ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 6


Ragini and madhu ask karan what happened to him and why all of a sudden he went but karan doesn’t answer and keeps eating
Ragini: karan , we r asking something ? whats wrong with u both?
Karan: u want me to eat or not?
Madhu: karan, what wrong did she ask? Tell……….
Karan jst keeps the plate down washes his hand and leaves in anger
Ragini: karan?
Madhu: what happened to him?
Ragini: choti ,u don’t take tension I will ask him afterwards, u first eat and tell hw the dinner is
Madhu: it will be nice
Ragini: why?
Madhu: bcoz its made by my laksh
Ragini: my laksh vaa , we also made it along with him
Madhu: still he made it specially for me rite
Ragini: haan haa whatever!
Ragini takes a piece to eat but madhu slaps her hand and the roti falls down
Ragini: chotiii!!!
Madhu: don’t touch
Ragini: why not?
Madhu: I will only eat it
Ragini: all the 7 parathas
Madhu: yes!!!
Ragini: u r unbelievable
Madhu: I know now get out and see whats the problem?
Ragini: fine I will go ,after the problem gets solved I will tell laksh, bad about u
Madhu: what? (in a shocked tone)
Ragini: haan
Madhu: u r blackmailing me?
Ragini: yes!!!
Madhu turns her face and she too leaves from there
Ragini searches karan everywhere and finds him sitting him near the poolside
Ragini: karan?
Ragini: whats ur problem? Why didnt u stop laksh from going?
Karan: why should i?
Ragini: bcoz he is ur friend
Karan: really?
Ragini: ya…..u told me
Karan: but friends don’t do the thing he did to me
Ragini: loving a girl is not wrong
Karan was shocked , he was thinking hw did she come to know and why is she not reacting
Ragini: I heard u both talking

Ragini again comes to scare them but instead hears them talking
Fb ends.

Karan: u r not angry on him?
Ragini: no and even if I am, I should be the one not talking to him , but instead u r not talking to ur best friend
Karan: but what he did is wrong
Ragini: no way!!! He loved me , and he didn’t know I was related to u and when u asked him if he loved me he said no!! only bcoz he didn’t want to spoil his friendship with u , he is not at fault , u cannot tell his heart to stop beating, to stop loving, love jst happens
Karan: but …………
Ragini: karan yaar life is so simple don’t complicate it jst go and tell him sry
Karan: ok meri maa, I am going
Ragini: and don’t tell him that I know all this.
Karan: ok fine.

Karan goes to laksh
Karan sees laksh standing near the bridge
Karan: lucky I am so sry
Lak: no its ok karan, I understand everything
A huge silence occupies the place

Lakan: hahahhahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Karan: omg………..uff it was so cool I mean the whole drama thing
Lak: yaa dude , if I would hav stayed there even for a few more seconds I would hav laughed and the whole plan would hav flopped
Karan: that’s why I didn’t stop u
Lak: did ragini send u here?
Karan: of course yes
Lak: hw did u know she will come back to scare us
Karan: aadat se majboor hei wo ( she is forced by her habit)
Lak: but that doesn’t mean she loves me
Karan: yes it definitely doesn’t mean
Lak: then why did u do this drama?
Karan: to tell her that u love her and have feelings for her
Lak: and
Karan: are stop eating my head , I am ur love guru so jst trust me
Lak: ok
Karan: ok lets do some acting
Lak: but for whom?
Karan: of course the readers
Lak: yaa u forgave me rite?
Karan: yes laksh
They both hug eachother.

To be continued…….

guys i will not be able to update 2morrow so plz forgive me.
and kinari parekh thank u yaar, u guessed my name correctly in the first epi but i saw it yesterday only so thank u very much.

Credit to: asheeyana

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