ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 13


Episode 13,

Ragini was behaving weirdly and laksh way too normally and in our detective karan ‘s brain there were a lot of doubts, he tried asking laksh but he didn’t disclose the matter while ragini was busy in her own world

Karan calls laksh: meet me at the pani puri stall !!! now!!!!
Lak: karan…….
Karan: ok fine bye meet u there.
He cuts the call and laksh has no other way but to go there

At the same time ,
Ragini was reading articles in the news paper to distract herself and her eyes fall on some shayari’s

“ kehthe hein ki pyar karne waale jab paas aathe hein ,
tho dil ki dhadkane thez ho jaathi hein,
agar thez hui tho wo pyar nahi hein ,
dosthon , who tho darr hein” ( I tried to write this plz forgive me if it is not good )

( People say – when the person we love comes close to us , our hearbeat raises , if it raises that’s not called love but is called as fear)

Ragini remembers the morning incident where laksh was standing close to her while talking but her heart beat didn’t raise instead she felt so normal and comfortable
Ragini: uff I am trying to distract myself but everything is reminding me of him

She again tries to read but laksh’s words come to her mind
“Lak: ragini I don’t know with what hope I am waiting for u, but that hope is LOVE!!!”
Her thoughts were disturbed by karan

Karan: yaar ragini come to pani puri stall na!
Ragini: no yaar karan ( but then thinks it would distract her so she agrees)
Ragini: ok chal we will go
Karan: cool come

They both go to the stall but raglak are shocked to see each other
Raglak: thinks ( ofcourse this karan will nvr change, hw could I forget he will bring him/her)

Karan: bhaiya 3 plate pani puri

Raglak steal glances and eat quietly while karan tries his best to involve them in a conversation
But jst then the tune plays while ragini gets too curious
Ragini: karan! Did u hear that?
Karan: no!!!
Ragini: now!!!?
Karan: no!!!
Ragini: fine I will go in search of him myself
Lak: ragini its too late to go in search of anyone
Karan: yes ragini plz don’t be stupid

But ragini doesnot listen to them and starts running
Lakan: ragini!!!
Karan: stop yaar

They too run behind her and the trio reach an abandoned place

And see a person playing the tune but he is facing the opp direction

Ragini: ladooo???

He stops playing and turns

Lakan: hahahahahahahahahahahaha

While ragini gets shocked to see him
Lak: arey ragini he is golu not ladoooo hahaahha
Karan: haan ragini but he is far better than laddooo

He says this and raglak give him a deathly glare

Ragini: who r u? and hw do u know this tune?
Golu: I am golu and if u give money I will play all the tunes ( he plays and shows some other tunes)

Ragini’s hopes of finding ladoo get shattered

Golu: laksh saab what r u doing here?
Lak: ah nothing came in search of someone
Golu: ok saab I will leave now

He leaves and lakan laugh like hell while ragini starts to cry and lakan stop laughing

Again the tune plays but this time from the opp direction where lakan were standing
She turns and runs and goes and hugs him after sometime she breaks her hug and starts to beat him
Ragini: idiot , stupid why did u do all this , why? Huh!!…….i hate u , I hate u…
Him: arey ragini stop yaaar its paining and I am sry

They hear a clapping sound , its our karan : yeh!!!!!!!!!! Atlast ufff!!! U confessed ur love ragini!!

( wait wait karan is clapping ragini is hugging ladoo where is laksh ?……..:) ladoo is laksh and laksh is ladooo)

Ragini: wait wait when did I do that?
Lak: u told I hate u right?
lakan: and someone has told us that- I will tell ‘hate u’ only to the person I love unconditionally!!!! (yes ragini told that when she was in school with them years before)
Ragini: u r soo bad why didn’t u tell me u are ladoo?
Lak: If I hav told I am ladoo , god knows when u would hav admitted ur feelings to me
Ragini: aah huh( she makes faces)…. whatever that’s why u were supporting ladoo in ur every single dialog u told me today afternoon
Lak: u noticed it ?
Ragini: no!!! but now I realize it

They both hug and karan was giving the expendables pose like folding his hands and seeing up like he has achieved something big
Raglak quietly leave from there and after sometime when karan opens his eyes he was like “what the”

Karan: ragini …laksh arey yaar where r u guys? U know I am scared of darks

So guys, so many guesses ladoo is sanky , so many theories but this is the way I had imagined ladoo
Did u guys like todays episode ?
Tell me through comments.
Thank u.

Credit to: asheeyana

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