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Todays episode,
Next morning,
Lakan go to Raginis cafe to pick her up for shopping. But all the way laksh was very sad.
They enter the cafe
Karan: Ragini?…………
Ragini: Yes I am here
Karan: What r u doing here?
Ragini: Where else should I be?
Karan: U promised me to accompany me for shopping
Ragini: I don’t remember promising u, and even if I did that’s fine u hav laksh with u and I hav some important work here
Karan: Kya hua tere vaada….wo kasam wo iraada( he starts to sing in the most dramatic way with lots of emotions u know)
Ragini: Nautanki saala! Ok fine I am coming
Karan: Thank u
He drags her from there
Ragini: Arey karan let me grab my bag
Karan: Ok fine
Ragini: U have money right.?
Karan: No
Ragini: Then HW will u do shopping?
Karan: Window shopping does not cost money u know
Ragini glares him
Karan: Joking don’t burn me with ur eyes
They both come out and see laksh busy with his phone, he was facing the other side such that ragkar could see his back
Karan: Lucky shall we go?
Lak: Oh ya sure
Ragini: U seem tensed is something wrong?
Lak: No Ragini I am fine
Ragini: Where r u taking us karan?mall!
Lakan: Bazaar
Ragini: What?
Lak: U can never get the pleasure of roadside shopping in malls Ragini
Ragini gets stunned: Wow yaar
They three go to the bazaar and start shopping
Ragini: Hw is this?
Lakan: Not good
Lak: This one
Karan: Wow this is so good
Ragini: Huh….u both better marry each other
Karan: I would have married him bcoz I am not a stupid like u
Ragini: Who is stopping u get married
Karan: I hav three girl friends and moreover he loves u not me
Ragini: Whatever
Jst then Ragini hears the same tune and she goes in search of the person but all in vain as she couldn’t get hold of that person so she returns back and is shocked to see laksh running in the direction of a huge crowd
Ragini: Laksh? ……..karan what happened where is he going
Karan: It seems like. An accident come lets check
They both make way and reach to see a lady of early fifties lying unconscious and get daughter was begging for help
Lak: Riya what happened?
Riya: Sir my mom……acc..accident
Laksh lifts her and Karan helps him and Ragini consoles the girl
Laksh hand s were trembling so he gave the keys to Ragini asking her to drive.
Ragini was confused with the way lakan were reacting but kept quiet as it was not the right time to clear her doubts
They reach the hospital and admit riyas mom
Everything goes fine and the doctor informs them that she has escaped with minor injuries
Ragini: Karan who is she?
Karan: She works in laksh’s company
Ragini: What?
Ragini was shocked to see this side of laksh.not everyone cares about a worker and this totally impresses ragini
Lak: Riya jst take care of ur mom
Riya: Thank you so much sir. I don’t know how will I repay u for this
Lak: U hav to repay
Ragkariya were shocked
Lak: After ur mother recovers , I would like her hand made rasgullas
Riya wipes her tears: Sure sir
All the four smile.

To be continued……

Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. Wow superb.laksh is awesome

  2. wow…laksh impress ragini….awesome yaar…great writing…..just now read ur previous epi…..madurai is not that hot….many other districts r hoter than madurai……maybe its because i am used to it……

    1. He didn’t try to impress her its his original nature

  3. Ragini wil surely fall 4 lucky if she knows d whole of him ri8…….bt i am at present hating d ladoo……d villian of ragluk story…..
    Anyways how r u asheeyana……lots n lots of hugs n llove

    1. Don’t hate ladooo yaar he is very cute and I am absolutely fine thank u …hw r u?

  4. nice epi dear. ur ff is going very comically but today epi quite different frm normal epi. keep it up. poga poga story sudu pidika pogudunu nenaikuren. anda tune poduradu sanky ah? konjam susbence ah um iruku. keep it up thangam.

    1. Comically naa enna meaningla solreenga?

      1. comedy da. ivlo nal un epi padhichi sirichitu irunden ana innaki epi konjam different irunduchi.

      2. Oh ok pa

  5. Awesome dear and waiting for raglak romance

  6. Laksh was awsme

  7. awsm..dear……..
    lucky boy superb…….. 😉 😉

  8. Awesome ….
    Can I be ur friend????

    Me Mahira

    1. Of course cutiepie friends☺?

  9. As always super duper

  10. Awesome… Awesome… Awesome… Thanks for the update… Please continue

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