ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 11


Hey guys this is a short promo of “ek cup coffee” – ladooo revealed


Raglakan come to a pani puri (gol gappa or puchka) stall but suddenly they hear something

The tune plays
Ragini: ladoo?!!!!!!
Lakan: what?
Ragini: did u hear that? Ladoo is here , nearby , we have to search him
Lak: ragini its too late to go in search of ladoo
Karan: yeah ragini he is right, don’t be stupid
Ragini: no !!! today I will find him no matter what, if u wanna help , help but don’t stop me

She starts running in search of ladoo
Karan: ragini stop yaar!!!
Laksh: ragini!!!!!
Ragini does not listen to them and keeps running

She reaches a lonely place under a bridge and sees someone playing mouth organ she couldnt see his face as he is standing facing the opp side
Ragini: ladoo………(in a tone filled with lot of expectations)
He turns

Laksh and karan were shocked to see him
Lakan: u???????


So guys who is this ladoo?
Why are lakan shocked to see him?
Do lakan know him already?
Will this be the end of raglak love story?

Hm…….lets see
and of course CUTIEPIE I will love to be ur friend and DEV I am absolutely fine thank u , hw r u?

Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. Waiting for episode

  2. who will play ladoo ?

    1. U will get to know

  3. Very excited to read the nxt part… Update it today na….

  4. dear this is raglak ff so ladoo is not going to end raglak love story. i think he is sanky. he plays a very positive role. he will helps lak to impress rag or make realise her love and lakan already know him. but there is some fb and it will revealed by u soon. waiting for nxt part.
    if u like ragsan then read my ff love marriage life. but there is not importance to swalak dear.

    1. Hm……..i will surely read ur ff

  5. Nc epi nn who is dis lado

    1. Its not an epi but a promo

  6. Very nice… Thanks for the update… Please make it long…

  7. Awsm promo….update next part soon…..

  8. Superb and waiting for next episode

  9. Who is this ladoo yr… Hmm can’t wait for the nxt epi.. U knw wht I was so excited when I saw ur ff n wht did u do..? A short update that’s not fair… Plz post a long update nxt tym yr

  10. hey ashi….
    well…. back wid a bang….
    curious to knw who is dis ladoo….
    thanks fr d updates dear…

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