Ek Boond Ishq 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 9th October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Jayraj telling Rudra that they want to talk to him while Rudra is fuming saying the people who feared they very name of their family are speaking anything they wish about them and those who didn’t have the courage to look into their eyes are peeping into their personal lives and its all because of Jayraj bailing MJ out So Jayraj tells him that their name is spoilt even if MJ is in prison and he is my son. Rudra laughs at that and tells him that only Aditya is the son of this house

Outside Adi’s office Nandu is waiting for Adi determined to meet him at any cost (Gosh woman you will put even Bella Swan and Anna Steele to shame when it comes to despogiri ) She calls Adi who cuts the call and tries to go from there unnoticed but Nandu catches him at last

but Adi drives away. She hails an auto and tries to follow him but Adi breaks the signal and she loses him but the police catch hold of him

Rudra asks Jayraj as to why did he get MJ out of jail when elections are nearing but Jayraj assures him that MJ will not spoil anything. Rudra says that he can trust him but not MJ as the same blood flows in both their veins but not in MJ’s. Here Nirmala gets a call from police for Adi being imprisoned for driving fast n breaking the signal and Nirmala goes from there.

In the kitchen Tara is telling Mithi that her limbs go weak before Tayaji and asks her if she is not scared of him. Mithi says that only Faheem makes Rudra’s food and once when Faheem was not there she had prepared kheer for him and that it was the first time that someone other than Faheem had prepared something for him. She says she was scared if he will like it or not but he did and he liked it and he is nice towards her. He even smiled at her and though he looks stern on the outside he is nice Mithi asks Tara to pass the sugar when Tara notices the keys to Rudra’s room and she shows to Mithi telling her that maybe Faheem dropped it n she will keep it with her Mithi warns her to be careful as its Rudra’s room’s key but Tara tells her that its her turn to impress Rudra and she will do that by cleaning his room (this girl loves to get into trouble ) But Mithi tells her that Rudra will get angry as no one is supposed to goto his room especially women. Tara brushes her aside saying that she is an ace at breaking rules and if in life she cannot break one or two rules to impress Tayaji then wat did she do

Rudra warns Jayraj to ask MJ not to do anything that jeopardise the elections and asks Dai Ma if his room is the way he expects it to be and Dai assures him that nobody has entered that room so far. Here Tara is heading towards Rudra’s room thinking she will impress Rudra proving herself to be an all rounder. Rudra and Jayraj are heading towards the same room as well and Jayraj tells him that Madhav will keep his things in the room when Rudra asks for Faheem. Jayraj tells him that Faheem has gone to his village as he had some work. Jayraj says he is happy that he blessed Tara and Rudra bids him good night. Once Jayraj goes from there Rudra thinks that he did bless her but it depends on her memory as to how that will impact her. If her memory is bad she will live else she will die (Here he gives that Kalavati look n he does look intimidating )

Nandu comes to visit her neighbour (forgot his name ) and is shocked to see him as her new neighbour. So he taunts her that she didn’t come there in the middle of the night to confirm that So Nandani tells him its still 9PM and its not middle of the night but he tells her it is for him as he sleeps at that time Nandu says she came there as she wanted to have coffee and milk had got over in her house. He says what kind of neighbour are you? Instead of helping us, you are troubling me and asks her to ask his mom and Nandu thinks where she got stuck

In the jail, lawyer tells him that he knows law is same from all but his client has given an apology note and requests him to bail Adi out. Inspector agrees to bail him out saying that since he comes from a good reputed family he is letting him out without booking a case on him(should have rotted in jail for 2 days if u ask me he would understand how suffocating it was for MJ ) He tells Nirmala to advise him to drive slow else it will harm him n others. Nirmala takes Adi aside n chides him for driving fast. She tells him till when can she hide his misdoings from Tayaji (yeah yeah hide your hopeless son’s bad deeds and though MJ is innocent blame for anything and everything ) He is angry on Jayraj bcoz of MJ and tells him that bcoz of his deeds she will not be able to look into Rudra’s eyes and tells him not to do anything that will spoil the elections and bring bad name to Rudra and asks him to think a thousand times before doing anything. She takes him away from there hoping they get there before Rudra gets to know anything Adi thinks that he has to get rid of Nandu
Tara opens the lock to Rudra’s room but before she can open the door fully, Rudra stops her and scolds her n warns her not to enter his room. Tara tries to speak but Rudra yells at her to go away and Tara runs away from there

Next day morning MJ is cutting wood in his farmhouse and feeds his horse. He takes his sipper to drink water but sees that its empty and he goes to get water. Tara comes down muttering to herself that she shd have her breakfast quickly with Jayraj as he is the only one who treats her like a human while rest of them ignore her n have breakfast in their rooms. But when she goes there she sees only Rudra is at the table sitting in Jayraj’s place. Tara is scared but decides to greet him. She tells him good morning and Rudra nods.Tara takes a white tea cup to pour him tea but Rudra asks her to pick up the red one. Tara does so and pours out the tea. While doing that her hands are badly shaking and she tries to steady it but to no avail while Rudra is noticing all this (Here u can see the glimpse of Kalavati in Rudra when he is scrutinising Tara ) Tara’s hands are shaking when she hands the cup to Rudra and he tells her to be careful. Rudra calls asks Dai if all preparations are done for the puja and Dai replies in affirmative and he gets up to go and Tara stops him asking him if he is going to temple. Rudra is tensed and the moment where Tara barges in to his temple is playing in his mind.

Precap – Tara is in the farmhouse talking to MJ’s horse saying that her husband n his owner are like each other that neither of them care for the other And to add to her troubles her Tayaji is another specimen. But Tara is optimistic that she will rid the house of anger and bring in happiness…

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