ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 12


Guys u all know my fav movie is mohabbatein( <3 srk) and in tamil its mozhi I jst love them whats urs????

Previous episodes,

(this is PROMO EPISODE )

Todays episode,
(NOTE- ek cup coffee chap 11 that is the previous one is a PROMO, PROMO, PROMO plz don’t misunderstand that as an episode )

Continuation from chapter 10 ,

After laksh saved riya’s mother ragini’s respect for him increased, she desperately wanted to talk to him (but what? ) and so she did

She asked him to meet her at the bridge one fine afternoon , the weather was so warm and the atmosphere was so perfect but, this laksh was late – _- .

Lak: ragini? I am so sry for being late
Ragini: that’s okay
Lak: r u okay? I mean I know its something important but..

Ragini: hw do u know its important?
Lak: bcoz u wanted to talk to me, like alone …..
Ragini: without karan!!!
Lak: without karan!!!, (laughs) so I assumed its important
Ragini: laksh, listen carefully!!!!,
Lak: ok

Ragini: I don’t want to give any kind of false hope to u , I respect u a lot but I don’t think that respect is love!!! , u r a very good person but I am not, I hav broke so many hearts, but I cant break urs !!! I am telling all this to u bcoz I dont want u to wait for me , I want u to move on ! plz laksh plz ( she tells it slowly with mixed emotions)

She turns back but is stunned to see laksh smiling

Ragini: what?

Lak: why do u love me so much?
Ragini: cant u understand?…..
Laksh comes closer while ragini stands in the same position
Lak: no one can love me as much as u do!!!
Ragini: don’t be stupid laksh!!!!!!! And what makes u think I love u? huh………tell me
Lak: u jst told me to move on and u don’t want me to give any false hope and all what does that mean ragini?
Ragini: it means u hav to move on
Lak: smiles at her) so much pain !!!!
Ragini: what?!!!!
Lak: ur voice had so much pain and u told all these things so easily, without making any eye contact!!
Ragini: nothing like that
Lak: u didn’t know bcoz u did not do it intentionally , u love me ragini but u r unaware of ur feelings
Ragini: no!!!!

Lak: hm………..u feel so comfortable around me , that u didn’t even realize hw close we both are standing
Ragini realizes hw close they both were standing there was atmost a cm gap between them and she moves back
Lak: u nvr told me “I luv u” , u nvr accepted my proposal but the truth is u nvr rejected it too

Ragini’s pov :really , yes I nvr rejected him but why? Why?is it respect? or Love? No ragini its jst bcoz u didn’t want to hurt him , bcoz?? ,bcoz he is karan’s best friend

Ragini opens her mouth to protest but

Lak: I can understand that u r really confused and very weak in understanding love but that’s fine I will be waiting
Ragini: what if I nvr had anything for u
Lak: what if??? Wow! see u r unaware…………u hav everything for me ragini but I don’t know when u will accept it, but I will be waiting
Ragini: it will cost u a lifetime!!! Still I wont

Lak: it wont cost ……..me a lifetime but by chance if it does we will continue in heaven ( he winks at her)
Lak: ragini I don’t know with what hope I am waiting for u, but that hope is LOVE!!!
Ragini was like “statue” after hearing him , his talks were very intense and intimidating
Lak: bye ragini take care!!
Laksh leaves from there but ragini was involved in deep thinking she knew whatever he told was true , she was even sursprised as he knew her so well .

She turned towards the water trying to distract herself from what jst happened but his words were echoing in her ears , she started to walk but for the first time in her whole life she noticed the beauty of things that surrounded her , all the things seemed to be very beautiful and perfect , she felt very peaceful .

Ragini reaches her café to grab her things and leave to her house,

While she reached there she looked into the mirror ( for the first time) and was lost in herself
Voice: u look very beautiful

She turns to see Rachel standing behind her
Ragini: huh?….i look like this everyday
Rachel: u do !!! but u hav nvr looked into the mirror
Ragini: no I was jst ……. Why r u smiling at me?
Rachel: nothing !!!
Ragini: anyways I hav work I am leaving
Rachel: ya sure
Ragini leaves
Rachel: u r such a stupid ragini!!! I hope u realize ur love for him soon


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Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. Yr I’m confused wht abt the other epi u posted revealing laksh to be ladoo isn’t that an epi.. Anyways I loved the promo

  2. nice epi. keeo it up. enku pidicha padam arya 2 and mr.perfect. tamil la neraya padam pidikum. solla mudiyadu

  3. my fav is Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani in hindi and Ayan and Theri in tamil and egarly waiting for my handsome hunk’s 24…..the movie(well basically i’m a die hard fan of surya(im from TN))

  4. i luvd d promo n this epi als pls join thm. waitin fr raglak scenes, as d CVS of Swaragini is js willin to shw Swasan whom i lik bt raglak is d bst <3

  5. Ohh so here is the previous chapter. …superb loved it dear…The lines when laksh said that he is waiting with a hope n that hope is love was really good dear. ..I loved it a lot…After reading this chap I again red u r chap which was already posted ..I enjoyed that chap even more…..

  6. Ohh… so this is 1st chap n that is next one… good

  7. Fan of ishveer

    my favourite hindi movie is kai po che and my favourite movie is srimanthudu

  8. Super as always

  9. Awesome like always

  10. Good epi
    My favorite Hindi movie is aashiqui 2 (i know the end is tragic but still the movie gives an impact everytime i watch it )
    Tamil la vaaranam aayiram, ayan ,kaakha kaakha and mozhi
    (Im also a crazy fan of suriya???)

  11. Superb dear

  12. Nice episode… Even my favorite movie is mozhi and I don’t know about the hindi remake bcoz I’m TamiliIan… Thanks for the update
    Please continue

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