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Thank u guys and I am really surprised to see so many ppl from tamil nadu and each of u all hav different passions like reading,writing,dancing,singing,teaching,travelling,photograghy etc …wow I love all of them but honestly I love talking and I am an extrovert so I get attached to ppl very easily but I wanna ask u all one thing is ur passion and profession same ? hm…..but I wanna make my passion a paid profession and I will. And JANVI I don’t hate maths I do score good marks but honestly I nvr understand them like many of us

Ok then lets know each other I love talking but I lov eating too .heeheheh so whats ur fav dish? Mine is cakes , I love them u give me a cake I am ur slave (jst kidding) and ur fav colour? Mine is yellow and black.

So lets start todays epi.
Raglak were staring at karan
Lak: hw do they look?
Kar: who?
Lak: ur girlfriends
Kar: they look really cute wait I will show u
They both were again engaged in their stupid talks and ragini was giving an unbelievable expression
Ragini gets irritated and leaves from there
Laksh starts to beat karan
Kar: hey leave me yaar!!!
Lak: I am very big idiot hw did I believe u?
Kar: bcoz u r an idiot
Laksh stares him with full rage
Kar: ok don’t stare me now
Lak: what to do now?
Kar: idea! U hav seen in movies right?
Lak: haaaan………….what?
Kar: arey hm…… u go and stand on top of a building and tell ragini I love u!!! and ask her to tell the same , if she cares for u she will say it and then happy ending
Lak: wow!!!! and if she doesn’t say?
Kar: jump from there
Lak: what?
Kar: I mean tell her u will jump from there!!!
Lak: if I jump I will die
Kar: ofcourse!!!
Lak: I asked u to help for love and u r giving me help to die
Kar: u will die when u jump na?
Laksh nods
Kar: ragini will not allow u to jump , don’t u hav trust in ur love
Lak: yes I do but……..
Kar: and if she doesn’t care also she will save u , she has a lot of humanity in her and will not let u die so chill

Jst then they hear a voice shouting RAGINII!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lakan: who’s that?

Everyone rush out to see who was shouting and they see a guy standing on top of the building next to her café
Guy: ragini?
Ragini comes and stands confused she didn’t know why he was calling her
Ragini: who r u and why r u shouting my name?
Guy: I love u ragini!!! Plz accept me
Lakan were shocked
Lak: did u tell ur plan to him too?
Kar: no !!! I think they have mike under our table to hear everything
Laksh was giving him death glares

Ragini: what r u mad? Come down
Guy: u first tell that I love u too
Ragini: no!!! I don’t love u
Guy: if u don’t tell I will jump from here!!!
Ragini: what ?!!! dont behave like a kid and come down
Guy: no u first tell me
Ragini: why should i?

Everyone were telling her to tell him but laksh was praying no no no
Guy: if u don’t tell I will jump !!! 1 …….
Ragini was folding her hands and seeing him
Guy: 2…………….
Ragini: 3……………..jump and die byee
She leaves from there leaving everyone shocked
Guy: hey I didnt finish my count !!! hello
Ragini: u didn’t die still? ( she shouts from her café)

Mean while the police come there and arrests him for creating public nuisance

Laksh was seeing karan who was looking up avoiding him
Laksh remembers their talk which happened before this incident
Lak: if I would hav heard ur stupid ideas I would be dead by now
Kar: comeon yaar u would not hav died , the police would hav saved u
Lakan enter the café and go to ragini
Ragini: oh no I really wanted to see someone jump from the top of building and die but he spoiled my wish
Laksh again stared at karan and karan was like “ what happened”

And then ragini closes her café and the three head out , ragini was locking it and karan was standing on the topmost stair ( there are three stairs that lead to the café) that is the first stair from the café and laksh was standing down near his bike
Kar: ragini , laksh I am going to suicide
Lak: huh?!!!
Kar: and ragini don’t try to save me
Ragini: don’t worry I will nvr do that
Kar: thank u and laksh take care of ragini
Ragini was staring karan
Lak: sure dude!!!
Ragini: over now suicide
Karan jumps from the topmost stair and land on the second one
Ragini hits her head with her hand
Lak: wow karan u r immortal yaar ( in a surprised tone ) and ragini gave him a unbelievable expression
Kar: yaa u can also bcome like me if u drink ragini’s salty coffee
Lak: no thanks I am fine as a human
Lakan burst out laughing while ragini was staring them, seeing her they both stop but then she also starts laughing and she starts to hit lakan with her bag
Ragini: idiots!!!
Kar: hello I impressed ritu , meena and shalu like this only
Raglak laugh at him
Lak: r u serious?
Kar: yaa!!! I was doing it and they three hung their mouth wide open and saw me (he says while laughing)
Ragini: u r really shameless
Kar: thanks!!
Kar: ok lets go home
Ragini: u go I want to talk something to laksh
Lak: what?
Kar: ok fine !! he whispers to lucky all the best and winks at him
Laksh gets happy and understands what he meant
Ragini: karan?
Kar: ok fine I am going and he leaves .

Raglak sit on the stairs ( the same stairs where karan attempted suicide)
Lak: anything serious ragini?
Ragini: hm…………I tried asking many people but no one has ever been able to answer me, and as u r in love with me , I thought to ask u
Lak: and what is it?
Ragini: what is love?
Laksh gets shocked with her question which gives him a lot of answers, first of all that she is not in love with him and has nvr been with anyone too.
Ragini: laksh????
Ragini: hm……u too don’t hav the answer , its fine, now u go home
She gets up to go but laksh catches her wrist and she turns to him
Lak: marry me ragini
A cool breeze hits them
Ragini was shocked : what?
Lak: u heard me rite !!! To tell what is love takes only a second but to make u understand and feel it, it would require a lifetime
Ragini starts to think first time she feels the answer makes sense
Lak: r u ready?
Ragini: I hav to ask my parents
Lak: laughs ) they r already ready
Ragini: what?
Lak: now its only u who hav to decide? No pressure jst tell me what u want , think calmly and answer me , I will be waiting
He stands up to go
Ragini: till when?
Lak: till u come running to me and say lets get married
Ragini: confidence?
Lak: ahah………..over confidence
Ragini: I didn’t know u are this mature
Lak: why?
Ragini: I mean u r hanging out with karan and doing stupid things with him
Lak: that’s hw men are ragini
Ragini smiles at him
To be continued….

Guys I don’t know when I will be able to post the next update coz I am going to attend a family function so plz don’t forget my ff till then
And I am so happy that I got so many friends yesterday , yayayayaay!!!!!!!! And one more question …..what is love? I am way too young to understand so can anyone tell me? Thank u so much.

Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. hi. am not reading ur ff but i saw a word tamilnadu am also frm tn. ungaloda previous links ah kuda add pannunga. pudhusa padhikiravangalungu konjam helpfulla irukum. and ur dp is nice.

    1. thnq so much.

      1. Welcome astha

  2. I am married dear still i am asking what is love???

    1. Hahaha……..it happens

  3. Hello. ..m a very irregular in comments in ur page extremely sorry for that….so first of all I am reading ur episode from the very first day u posted. …as said it’s awesome n today’s was soo funny…I just can’t stop laughing…..
    From the previous update I came to u r in class 10 …n must say being small u r writing the story very well…commendable! !!!
    …….m from Meghalaya…n a bengali but I seriously have a thing for tamilian ..as I have many friends here who r from TN….:-)

    1. U r a Bengali wow …does ur mother make rasgullas,?

  4. A lovely and super duper update …love u loads,..laksh aww I loved him…karan was so funny …

  5. A lovely and super duper update …love u loads,..laksh aww I loved him…karan was so funny …enjoy your family function Dr

    1. Thank u harani 🙂

  6. today”s episode was awesome…karan and laksh part was sooo funny..u made it again and my fav colour s sky ble

    1. Thank u shree

  7. Awesome n very funny part i can’t control my laugh.. Miga miga arumai…=D>=D>=D>=D> very tough question i think through laksh u hav given a good explanation for luv…

    1. Thank u very much ? taiana

  8. Superb episode dear and also very interesting

  9. hey asheeyana!!!nyc storyline dr…bt try to make it a bit long….yu know i luv a lot of things…..one of tem s ur ff….nd my favrite color s red ….even i luv cakes…..nd i luv to eat anythng tat s chocolaty…be it ice cream,milkshake,cake ,etc….im opposite to you…im an introvert….ur ff s awesum….

    1. Wow ? yaar …..i lov cakes and any flavour would do for me??

  10. Awesome

  11. I am too young to know about love.i am only 14 years old.sometimes i think love doesn’t exit and the thing a boy or girl feels for a boy or girl is nothing but attraction.i don’t want to hurt anybody.but it’s my point of view.by the way my fav color is white and light pink.even i love to talk with people but feels shy.

    1. I too feel d same way dhara

  12. So sis!?Lemme try to ans all ur questions??! I love Donuts like anything ??and my fav color is dark pink?Coming to ur…”ek cup coffee”?The one thing I love the most abt ur ff is the cuteness n positive vibes it creates?Instead of kolla,kola n other drama?and Karan he’s damn cute?Lakan r more cute?Karan’s way of impressing his girlfriends?N ur last ques my cutie pie..wot is love?? Though am elder to u,am too young to sit and think about it?(always very young @ heart u c?)

    1. Being young at heart is really good ?

  13. hi ashi….
    i m jusst lyk u…i get good marks in maths but i dont understand even a bit of it…. thats y i hate it..
    coming to fav colour i too luv black… n grey white n blue…
    n coming to food i jusst luv sweets…. i luv cakes… candies…kheer…each n evry sweets presnt in dis world….
    nd profession is something i hav chosen to fulfill my parents dream… so dancing is left lyk an incomplete dream…cuz they want me to b an engineer…
    nd coming back to the chapter it jussst amazing…..
    i was laughing lyk a maniac aftr reading dis prt…
    u r really amazing dear….
    bt ur question is quite tricky dear… i am really a kaccha nimbu whn it comes to love….
    so i too dont hav a proper answer to d question but i think luv is trust… if we cant trust someone.. we can never luv them….
    bt u gave a far better answer through our cutie laksh…

    1. Wow u r awesome but I hope u fulfil ur dream too

  14. i read ur all epis really hats of. ur just 10th std but having lots of talent. though ur passion is talking but ur writing is amazing. very hard genere is comedy u r in top of that. advance congrats dear 4 ur future success. and u’ll get good platform to express ur skill in talk. all the best. am 1st year graduation in english. eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt update

    1. Aww thank u ? yaar I feel really good after reading what u wrote. Hope it happens ??

  15. my fav color is pink. according to me love is excellent feeling. important thing am not in love am a serial mad so i give this ans by the influence serials.

  16. Ha ha ha soo nicee nd silly

  17. Loved it..

  18. love is connecting hearts marriage is a official announcement to people that they r connected by heart
    true lovers hearts stay connected always
    this is love i guess

  19. love is connecting hearts
    marriage is a official announcement to people that they r connected by heart
    true lovers hearts stay connected allways
    this is love i guess

  20. wow!!!!!!!! funny awsm….. dear…….

  21. Im a silent reader of ur ff …it was awesome

  22. Hii yaar..its awesome..
    n me too like cakes..eating n making too..iam a malayalee..my favourite color is maroon.N ya..mine also hobby is talking n talking..he he..

    1. Great give me a hi five ✋

      1. ✋..agar mere khar me aayegi toh Mein cake doongi..aaogi?

    2. Zaroor why not?

  23. My view is this actually, i m craze about love n willin to b loved, bt unfortunately i hv no one wid me to love me n who takes good care of me. Love is a pure feeling which doesnt come wen we c a person, it comes wen we start to realise tat wid out thm we r nothin. Waitin to b lovd.
    Supr pls cntnu

    1. I know I am young but I do hav one thing to say love urself and u will not need anyone else ??

      1. ya i knw n i luv myslf to d core, bt its evry girls thinkin tat she shld b luvd na so i m waitin…

    2. Hm……. Ok if you get one tell me ?

  24. It so cool dr hahaha this is awesome lyk seriously the girl knows that the boy loves her yet she remains normal that’s awesome i lykd her attitude… Actually even I don’t knw wht love is as I never hav fallen in love..n BTW I’m ur neighbour… Shocked lol actually I’m frm kerala n u frm TN so we are neighbours right? N i hav my frnds studying in Chennai…. My fav fud is milk even though it’s not the valid answer I just love it i love everything made of milk rosemilk is my fav but I always prefer cold plain milk I can even survive on milk lol… Its so gud to share these things with u yr u r so friendly…

    1. Milk? U do hav a hatke( different) favourite , neighbours hav to be friendly right ?

  25. Hey karan is too funny yaar….n wat lucky said is true…..well lov ur ff n u sisy……now 2 ur questions….i think passion 4 me is a stress reducer n energy booster so im intersted in researching n wen smokes come out of my head il let go off d steam by my passionate riding n photography…..
    Now 2des question …..my fav dish is many of which in veg its my moms friedrice n paneer butter masala…n in non veg side ……its mutton biriyani n prawn fry….n in pastries dark ice cake n fav flavour in ic cream is mango with choco current….yummy…..
    My fav colour is as usual lot bt its good 4 black n navy blue

    1. Aaaahhh…. My mouth is watering? and thank u for calling me sissy I felt good

  26. Super super super… I loved it yaar… Fabulous… Words just cnt explain how much I like ur ff…

  27. heyy sis…. i was damn happy after reading ur comment…
    i am really glad to hav a frnd lyk u… i would luv to meet u one day.
    n i am sure tht u would reach a great mile stone one day because of ur friendly n loving nature…
    jusst luv u dear…
    keep smiling…

    1. Love u t too janvi, glad to hav a readers and well wishers and friends like u all

  28. Asheeyana! Its a damn funny story. Such fluffy piece of comedy. I really Ragini character here. I literraly did ROFL reading the chapters. U love talking but your writing is no less. Its so adorable. Keep it up.
    Coming to my intro, I am a bengali. I have completed +2 and right now taking my entrances. My goal is to become a doctor. Eben if not that I will surely do something with bio or chemistry. I love chocolates like hell and spicy food snd sour too. But it sometimes depends on the food. Coming to passions, I love dance (my incomplete passion) , music, painting, reading stories. And currently I am finding that I am talented in writing too 😉 . People are praising my horrible stories. Lol. But I have a lot crazy dreams like doing adventure sports and all. My fav colours are pink, black, white, blue’s shades.

    1. I love Bengalis coz I have heard that they make yummy rasgullas. Do u?

  29. Fan of Ishveer

    asheeyana awesome writing……u said that u love cake…yesterday i saw a cake in the figure of a human’s face it was just the same iif u can see it…really awesome……

    1. Wow yaar and thank you

  30. When will upload next episode??? eagerly waiting

  31. superbbb loved it

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