ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 5


After 3 days, madhu gets discharged and they take her home, on the way
Karan: maa, 2day lucky is coming to visit u
Madhu: oh wow I jst love that guy, he is so handsome
Ragini: chottii!!!
Madhu: what ?if u see him u will also tell that
Ragini: who is he , by the way?
Karan: my bff
Ragini: bff u hav not once mentioned his name
Karan: I have but maybe u would not have noticed
Ragini: hm..maybe , is he ur college mate?
Karan: ofcourse yaa, when u were in delhi for 4 years ,he was my best friend
Ragini: oh…

They reach home. and ragini opens the door
A voice comes “welcome back home”
Madhu: oh my god thank u so much lucky
Karan: dude!! Hw r u man? And whats this?
Lucky: surprise for my girlfriend!!!
Madhu: aww so sweet!!!

He hugs her and she hugs him back, all the while ragini was listening all this but she could not see his face
Lucky: ragini!
Ragini: laksh!
Karan: u both know each other?
Raglak: ya
Ragini: we met in the café! But u r laksh rite?
Karan: ya but we call him lucky
Ragini: oh
Madhu: intro hogaya , then come lucky sit with me ,we both will talk
Lak: sure maa
Karan: no way u come and help us with making dinner
Ragini: ya, come on
Lak: ok
Madhu: u all are going to cook?
Raganlak: yes
Madhu: nooooo, what will happen to my kitchen then?
Ragan: nothing!
Lak: haa maa, if something happens we will clean it
Ragan: no!!!
Lak: what?
Ragan: u will clean it!! (they both give hifi to eachother)
Lak: ok fine deal!
Madhu: but……
Lak: maa I will handle!
Madhu: ok lucky, u all go I will take some rest
Laksh goes inside and ragan stare her
Madhu: what? Flirting is good for health, now don’t burn in jealousy and get out
She leaves to her room and the both burst out laughing
Ragini: what happened to her?
Karan: she is always like this with him
Ragini: come lets go

They both go to the kitchen
Ragini: tell me one thing laksh hw did u come inside
Lakan: through the pipe line
Ragini: no doubt u both r friends, he also does the same when he comes late
Laksh and karan smile
Ragini: so what r u guys going to cook
Lakan: us?
Ragini: yaa, I am a very bad cook,so I will help and u both will cook
Karan: ok fine
Ragini: ok fine but what r we going to cook
Karan: Maggie
Lak: what?
Ragini: great! But will u give Maggie to ma?
Karan: oh ya I forgot about her, if I give Maggie to her , her doctor will chase me with broomstick
Ragini: wow then we will definitely make it
Karan stares her and she smiles
Lak: hw about parathas
Ragan: cool
lak: so I will kneed the flour
Karan: I will boil aloo (potatoes)
Ragini: then I hav to cut onions….

Karan: yaar it is so boring
Lak: ya dude
Ragini: hm……….wait I will tell u guys a joke
Karan: no thanks
Lak: dude let it be yaar, we will hav some fun
Karan: ok fine then don’t tell me I didn’t warn u
Laksh was confused
Ragini: ok fine so………hm ok tell me why Gandhiji didn’t wear ring in forefinger? (she shows her forefinger)
Karan: bcoz none wears ring in that finger
Ragini: no, wrong answer, u laksh?
Lak: he didn’t like rings
Ragini: no
Lakan: then?
Ragini: bcoz this is my finger hahahahahaa………………
Karan goes and hits his head in the wall while laksh was turning to the otherside and mumbling something
Ragini: ok one more,
Karan: no
Ragini: plzzzzzz
Karan: ok fine
Ragini: thank u, ok do u guys know , honey singh ko gaane ke liye kya bolenge?
They both nod in no
Ragini: honey SING!!!!!!
Ragini: u both r jealous of my talent that’s why u r not laughing
She continues her work.

Karan: enjoyed her jokes
Lak: yaaa
Karan: unbelievable!!!
Lak: what ?
karan: nothing

They finish making parathas.
Ragini: karan we will eat it in the terrace
Karan: good idea!
Karan gets a call and he goes outside
Lak: ahh…ragini?
Ragini: haan laksh tell me
Lak: ek cup coffee milega?
Ragini: sure
She brings him
Ragini: sry yaar I forgot to ask u
Lak: no problem, I was searching u in the café but u were missing, I thought to visit there ,after leaving from here
Ragini: I was busy here, u know
Lak: ya I understand
Ragini: wait did u tell u were missing me?
Ragini: jst kidding
Lak: and u know one thing we both became best friends
Ragini: who?
Lak: me and anshuman
Ragini: really?
Lak: ya
Karan enters and stands at the door and he sees both of them talking and laughing with each other
Karan: shall we go?
Raglak: ya

They all go to the terrace and arrange everything
Ragini: so everything is ready , I will bring maa
Karan: ok
Ragini: wait u both will be fine rite, like alone in dark!!!
Lak: ya if we get afraid, we will tell ur name ragini 3 times and the ghosts will run in the opp direction (he tells her the same way ragini told him)
Ragini smiles at him and karan stares him with shocked expressions

She goes to bring her leaving karan and lucky alone
Karan: lucky can I ask u something?
Lak: of course karan
Karan: u should tell me the truth
Lak: fine
Karan: are u in love with ragini?
Laksh was shocked with his question
Lak: what karan why r u asking like that?
Karan: bcoz I have seen it , u have nvr been close to any girl, u don’t even flirt with anyone except my mom, but the way u talk with ragini I mean u are so comfortable with her , u don’t even have any problem with her stupid jokes and dialogs
Karan: laksh I am asking u something
Laksh was shocked no matter hw serious the matter was karan has nvr called him laksh , he didnt know what to tell him
Lak: no , nothing like that ( he tells him in a way that one could clearly understand he was lieing and hiding his emotions)
Karan: good for us.

Ragini: what happened why r u both standing like this?
Karan: nothing we were jst talking
Madhu: ok come lets hav dinner
She goes and sits but laksh and karan keep standing so ragini drags both of them from their arms and brings, but laksh frees himself
Lak: maa I hav to leave!
Madhu: what ?
Lak: I hav some important work to do
Ragini: its ok have something and go
Lak: no its ok
Karan: maa let him go
Ragini: but…….
Before anyone could say anything laksh leaves.

To be continued…..
Sry guys for the late update

Credit to: asheeyana

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