Ek Deewana Tha 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharanya recognizes Shiv

Ek Deewana Tha 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharanya is shocked to see Shiv’s dead body as she removes the ice from his face. She remembers the accident scene when she had seen Shiv for the first time. Shiv stands before her. She looks at him and then at his dead body in shock. Flashes of Shiv confessing his love to her are shown. She also remembers saying I love you to him and of some moments they had spent together (Shiv giving her stargazers; of them sharing some lovely moments together. she looks at his spirit in shock. Title track plays as they look at each other. She walks up to him in trance.

Shiv asks Sharanya if she still does not remember anything. She recalls the time when he had shouted her name. She came running towards the balcony. Shiv says I love you to her. She smiles shyly. Flashback ends. Another flashback is

shown where she comes down and hugs him. They fall on the ground and look into each other’s eyes.

Shayari –
Mere labz labz tere hoton pe, tu nabz nabz me meri basa
Main rooh rooh sa chalta hu, tu shamil hai meri yaadon me
Mere dil ka sukun, mere dil ka junoon, tu ishq hai mera shaista sa
Mehsus karun tujhe har pal, bhar kar meri baahon me

They say i love you to each other and share a kiss. Another scene is shown where Shiv tells Sharanya that he thinks of Kapali Temple’s Devi Ma as his Ma. It snows heavily there. No one goes there because of the same. She saved me. It is said that I was lying there unattended for 3 days. I don’t know who my parents are or if they are or not. I don’t know if they were helpless or they left me willingly. I don’t know anything. He cries. She feels bad seeing him thus and wipes his tears. Why do you say so? You are not alone. I am with you. He holds her hands. I know which is why this head which only bows down before Devi Ma, bends down before you today. There is no way to tell you / assure you how much I love you. Just read my eyes as words mean many things at once. He proposes her for marriage. She happily agrees. They share a hug. He says another romantic shayari. She promises to be his in this life and all the other births. I am yours. My every wish, every prayer, every happiness is only yours. He says my death is also yours.

Tears stream down Sharanya’s cheeks as she utters Shiv’s name. Madno plays in the background as they both look at each other. Past happy memories flash before their eyes. She extends her hand to touch him but it just goes right across. She tries again but is unable to touch or hold him. She cries feeling helpless. She runs back to his dead body and cries holding him. She keeps his head on her lap. Ice clears from Shiv’s face as she caresses his ice off his face (dead body). She shouts his name.

Sharanya walks back to Shiv’s spirit. She takes his name again. He nods. I know Sharanya’s Shiv. She adds that she is Shiv’s Sharanya. She tries hugging him again but fails. She looks at her hands in disbelief. I want to touch you once. I want to feel your presence once. Just hug me once. Please. He says wish it was possible. Wish there was no if between us. You can hear me, see me, feel my presence but you cannot touch me. I am just a feeling.

Precap: Sharanya confirms about the accident with Shiv. You died in the accident right? He tells her that it was no accident. I was murdered. Flashback of the same is shown where Shiv is being beaten by the goons and murdered.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Clarify that rape scene with Vyom! I think that was Vyom showing his true colors (or mental imbalance), but I want clarity.

    1. No I think shiv just want to stop sharanya.from marrying vyom..so if vyom try to rape her then he may thought that sharanya will call off her marriage

    2. That all drama was to stop marriage..that’s it..and is over. Now let’s move on with the story..

  2. Suma123

    It was awesome I loved todays episode too much….too emotional one …when she can’t able to touch him…#shivanya waiting eagerly to watch next

  3. Trisha139

    Haay I swear I can die to see shivanya together !! Pls cvs at least once give shiv the powers to touch anything !! I could easily relate to sharanya’s condition with the shayaris as well as when shiv nodded in no when her constant tries to touch him failed …. uff !!! I just couldn’t digest missing even a single second of the whole episode !! Nd ofcourse I can watch this again and again …. shivanya ❤️❤️❤️You guys rock !! Keep rocking …! Just want shiv to have touch powers and shivanya together should punish the culprit !!!

    In one scene when shiv was hugging Sharanya, vyom was there too in behind coming out of the car.

    Yr such an indelible epi ???

    1. I agree with you, I even wish she can bring him to life using any kind of power, right now I can keep up with anything, better use my imagination to understand supernatural things, than lose my logical thinking trying to make sense of the regressive stupid things we go through watching some serials, when characters keep bouncing between smartness and stupidity for the sake of long running story… just wanna say I’m really happy with this one, so no matter who’s fan you are, the team of EDT is all worthy of our appreciation, so enjoy everyone.

    2. I totally agree with you….. the first scene I noticed in this scene is Vyom behind Shivanya besides his car…. he was gazing at them only

  4. I loved today’s episode and can anyone tell me what was the track playing behind when shivanya were standing helpless that sharanya could’t touch shiv

    1. That track was of KARZ movie (old) title track on electric guitar ? i also love that music……

    2. The track name is madhno from lamha movie

    3. The track was song ‘madno’

  5. Ohh MY God, this is going to be more thriller…at least many things clear to Shranaya about Shiv….!!

  6. So emotional episode.. Shivanya were in deep love..can’t separate them even by death.. So much touched ..let their love win . I do want either saranya to die or live in shiv forever. After shown their eternal love.. I really don’t want Vanya to happen ..even if vyom is innocent.. Though I’m a vikram fan…
    And Shiv was orphan.. So there is a chance for shiv to be vyom’s brother. Or madhavi’s illegitimate son. Madhavi, Rajan and vyom very well know shiv.. Is it only vyom’s love is the connection between them? I don’t think.. But the actual mystery is not unfolded..and they will not do it in near future.. Only they shown who is the real lover..And in the precap the goons were wore masks.. So I think even Shiv don’t know who killed him.. Now I think we can see combined mission of shivanya to find the culprits.

  7. I don’t know why but I didn’t felt any good chemistry between shivanya.. The chemistry between Vanya was the better. Its only my feel. But the episode was too emotional. And according to the story I only support shivanya love to win. And how come vyom know that saranya will loose her memory.. Or may be he knowingly made her to forget through some medicines.. And what will happen when vyom reach kapali hills.. Pls let the story to reveal…

  8. Finally shranya remembered everything, and shiv & shranya reunited. .

    Yess our guess was 100 percent right, it is shivanya..

    I don’t regret waiting for this, cause this is all worth it.. waiting to hear more shiv talking..

    The makers were building the suspense for a reason, they had to bring out the truth at the correct time and the correct location.. and this is perfect.. hatts of to te makers

    NAMIK hatts of to your acting skill it so real I could feel each and every thing u tried to covey us to as audience… it was like I was there, seeing it with my own eyes..
    Namik u’re voice is so powerful, u accumulate your voice according to each individual scene and it is perfect.. u are indeed a reallllly good actor. ..

    Donal you’re acting was also really nice, I could feel what u were going through.. the pain of not being able to touch him and the fact that he is dead . u remembering him, u removing snow from his corpse face.. that moment was really beautiful… I was in tears

    When shiv said shranya kee shiv and sharanya saying shiv kee shranya was too beautiful.. I had goosebumps..

    If my guys is right then the priest is shiv’s mother and her vow is some how related to that, maybe shiv was lost and the priest took a vow to stay in the temple and pray to God to look after her child…

    The one who killed is either vyom or rajan or maybe they both were working together.. the one who stab shiv would be vyom, then he threw his body on to the ice and his body is still there. ..

    Vyom how could u do that to shranya. . She trusted you and u manipulated her and got married to her, by deceiving her… now it’s proved that whatever vyom was saying about shiv was wrong, it’s actually his own doings..

    The scene of shiv and vyom mother, I think his mom went to request shiv to sacrifice his love and give shranya to vyom as vyom is crazy about her and maybe a little bit physo.. we all saw that he is really possessive about shranya. ..

    I think now rajan would try to kill shranya, as he thinks shranya is taking vyom away from him..

    The priest is gonna be killed for sure and she would be on her way to shivanya when she will be killed and maybe they would dump her body to ice and shivanya would see, they would go there and maybe (if that is shiv’s mom ) some miracle happen and shiv realize that is his mom..


  9. Yess vyom was there in one of the fb scenes.. So he know about shivanya love story.. And clearly was lying.. OMG I can’t imagine how she will react to vyom..

    1. Where was he ….??? I cudnt find him

  10. Literally after today’s I’m in tears. Today’s episode was filled with so much pain and so much helplessness. Today hats off to the whole team of EDT. It was a magnificent episode. Mind-blowing. ??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Love shivanya. ❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  11. Antara

    finally truth is out flash back scenes are just fab i really loved the cuteness & innocenceof shiv
    Heart touching epi
    feeling really bad for shiv vyom or rajan is behind shiv’s murder
    wat will sharanya do?

  12. Can any1 say wn xctly vyom is seen in fb scne??

    1. In one flashback where Sharanya was wearing yellow top… maybe they were in parking lot and Vyom was watching them through far standing besides his car

      1. Thankyou Tooba ?

  13. Nothing interesting only emotion

  14. Hey m new here m roj ap sb k comments pdti hu nd i loved to read ur comments infact serial s jada mja to ap sbke comments pdne m ata h nd yesss ekbat jrur khna chahungi aj k episodes k bare m may be its a false story kuki sharanya k kapali hills niklne s phle sadhvi ji n kha tha ki shiv cn cheated her so may be writters baad m y story change kr skte h may its vyom anyyways jo bhi ho serial m m njying it really

  15. Today episode was very heartbroken and painful. Left me in tears…. Namik and Donal were outstanding. Shivanya had a sparkling chemistry. It was heart breaking to see when shranya want to hug him. Namik stole the show. his performance was awesome, amazing, outstanding, fantastic, words are less describe his acting… He is too perfect

  16. Not self praising ,just analysing,so three guesses have come true,Shiv didn’t know pooja mantra according to Sadhvji and the guess that he is an orphan,Shiv buried in ice from hints to Odhni and someone stabbed Shiv though accident occurred,now,episode,lost love and pain of separation connected more and increased the feel and chemistry,but please don’t bash me,I loved Vanya as well without any of that,but here in this, I don’t want to see Vanya at all,just want 1)a good thriller with suspense(where Vyom is negative but not the killer,I doubt Madhvi is the one who stabbed though plot was by Bedis or someone else,that is why her fear of Vanya marriage happening,anger towards Sharanya, cos she knows what all Bedis including Vyom did to separate Shivanya and her drinking habit) and 2) victory of true love (ie Shivanya),Donal nailed the episode,well supported by Namik’s painful helplessness,didn’t miss Vikram at all,now the story begins, Sharanya will go in search,if Vyom is the one who killed,then he will be shown cooking a story and acting as though helping her to get to the truth,or Sharanya will act in front of Vyom to bring truth out with the help of Shiv and Odhni,Shiv can be Chandni’s Hus’ illegitimate son,but there are many missing links still.

  17. What an episode guys…. Loved it… SHIVANYA ?????❤️❤️❤️??such pure love such beautiful pair…..SHIV always protected her but she couldn’t understand…. Freedy aldo told that she married to his biggest enemy…. I think VYOM killed SHIV as when SHIV was stabbed i think that waa VYOM…..

  18. Wow nice epi.. namik and Donal was awesome. I want Vikram 2 b a villainin dis show as I wanted from d beginning

    1. Yes. I too want Vikram to do villain role. He will rock it.

      1. Hi aap bhi Vikram ki fan hi kya…????

      2. Not only Vikram’s.. ShiVik’s die heart fan 🙂 🙂

  19. I love This episode.

  20. Finally the mystery got cleared… Shivanya were the lovers… Now it is 100%confirmed that vyom and rajan both are the culprits.. I’m very happy that sharanya has recognized her true love….

  21. Y i hv a feeling tht Shiv never posessed Vyom. May b Vyom is some evil/satan. Coz durung marriage whn Shiv seem to posess him, Shiv ws still standing outside tht circle looking at thm. Thn how the soul posessed him?

    1. omg , interesting Nilu

      1. yea why would Shiv slap Sharanya if he possessed Vyom

  22. Sanveer

    Omg Outsanding Emotional Superbe episode! I was literally Crying! All of the actors acting was so Good!!!!!!!!!!! I dtarted watching this show in December 25th and I already finished all the episodes!

  23. My god … what n episode finly… n bg music ws so soulfl… i luv innocnc on shiv’s face(gost)…. fr me shivnya’s chemestry n intensty of love wy bettr den vanya… n shivanya’s scenes wr sooo awsum…. simply luvd it…???

  24. Vyom aur saranya ki chemistry esse better thi..and clearly har act me vyom ne Kuch different Kiya h…namik ne toh vhi normally acting ki h Jo sb krte hi h..

    1. Same. Vyom saranya chemistry was good. The emotional scenes between shivanya (at kapali hills ) was excellent..and so natural. But fb scenes were not up to the mark…felt like they were acting.

  25. Fenil

    Hello EDT Family.
    Fabulous episode.
    ShivAnaya’s sizzling chemistry and DoMik nailed whole episode.each emotions portrayed fabulously by DoMik.

  26. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome Episode! Finally sharanya recognized shiv! Really heart- touching and emotional episode! The helplessness of shiv and sharanya. Sharanya can’t hug shiv because shiv is dead, the pain, the expression, amazing screen play and amazing background music. Shiv and sharanya rocks. Sweet romantic fb with beautiful poetry. Very well-crafted episode! We can feels the pain of separation. Very beautiful episode! Well done makers! Really it’s worth waiting for along! Really appreciated!

  27. Ya i’m really happy for shivanya then what about vyom he’s alone now??? I can’t see him like that if sharanya started to hate vyom then…..OMG plsssssssssssss don’t do such things I love vyom a lot???he really loves sharanya❤❤

    1. Honest opinion

      Maybe they will show that shiv was sharanya’s past.. but was killed by Rajan (but Vyom is innocent).. so after they find shiv’s killer- maybe shiv’s soul will get liberated & Sharanya & Vyom will end up together?

  28. Anybody written shayari from the first day…If yes pls share it..

  29. Shivanya chemistry was too much artificial.

  30. Shiv and sharanya is looking good together… Shivanya is best.. Fabulous.. Awesome epi..

  31. Shivanya is best …awesome episode….

  32. What are repeat telecast timing for this serial??

  33. this episodes reminds me of kal hoo na hoo movie???

  34. From the beginning of the show I (like most of us ) felt that it was shivanya. So I never minded the Vanya and their romance.. Because I was too much in dream of shivanya love story and their chemistry and I just liked their amazing height difference. But I was so much disappointed with shivanya chemistry and felt Vanya was better. Maybe in a journey I could find it good..but yesterday’s epi didn’t gave me anything to be happy.. But I myself pretend to be happy because I loved the pair before they shown. But the truth is I’m disappointed. But looking forward for more shivanya scenes.. and hope I’ll change my opinion.

  35. I am not a fan of any of the leads in particular but I like them all,I mainly watch this show because it is too good,I wanted to type something yesterday but thought my comment will hurt Namik fans,who love Shivanya,but honestly ,I feel,if the pain,sorrow and separation of Shivanya,and the helplessness of Shiv which made viewers irrespective of whose fans each are,yearn for him meeting his love and Shivanya uniting are kept aside,I will be very honest and unbiased here,in yesterday’s episode their chemistry was not that superb when compared to Shraman in ek dkv,even Vanya was not perfect because Vikram and Shivani was one of the bestest on TV as Vitharv,but sorry for being frank,Vanya was better than Shivanya inspite of anger for Vyom and sympathy for Shiv.I am not surprised with many commenting that Vanya was better above because I felt that as I was watching itself.It is just my opinion, I respect all comments.Namik fans,please don’t feel angry reading this.Sorry if it hurt you.

  36. Neither shivanya nor Vanya was perfect. But Vanya was better than shivanya. In shiv’s face mostly innocence and helplessness was predominant than love. And I felt they were just delivering the dialogue. Earlier I didn’t find Vanya as good but now I feel it was better.

    1. I understand your comment ,to be honest,I agree with u, don’t want to hurt anyone but though I know this show is not about Vanya, I honestly want to see Vikram in negative role,still,I feel,Vanya has a better chemistry than Shivanya,though not perfect like Vitharv,Namik fans,sorry,please don’t take me wrong.

  37. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Last to episodes add new dimensions and aspects to the show. Really last two episode add new thrill in the show! Brilliantly performed by the actors! Most awaited episodes of the show till date.

  38. Guys,those who asked about Vyom in flash back,just check sonyliv.com ,in 12th Jan episode,1.48 to 1.52 seconds check the car in background,there Vyom is seen staring at them,also check 1.41 to 1.44,there black and white flashes but not that clear.

    1. Trisha139

      Yup even I noticed that clearly

  39. Trisha139

    Such long hours of wait !! When will it be 10 pm ????!! Never knew when I became so mad for EDV !! Just one hope …. this must go as it is now …. hope directors won’t get this boring as other serials !!! Shivanya ❤️❤️❤️

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