ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 2

I am so sad today bcoz nobody remember me, I asked u all a place in ur hearts which will never fade away but within 15 days it vanished …..yes I am asheeyana who wrote DOSTHI aur dil. Anyways lets continue,

The episode starts with all the workers in the café returning to their houses

Ragini: okay everyone , bye take care and comeback tomorrow
Workers: yes ragini bye!!!
(Ragini usually stays till all of them leave and closes the café and goes)

Ragini is about to leave but it starts to rain and she sees a pair of eyes peeping through the transparent door of the café
Ragini: whos that?

She goes out and checks
Ragini: hello?
She sees here and there hoping to find someone
Ragini turns around to go inside


Ragini: she turns and she sees a little boy of 12 years wearing dirty clothes, he was fully drenched in the rain, without any second thought, she says
Ragini: come inside!!!
Boy: no
Ragini: why not, jst stay till the rain subsides and then go back
Boy: people like us should not enter big shops
Ragini: oh!!! And who said that?
Boy: everyone
Ragini: I am not everyone!!!!!, jst come inside
Boy hesitates but ragini catches his wrist and takes him inside
Boy: wow!!!! This place is so good!!
Ragini: really?
Boy: yes, I have never seen such a good place!!!!

Ragini smiles at him and gives him a towel ,he takes it and wipes himself with it
Boy: achhhooooooooo!
Ragini: oh ho, do u want something to eat?
Boy: hm…….that thing u give in cups!!!
Ragini: coffee?
Boy: haan, I want to taste that
Ragini: sure!!!!! I will bring u

The boy sits in one of the table and ragini prepares him a cup of coffee
Ragini: whats ur name?
Boy: anshuman , mom calls me ansh
Ragini: wow!!!! Sweet name !! Where do u live?
Ansh: in the slums nearby, with my mom.
Ragini: okay, so here u go , have this !!!!

A voice: Excuse me!!!!!!!
Ragini turns to see who it was
Man: is it open?
Ragini: sry sir, we are closed!!!
Man: see plz, I jst need a cup coffee and I am not able to find any other shops nearby as its raining, so can u do me this favour?
Ragini finds his request genuine and accepts it
Ragini: ok fine , come in

He comes in and the entrance becomes a mess.

The man was like some 25 years old , he jst looked like a normal guy, he was wearing a cream shirt and pants and was fully drenched!!!
Ragini: what would u like sir?
Man: laksh
Ragini: we don’t sell anything like that
Lak: no my name !!!
Ragini: oh !ok what would u like to hav laksh?
Lak: I jst need coffee, bring me anything!!!
Ragini: okay
Laksh sees the boy sitting in the table next to him

After sometime, ragini brings him coffee and gives it to him and goes and sits next to the ansh
Ragini: how is the coffee?
Ansh makes faces
Ansh: its not nice !!!!! hw do people drink this?, ye bohoth kadva hei!!!

Laksh was listening all this and was waiting for a reply from ragini
Ragini: I knew it!!! I also hav a doubt from long time , hw do people drink this , and that too the coffee made by me, hahahahaaa…….
Ragini gives hifi to ansh

Laksh was shocked to see this and confused too…he was staring ragini with disbelief

Ansh: hahaah ….ur so cool!!
Ragini: I know!!!
Ansh: okay bye I hav to go mom will be waiting for me!!!
Ragini: but it is still raining hw will u go ?

Ansh thinks
Ragini: here take this (she gives an umbrella)
Ansh: thank u I will return it 2morrow
Ragini: okay and give this to ur mom( she gives him a box of cookies)]
Ansh: oh wow!!! Thank u so much!!! He hugs her
Ansh: sry u too became wet! ( a little worried and scared)
Ragini hugs him again and he smiles
Ansh: bye!!! ( he runs out happily)
Ragini : bye

Ragini goes and starts cleaning the mess, which was made by these two people ,entering it,fully drenched.
Lak: sry for the mess
Ragini: with a smile, no problem!!

Lak: I liked the coffee
Ragini was staring him but then smiled at him.
Lak: so does that mean ur coffee is good or my taste is bad? (he asked confused)
Ragini: ofcourse , ur taste is bad!!!

Laksh was staring at her and then they both burst out laughing!!!!!

Lak: ur name?
Ragini: ragini!
Lak: okay, and that boy?
Ragini: ah he was standing in the rain and peeping through the door ,so I called him in
Lak: oh!!! R u the boss of the café?
Ragini: ya why?
Lak: actually I hav never seen people allowing slum boys in and offering them coffee
Ragini: sirf kapde alag hei, aas aur bookh sabko ek hi hei!!! ( only the clothes differ, but wishes and hunger is same for everyone!!!)
Laksh was astonished and impressed with her answer , he had goosebumbs all over his body

To be continued…..

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  1. Asheeyana i was seriously waiting a lot for ur ff! Sachi!? But i 4got the title! Today i was thinking to search it somehow by “Ragini in Cafe”?..i thought u have posted another part n i 4got the title n missed it! Believe me or not! I was waiting for this very eagerly!! This ff is soooo cute with sooo much goodness n positive vibes?Thanks?

    1. Thank u so much Riya…….thank god u remember me?

  2. its awsm……..
    cover pic is right & amazing………

    1. Thank u pooja.?

  3. Aesome sorry yaar forgot your name

    1. It is ok Swati.

  4. Nice

  5. Who said we don’t remember u?plzz don’t be sad.it’s not a sympathy word.i really mean it. by the way ur this ff is also very nice.

    1. Thank u Dhara…..and I was jst kidding and I can nvr be sad?

  6. Ohhh it’s asheeyana! !!….so sorry dear couldn’t get ur name at first but ur ff was awesome n dis 1 too is superb. ..glad that u r back..

    1. Thank u mitti.

  7. wow…..so sorry dea …i am glad ur back …sorry once again

  8. Hi asheeyana. This is the first time I’m reading ur ff. The title of your ff is really good. I’m a fan of swasan. But still I read ur ff just bcoz of its title. I love it. And I do comment rarely. But I felt like commenting on reading this. Really lovely.

    1. Thank u unab for commenting nd very soon u will fall in love with raglak too.?

  9. Supr epi didi continue

  10. really sry dr to guess wrong name it was awsm dr i loved the covr pic

  11. Awesome episode dear

  12. Wow amazing and so different ff.. Love your ff a lot

  13. It is soo sweettt

  14. nice…update daily

  15. Super super super… Update regularly

  16. Awesome yaar… im happy to see u back wt a new ff…

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