ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 7


Days pass but Ragini behaves way too normally even after knowing laksh feels for her , this behaviour of hers greatly confuse laksh and his love guru
Lak: Guruji do u see any traces of love in my life
Kar: Shut up lucky I am myself confused
Lak: What.?
Karan: Yaa I mean if she feels for u even a little she should definitely ignore u but she is behaving like nothing happened
Lak: Do u hav any experience with love before or jst experimenting with me?
Kar: Of course experimenting with u
Lak: What?
Kar: Kidding yaar
Jst then they see Ragini entering the cafe and instantly moods of people completely change, everyone were happy seeing Ragini after so many days
She wore plain salwar with blue dupatta and her thousand watts smile,her best accessory and looked perfect
Ragini brings them coffee: What r u both talking?
Lakan: Nothing important
Ragini: Ok I hav to start todays program

Ragini: So guys wish u all a happy valentines day
All the people were confused ? bcoz it was not valentines day
Ragini: Confused!? Hmmmm……. Hw come we dilwale indians celebrate love only once in a year, come on each and everyday is valentines day if we love someone truly and unconditionally
Ragini: So I give u guys a chance to yell ur loved one , it could be anyone ur mother , father, friend anyone jst tell them hw much they matter to u and hw much u love them.
Rachel: Ragini what’s the need to tell someone when they already know it all
Ragini: Wow yaar Rachel such an intelligent question that too from u
Rachel makes faces and all smile looking at her ( Rachel works in the cafe)
Ragini: No matter hw much u love someone it is important to tell them hw much u love them atleast once bcoz that small thing could be the ocean that connects pieces of land
Everyone clap

Meanwhile ,
Lak: Karan is she telling me indirectly to confess my feelings
Kar: Not at all
Lak: Hw can u be so sure?
Kar: If she wants to tell u something like that she will come and tell u directly , she is very straight forward types u know
Laksh lets out a sigh
Ragini: Thank u? now tell me who is coming
Many hands go up and Ragini selects one from them
Ragini: So what’s ur name?
Rahul: Rahul
Ragini: Ok Rahul u r going to confess ur feelings to?
Rahul: My dad
Ragini: Great, here u go all the best
Ragini comes down and sits beside lakan
Ragini was listening to Rahul’s confession which made every one emotional ( guys Rahul is not our hero so I am not writing his s speech)

Meanwhile lakan sip their coffees and spit it out
Lakan: Yuk!!!
Ragini: What happened?
Lak: It’s salty
Kar: Why did u give us salty coffee?
Ragini: New recipe, did u guys like it?
Lakan: Chiiiii
Ragini: I wanted to punish someone that’s why
Kar: Then punish them why us?
Lak: And who r they?
Ragini: Love guru and his student
Lakan was hell shocked ,
Kar: Who is that?( pretending like he doesn’t know who she was talking about)
Ragini: The two who find the coffee salty
Lak: Coffee is good, do u hav any problem Karan?
Kar: No lucky the new recipe is really good ragini
Ragini: Oh hw sweet ( she was staring them with full rage)

Kar: Hw did u come to know?
Ragini: What do u both think of yourselves shahrukh khan and Salman khan that no one could make out if u r acting or not
Lakan see her innocently
Ragini: And laksh do u hav any sense? Love guru and that too this idiot( pointing towards Karan)
Laksh was confused he didn’t understand what she was telling, while Karan was tensed and rolling his eyes like a thief
Ragini: Hw did u trust him?
Lak: He told he was an expert and had…
Ragini: Three girlfriends
Lak: Yes and they were
Raglak: Shalu.meena and ritu
Laksh was shocked and looked at Karan who was smiling cunningly
Ragini: They all r 5 years old and live next to our house

Karan was trying to escape he pretends as though he got a call and gets up but laksh catches him and makes him sit
Kar: Dude leave me its an important call
Lak: U didn’t even get a call dude so sit down, what did I do to u? Why did u spoil my love life?
Karan: I was helping u dude
Raglak: Shut up!!
Karan shuts his mouth and sits innocently while rahlak stare him.

To be continued……

So guys tell me where r u all from? I am from Tamil Nadu. And what do u guys do? I hav jst completed my 10th and one more question what are ur passion?

Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. Awesome

  2. Nice…I’m also frm TN…Coimbatore

  3. I am also from Tamil nadu Dr ..I am doing graduation in English literature…my passion is reading and writing ..I am a oracious reader … I spend most of the free time I her in reading these ff and write my own too 🙂

  4. hi dear…
    i m basically frm bihar but i live in dehradun…
    i m in class tenth…. n i jussst luv dance….its my passion….
    i luv reading too…..
    what abt you…. what ur passion…

    1. My passion is talking? I luv talking

  5. I’m from ap

  6. Nice…I’m also frm TN…- jst cmpltd my pg…its gud to c schl gng kids …oh no no sry girls …r v talented like yo…u guys r really talented than us wen v r in ur age

  7. omg!!!!!! u r 2 yrs younger to me
    i have completed my 12th dis year…..
    m frm bhopal……….

    lovely chapter……. awsm…………..

    1. Thank u pooja

  8. Asheeyana that’s great?amazingg part??Karan’s gf???How sweet he is??N yeah even am from TN…passion is teaching kids?

  9. so cute episode………………

  10. Same I’m from Tn and I’m studying in 12th and my passion is to travel and my goal is Law. To reach my passion i have to achieve my goal.

    1. Law wow! I hope u achieve it

  11. ???awsme

  12. awsm epi dr lv ur ff hey asheeyana i m frm gujarat, i m 12th arts student, and doing diploma in computer,my passion is drawing n writting dr i too write an ff on raglak


    1. Heena I read ur ff too

  13. Hi i am from chennai just completed 10th

    1. Me too same pinch

  14. Just superb……

  15. Superb episode

  16. Ha ha ha its funny

  17. It was too funny..i laughed a lot..update nxt prt soon..nd i’m from haryana

  18. Hey asheeyana….d epi was a comedy 1 buddy…..im a keralite……doing my graduation in biotech……n my passion is travelling n photography…..wat abt uts???

    1. My passion talking ……i jst need a chance to talk

  19. Today’s episode was just awesome. I am from bangladesh.i am on 9th.

  20. I m frm Chennai, TN, finishd 12th n doing CPT now. My passion is to dream and dream and dream as I love it. I even like to hear hear love songs, see love serials, read love stories. Craze about love(not in love with no one).

  21. woww aasheyaana i was just laughing throughout ur episode… it was a blast… 5 year old girlfriend??????

  22. I am from canada and i was born here and in imdianmy parents are from punjab and my passion is reading,singing and dancing

  23. Amazing… No words to express.. You just nailed it dear

  24. Hi I am also from Tamil Nadu…. Chennai…

  25. hey ashi….
    i hope u dont mind ne calling u tht…
    u actually hav a very diffrnt passion…. a cute one indeed….
    i m also very talkative…..
    hey i was wondering are u a science student ashi….

    1. Oh I luv that u can call me that without any hesitation and coming to science I love biology but hate physics and chemistry

  26. Hi…I am from Kerala… I completed+2..my passion is dance…

  27. Hi asheeyana….im also from tn….im studying in chennai ….just into 2nd yr in clg….my passion s singing….i sing all the tym…anytym….even during studying nd in public places….i really luv ur ff vry much …..

  28. Fan of ishveer

    I am new reader to ur ff….and i am from TN Madurai and i think i am the youngest here going to 10th standard….my passion is travelling around the world and talk a lot to my friends even they are getting bored….and today’s epi was awesome

  29. same here ashi….
    i hate physics nd maths…..
    chemistry is a bit okayiish type…..

  30. Awesome yaar… it’s was very funny… sry i can not read ur updates regularly but i read all update when i get tym.. n im from pondicherry so obviously im a tamilian… last week only i completed my UG… my passion is reading…

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