Ek Deewana Tha 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rati decides to leave Bedi House

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Sharanya stumbles upon the video of the room where Sadhvi ji is kept (in the freezer).

Vyom twists Rati’s hand. You are trying to hurt me when I helped you? Your husband cheated you. He tried to take advantage of Sharanya so many times. He tried to touch Sharanya. I had to do Yamraj’s task. It is Yamraj’s task to finish sinners and not me. Rati tells him he has gone mad. He makes her sit in a corner. You call me mad too? Do I look mad to you? You are calling me what everyone says? I love you so much. I call you Choti Ma. You feed me with your own hands. Did you forget everything? I wanted to keep you away from all this mess. Don’t cry. This is my job responsibility. It is important. Madhvi is listening to everything. Vyom says sometimes Sharanya runs and now you want to run too.

He wipes his bloodied hands with Rati’s dupatta. She looks back in fear. He tells her he has seen this pain, this blood many times. I cannot see your blood though. Madhvi is in tears.

Vyom tells Rati he cannot see her in pain. You are my Choti Ma. He keeps his head on her lap. How can I see my Choti Ma in pain? You have 2 options. One, I will harm Avni if you will go and tell Sharanya everything. Rati panics hearing Avni’s name. He tells her the second option. Forget everything. I will melt Sagar too. I have enough chemical. Which option will you choose? He keeps two fists before her to choose. She chooses option two. He happily tells her to celebrate. One sinner is also dead. Sleep now. I will manage this sinner. Rati goes inside. Vyom looks at Sagar’s dead body.

Sharanya wonders which corner of the house is this. What’s in the freezer? She zooms in the video when Vyom calls out to her. He looks at his laptop. She lies that she was checking her mail as she was unable to check in her phone. He looks at the camera installed in the room. I think I will have to get you a new laptop. It is wrong to touch anyone’s laptop without permission. He checks his laptop and the video screen pops. She agrees to not touch his laptop the next time. He asks her if she was spying. She asks him if he is hiding some secret in his laptop. He smiles. You are my wife. It is your right to spy. You should know what husband is doing behind your back. I want you to be a little possessive or insecure but you don’t! She knows he will never leave her or cheat her. He nods. One sugar cube, one love so there is no way of doing that! I can leave the world but not you! I can (finish the world if it will come in between)! I am joking. He asks her to check whatever she wishes to check in his laptop. Sadhvi ji’s foot is visible on the screen. She shuts it. Vyom tells her to think one more time. Maybe what you wish to see is right before your eyes. Sharanya walks away. Where are you Shiv? I feel strange restlessness. I feel as if all the secrets are right in front of me yet I cannot see them. Come back soon. Vyom also wonders where Shiv is. I have talent to kill humans and spirits!

Rati checks Avni the moment she comes to her room. She hugs her out of fear. Vyom’s words haunt her. She tells Avni to pack her colours. We will go to Nani House right away. She goes to fill water bottle.

Rati’s hands are shaking badly as she tries to fill the bottle. Sharanya observes her thus. What happened, Chachi? Rati shakes her head saying nothing but Sharanya is sure there is something. You seem disturbed. Rati lies to her. She begins to go but Sharanya makes her look at her. There is something. You are sweating and trembling. What is it? Rati asks her if she does not know what happened. She recalls Vyom telling her how he had killed Vyom. Rati says my husband is missing since last 10 days. This is what is bothering me. Can you do anything about it? No right! Don’t interrupt me time and again! She walks away. Sharanya says this is what is bothering me. I cannot do anything. I can atleast understand your pain. Seeing your condition, I fail to tell you that Vidyut Chachu is no more!

Madhvi rues that her son has turned criminal because of his madness. He killed his own Chacha! What if Rati tells everyone? I must stop her.

Vyom compliments Sharanya. This red colour suits you very much. You took me out on a date wearing red saree once. You wanted to take our relation further but I could not do it then. Today I want to take you out on a date to give our relation another chance. Madhvi overhears them.

Shiv is near a lake. I wonder why I am attracted to it since childhood. Why do I come here leaving everything at once at the same time daily? It used to give me peace earlier but it is turning scary for me now. Why do I have to leave Sharanya amongst those evil people just to come here? Why do I have to come here unwillingly? There is something in this place or water which is pulling me towards it!

Sharanya asks Vyom about someone who got hurt in the fire. I was thinking to meet him. Vyom suggests speaking to his family on phone but she tells him she wont be at peace till I meet him. Vyom reluctantly shares that the guy is in city hospital. She nods. He says you can care for me just the way you care for me. She says the same for him. He realises it was a taunt. I was in a romantic mood but you spoiled it. Let’s go out. Madhvi wonders how he isn’t even bothered of the fact that he just killed someone. There is no crease of worry on his forehead! Sharanya is in the biggest danger! What will she go through the day she will find out the truth?

Rati is going out with Avni when she notices Madhvi. She tries to walk away ignoring her but Madhvi stops her. where are you going to at this hour? Rati cooks up an excuse. Madhvi offers to come along. I have to say something important to you. Rati declines and takes her leave. Madhvi thinks it is good if Rati will stay away from here. You will be atleast safe. What if you tell Vyom’s truth to everyone? I am in such a fix. I am happy for Rati and Avni’s safety whereas I am also concerned for my son. She peeks inside Vyom’s room again and can only see Sharanya. Where is Vyom?

Rati makes Avni sit in the car and keeps her bag in the trunk. She returns to the driver seat when she spots Vyom sitting with Avni. He asks them where they are off to. She looks at him in shock.

Precap: Sharanya and Shiv’s romance is shown.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kya yar… achhi khasi stry ki band baja di yaar… shiv pata nahi kaha gumta raheta hai?? Agar vo vyom k aas pas rahega na tab bhi use bahot kuchh pata chal sakta he… aur sharnya k baare me to kuchh bolna hi nahi he… n agar aage koi intrstng sa trck dikhaye to pata nahi varna filhal to mujhe lag raha hai dt m watchn beyhadh 2… psychpt lover, supportv perents, murder evrywhr… nothn new.. difrnce is only vikram or ny1 cnt recreat MAYA/replc jenny…

  2. Totally collapsed!!! No hope of revival..

  3. There are too many loopholes. Madhvi hated Sharanya because she endangered Vyom’s life over and over again. Right now there is no mention of that, Shiv shayari wanted to take revenge from Sharanya theres no mention of that. Madhavi feared that Rajan will do anything even to risk his own sons life to get what he wants. There is no mention of that. Madhavi almost wrote letters and had evidence against Rajan NOT Vyom for police there is no mention of that anymore. Story Changed and maker is trying to hide that by ruthlessly making this Vyom’s character murderous. Fine maybe Vyom lied to be with Sharanya but he wasnt suppose to be the killer, he himself got stabbed, What happen to Shiv FB where he used to say if anyone came inbetween Shiv and Sharanya he will kill them and the blo*dy Knife Shiv held? Vyom Stabbed in White. Theres absolutely no revival of the mess that the makers created by changing the story to please Shivs fans. To please shiv fans he didnt have to make vyom a murderer, he could have left him as a liar. Shiv was missing from the rape scene why? when he can almost kill other ppl then why wasnt he there? Right now story is wacked out. I thought this story was about Vyom and sharanyas love that was going to defeat death but now its one sided love that had to defeat death. Whatever happened to the Pandit saying that if sharanya is with her husband his life will always be in danger. All of a sudden shiv is the most innocent soul, What happened to shiv causing sharanya and vyoms car crash and a havoc in the hospital and all the other jazz? when he wasnt even sure vyom killed him. Madhavis car was found near now all are innocent except vyom.WHy do makers have to make him a killing machine. Dudes killing senselessly right n left. What did the makers do the story..

    1. Yvonne Codner

      Kalpana I agree with some of your POVs…I think Madhav never really hated Sharanya, she knew the things that Vyom and his dad did…she knew that Rajan helped Vyom to kill Shiv so she was trying her best for Sharanya not to marry Vyom…Sharanya and Shiv based on the FB that we see were really in love with each other. Vyom kinda introduced them accidentally by letting Sharanya throw mud on Shiv, and that is where their love story started. Vyom was her BFF, she never loved him. Didn’t you hear him confessed that he killed Shiv to get her, he stole Shiv’s lyrics to his songs, poetry, his dress style and everything except his height. Did you noticed that when Sharanya woke up out of her Coma, she did not know Vyom, she had no connection with him. We all made the mistake thinking that Sharanya’s and Vyom’s love story would have started and Shiv was the ghost intruder but Shiv was trying to save Sharanya from Vyom whom he knew murdered him with the help of his father…Did you notice that in all the accidents that nothing has ever happened to Sharanya? they even killed Sharanya’s dad the day he went to the temple to get a letter which Sharanya wrote to him before her accident. Vyom is a maniac, he hurts his Mom in his madness…he kills his uncle (although he kinda deserved it with his lecherous behavior towards Sharanya)…Vyom is obsessive like Maya and Ranvir. They kill to get their perceived love.

    2. ഒരു vikram fan രോദനം (???) ?????

  4. I think shiv goes to the place which is related to his parents

  5. Dz story hs reallly turnd out into a messss. No more intrstd.

  6. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Thrilling Episode! Awesome acting by vikram! Vyom just haunt us! We must appreciate a unique show with different storyline. Not like usual boring love-stories and usual SAS -BAHU drama. We’ll Done makers! Really appreciated all the efforts done by makers and actors!

  7. Vikram’s acting is fabulous.. But the show is not watchable.. Total mess.. When they introduced bhoot they just ignored police,law and order.. At least there should be some kind of enquiry of missing persons though bribed or something. Here vyom taking charge of yamaraj.. No one to interfere.. Simply finishing his job and leaving.. Filling the freezers with dead bodies..
    And intelligent foolish saranya to punish the culprits.. And powerful shiv bhoot to follow saranya..and together waiting for vyom to confess his crimes..

  8. Hi friends. …this is lakshmi. ….I’m watching this show from the 1st episode…when it was revealed that shiv is none other than hero of this shown, I lost interest bcoz wats d use to watch when hero is dead nd became a spirit.sharanya and shiv cannot b together forever bcoz shiv is dead.makers r dragging the story that’s it.moreover here vyom is behaving as spirit as he knows everything nd kills anyone but shiv failed as spirit.Shiv nd sharanya romantic scenes r also waste of time.

    1. Hi Lakshmi…I too think at first makers thought to make vyom hero but namik’s fans wanted shiv to be hero whereas many Vikram fans were only with Vikram playing negative role so makers made shiv hero otherwise in the first episode vyom told Rajan that he didn’t tell sharanya about shiv because she will freak out.

  9. The same questions also ruining my mind were is ohtni and Freddy sharnya watching CCTV but suddenly she sawing only freeszr box first all videos running there and there is no different story line ranveer,Maya,and vyom 3 story’s are same but different person’s that’s all.

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