ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 3

Thank u everyone for commenting. So lets start todays episode,

(Karan played by karan wahi)

Laksh: do u always close the café this early?
Ragini: yes, everyday I close it by 9.

Suddenly the lights go off and ragini lits a candle
Ragini: ufff…. This is why I hate rains
Lak: u hate rain?
Ragini: yes why do u hav any problem?
Lak: no!!!!, I mean usually girls like rain
Ragini: that’s hw they show it in movies, but I don’t like it.
Lak: oh, r u scared of darks?
Ragini: nooo, but don’t worry I will not leave u alone 
Lak: I am not scared of darks
Ragini smiles at him and he bites his tongues
Ragini: its normal!!, u know my best friend is also scared of darks and he takes me along with him whenever he has to go alone in dark
Lak: takes sign of relief , thank god ur friend saved me, I thought I am the only guy who is scared of darks

Silence ……
Ragini: did u hear that song? (in a scared tone)
Lak: what???? No…..what song,
he comes near her,
lak: I don’t hear anything
Ragini smiles at him
Lak: come on yaar , this not fair , u r taking advantage of my state
Ragini: sorry!!!

And the lights come back,
Lak: its ok and no sorry in friendship!!!
Ragini: lifts her eyebrows: friends?
Lak: ya u hav saved me from ghosts that sing and only friends do that

He winks at her and she smiles
Laksh forwards his hand and ragini accepts
Ragini: ok friends!!!!
He smiles
Lak: hm………ok bill plz.
Ragini: ya …….here

Laksh gives shocked expression!!!
Ragini: what?
Lak: we r friends!!!
Ragini: so?
Lak: I thought u will not ask me to pay
Ragini: no way , the only condition I lay to my friends is that they hav to visit my café daily and drink coffee and PAY for it
Lak: really???(gives an unbelievable expression)
Ragini: yes and hw else do u think my café is running?
Laksh laughs and she too smiles

He pays it.
Lak: oh thank u very much
Ragini: no thank u in friendship too.
Lak:oh ya, ok bye.
Ragini: will u go alone, I mean the ghost that sings will not follow u?
Lak: oh ya I forgot about it
Ragini: see….ok .if u get afraid, think about me and tell my name ragini 3 times , and then u will see all the ghost will run in the opposite direction (she tells that with full actions)
Lak: why? r u the head of ghosts?
Ragini: maybe!! Who knows, u could be talking to a ghost now
Lak: if ghosts r like u then I don’t hav any problem with them
He stares at her and They both laugh
Ragini: bye ride safe
Lak: ya bye

He smiles and leaves (it has stopped raining) and ragini too closes the café and leaves.

Ragini starts her bike and rides, on the way, she sees a guy standing at the slab of the bridge to suicide
Ragini: oye!!! Hello?

Guy: yes who’s that?( in a drunken tone)

Ragini: karan?
( karan is ragini’s best friend,who is scared of darks)
Karan: ragini!! Hi, hw r u ?
Ragini: u first come down

He is about to fall into the water but ragini pulls him down
Ragini: r u drunk?
Karan: no, eeeeee
Ragini thinks: he is drunk
Ragini: what r u doing here?
Karan: I was talking to the water.
Ragini: oh!!!!! And what did u talk?
Karan: come lets sit
Ragini: here ?
Karan: yes

They both sit down leaning to the bridge
Karan: u told me right , when u r sad and nobody is there to talk, u go to the bridge and talk to water, that’s what I was doing
Ragini: I told u to talk , not to attempt suicide
Karan: suicide?!!!!! U were going to suicide? (he starts to cry) no ragini if u die what will I do
Ragini: hello??? I didnt suicide ,it was u who was standing on top of this
Karan: u don’t stand on top and talk?(he whispers)
Ragini: no I stand down( she too whispers)
Karan: oh!!!
Ragini: and tell me what were u talking?
Karan: thinks for a while……haan yaad aaaya!!!!
Ragini: what?
Karan: u r looking beautiful!!!!

Ragini starts to beat him
Karan: aahh…ragini its paining yaar (in a clear tone)
Ragini: besharam(shameless), I was afraid , I thought u r really drunk and u r in a serious problem but u , u were acting? (yes he was not drunk)
Karan: I should get Oscar, isn’t it?
Ragini: I am going (she gets up but he catches her wrist and makes her sit down)
Ragini turns her head,

Karan: mom’s reports has come
Ragini: what!!!, what happened? Anything serious
Ragini: karan? Tell me naa
He takes a deep breath with tears in his eyes,
Karan: it seems she has brain tumor
Ragini: what?

Ragini’s pov,
God, why r u doing this to him, he lost his father when he was 5 and he loves his mother more than anything but why r u always doing this to good people!

Ragini: It could be operated right?
Karan: ya
Ragini: thank god.
Karan: but still I am afraid

There was silence between the both

To be continued…..

Credit to: asheeyana


  1. Riya

    Awwww! Karan is sooooo much cute ????N so is Ragini n Laksh??Its a very cute ff filled with cute goodness?

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