya says this isn’t the right time. He insists this is. She points out that she does not even remember the relation which he is speaking about. I can only feel Vyom’s concern and friendship. I don’t feel anything else. Rajan says I can feel it though. What comes out of the mouth isn’t love but it is felt from the heart. I saw you crying for Vyom when I came here. She reasons love is felt from the heart. I only have one relation with Vyom – of great friendship. I cannot think of marriage at any cost. Madhvi stops her from going in Vyom’s ward again. Just stay away from my son. She replies that she will go but will meet her friend first. It takes time in making a relation but not in breaking one. Final goodbye is important before that! Rajan glares at Madhvi.

Sharanya comes to Vyom’s ward. Vyom has woken up. She caresses his head emotionally. Are you fine? He nods. She sits down next to him. Every relation comes in our life with some motive. The relation gets over with that motive. I don’t know what you were for me before my accident. I could adjust in the world after gaining conscious from coma only because of you. I only saw you wherever I looked or whenever I fell in any problem. There were so many questions related to my past and I only got one answer – Vyom! She holds his hand. Your love couldn’t get my love. I will always live with this guilt but your friendship will always be with me! She withdraws her hand from his and gets up. This relation is over now. He shakes his head. She is crying by now. Take care of yourself. She begins to go but he holds her hand. A hand can be seen on the window. Don’t go. She requests him to let her go. I cannot become the reason for your pain. I must go away from you for you only. He denies. I love you! She replies that one sided love only gives pain. You don’t deserve it. let me go. He requests her not to. The ghost appears right next to his bed.

Rajan brings Madhvi aside and asks her what that was. He holds her by her throat. Can you not keep your tongue in control? She frees herself. You can close your eyes but I can see how that girl has ruined my son’s life! You are thinking about their marriage. Rajan insists Vyom cannot live without Sharanya. Apologise to her! She refuses. I am already living some relation forcibly but it wont work anymore. They both stick to their ideals and continue fighting. He tells her not to force him to do something because of which both of them will be in problem. Aditya notices them thus. Rajan’s demeanour changes immediately. I was trying to calm your aunty. He acts before Aditya but he has clearly seen something.

Vyom tries getting up. I will die. The ghost looks at his IV drip. Vyom requests Sharanya. He begins to breathe heavily as the IV drip turns into ice. Sharanya does not look back. Nothing will happen to you as nothing goes wrong with good people. Let go of me please. Vyom’s hand slips down as he becomes unconscious. Sharanya remarks that this will be best for them. We should stay apart. Take care of yourself. Will you? His silence surprises her and she turns. She tries waking him up but in vain. She notices the ice on the IV drip and also notices blood dripping out of his wound. She shouts for nurse. Madhvi rushes to the room and sees Sharanya removing the needle from Vyom’s hand.

Everyone rushes in the room. Madhvi asks Sharanya what she did. I saw Sharanya removing the needle from Vyom’s hand. He is bleeding so much! I saw it with my own eyes! Sharanya tries to explain but Madhvi does not let her. Nurse comes in. Sharanya tells her about the ice but the drip is normal by now. Mohini’s words echo in Sharanya’s mind. The unknown secrets of my past have become a danger for Vyom’s life. She remembers how he got hurt in all the incidents.

Precap: Sharanya takes care of Vyom. I do this when I feel nice about someone. The ghost comes in the room and sees their hands together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Fenil

    Hello EDT family.
    Amazing episode with perfect Mirch masala.

  2. Definitely vyom is negative..

  3. Missed the episode on screen, not getting a clue,ghost doesn’t want Sharanya to go away from Vyom?or ghost wants to make Sharanya bad in front of Vyom’s family?It is either to separate them or to bring them closer,if it is latter,hope it is not to punish Vyom,Vyom is clearly not Sharanya’s love in the past ,but why he is saying,you forgot everything ,our love etc,may be he is an obsessive lover and that is the twist and Madhavi who knows his doings is trying to keeping him away to protect him,but even after so many episodes,not much revealed..good going,waiting for the twist.

    1. Watching retelecast,Vyom Sharanya scene is very cute..

  4. I don’t think vyom is negative lot of mystery

  5. Hi frnds Awesome episode …..precap is gud?

  6. Its still mystery but for now what we see vyoom is the positive one and shiv is the negative because of his doings from what they show us .

  7. Love ❤️ it from the beginning best ever!!! Can’t wait for more!!! Hope sanaya and vayom are the true lovers!! Please unite them

  8. It’s seems shiv as an evil but can’t say till we dont get to know abt his side of story. Just loving his evil smirk. Namik expression was breathtaking.. Vyom and shranya scene was soo emotional. Donal also doing grt.

  9. Waiting for mystery to get revealed

  10. Anuradha123

    Waiting for the episode to unfold.. Yesterday episode was fabulous.. I think shiv is the lover of saranya not vyom…

  11. Manojit Basak

    But ek ladki atma k saath kise rahega. Shiv chahe kitna bhi achha ho use jana hoga or vyom k saath ending karna hoga sharanya ko.

  12. Epi was good looking forward
    Eagerly waiting for mystery to unfold

  13. I don’t have any bad feeling about vyom

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