ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 4

Karan: but I am still afraid
Ragini: don’t !! if u get afraid and lose hope, maa ko kaun sambhalega? Accha ok tell me, maa knows this?
Karan: she knows before me
Ragini: what?? And she didn’t tell u
Karan: no
Ragini: but why?
Karan: she thought that I would break down, not once did she think about her condition (in an angry tone) she would have atleast told u but no, she always does what she wants
Ragini: she is ur mother and hw else she will be?
Ragini: ok when are they operating her?
Karan: in 2 days, as they didn’t want any further delay
Ragini: hm……..ok fine chal, we will go home
Karan: no
Ragini: why not?
Karan: I am angry with her
Ragini: really?
Karan: yes koi sakh? (any doubt)
Ragini: no karan , u r not angry with her, u r angry with urself

Karan was shocked to hear that, yes she was right he was angry with himself , with his fate, he was afraid to lose his mother (who is not?)
Ragini: so leave all that now and come lets go home……………………karan?
He gives his hand and ragini lifts him up
Karan: give me the keys I will drive
Ragini: no……………….
Karan: why not?
Ragini: I want to live ( she folds his hand)
Karan: what?
Ragini: really !!! after what happened last time
Karan: yes, nothing happened to me
Ragini: nothing happened to u, the person who was sitting behind u was hospitalized, and I was the person
Karan: hospitalized??? Liar , it was jst a small fracture in ur leg
Ragini: small fracture? Oh ho……I was not able to walk for 4 months and u were walking freely like an angel, from here to there and there to here, u didn’t even get a single scratch on ur whole body
Karan: see u accepted the truth
Ragini: what?
Karan: that I am an angel
Ragini: no
Karan: yes
Ragini: no
They start arguing
Ragini: chup!!!!
He closes his mouth
Ragini: if u want to sit behind me then come or else walk and come
He simply sits behind her and she drives off.

( so guys karan’s mother(madhu) is ragini’s chachi , aunt, and karan and ragini are cousins
And ragini lives with them as her parents are in delhi)

At home,
Madhu: oh u both came, I was waiting for u both , come lets have dinner
Ragan (ragini+karan) : no thanks
Madhu: why?
Ragini: choti (maa) , u didn’t tell me, no us anything
Madhu: what I didn’t tell?
Ragini: about the reports
Madhu: what reports?
Karan: maa!!!! Plz stop this , we came to know everything ,why didn’t u tell us?
Madhu: what will I tell u? I am going to die
Ragan: maaa…..
Madhu: that’s the truth
Karan: no that is not , doctors told me that nothing is will happen to u and they r operating u in 2 days
Madhu: no , I am not coming anywhere
Ragini: why not?
Madhu: they will use that knife, syringes and……
Karan: scissors
Madhu: yaa scissors
Ragini and karan were staring at her
Madhu: what? Everyone has fear
Karan: u r coming that’s it, the decision is made
Madhu: no,
Ragini: karan is right , choti u r going and ofcourse coming back too!!!
Madhu: but!!!!
Ragan: chup!!
Madhu stares innocently and they both smile.

@ café, next morning
Ragini: guys , ahh I will not be able to come for two days , I hope u all will manage
Rachita: what happened ragini ? anything serious
Ragini: no guys nothing like that , I need some break that’s it
Jai: ok yaar fine ,we will manage
Ragini: ok bye (she leaves)
Rachita: she is not telling us
Jai: hm…..maybe she will come back and tell
Rachita: hope so.

After a day @ the hospital
Ragini: u take mom in I will complete the formalities and come
Karan: ok fine
Ragini completes everything and goes to him and sees him walking here and there and all the people were staring him
Ragini: karan, sit down yaar
He sits down besides her and waits
After 3 hours
Karan: why r they taking this much time?
Ragini: it is an operation karan
Karan: ya but still
Doctor comes out
Karan: dr, hw is she?
Dr: karan ,she is absolutely fine !!!!
Ragini: thank god.
Karan: can I see her?
Dr: no, she is unconscious now, when we shift her to the ward u can see her
Karan: thank u dr.
Dr: ur welcome
Karan becomes relieved and he goes and hugs ragini
karan: I told u rite nothing will happen to her
Ragini: then what did I tell?
They both laugh .

They shift madhu to the ward,
Karan: maa (in a low tone)
Madhu: I am fyn
Karan: I know , I was afraid that u will leave me
Madhu: not this soon
They both start to cry and ragini stands leaning to the door nd listens to them

Madhu: why r u seeing us like that?
Ragini: I thought I missed my serial but u and ur son r showing me better melodrama
Karan: I am not crying
Ragini: I know, khushi ke aasoo hei na ( tears of happiness aren’t they)
Karan nods and she smiles
Ragini: maa u know, I was not afraid for u , I was afraid for him
Madhu: why?
Ragini: he was doing all stupids things sitting outside
Madhu: what did he do?
Karan: stupid things, I was worried for my mom, is that stupid?
Ragini: absolutely not but u were walking here and there , playing with the switches, making weird noises, took my dupatta and covered ur head with it

Madhu burts out laughing
Karan: what!!! I didn’t do all that?
Ragini stares at him
Karan: really?
Ragini nods
Karan: I think I should also consult a doctor, I am doing things , that too without my knowledge

Madhu: I think it is ragini’s influence
Ragini: choti!!!!! ( she makes faces)
Karan and madhu give hifi to eachother
Ragini smiles at them.


To be continued…….

Credit to: asheeyana


  1. Riya

    Aswwww!!?? Asheeyana its soooo cute ??I love reading ur ff?Its goodness and cuteness overloaded?Ragan..they r lovvvely??And Karan poor guy??made weird noises,covered his face with dupatta????Sooo cute?

  2. Bisha

    Wow Asheeyana! You are superb. So cute their bond! And really I laighed when I imagined Karan wearing Ragini’s dupatta on his head! ROFL! SO FUNNY! Keep it up dearie. And I really love Ragini’s bold cute nature. She is having a great characterisation here. Loved it to the core update asap

  3. Ruhani

    Superb update yr asheeyana… They r so cute together ragini is so cool… Eagerly waiting for raglak ?

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