Ek Boond Ishq 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
om says to tara to fulfill her promise, tara says I will fulfill my promise and thinks that I will run from here, om says be careful dehli is not safe, tara says can I leave now? he says nods, she leaves.
vidant is taking nandu to police station but ice-cream vendor comes and says maybe she is innocent, nandu says look only he will understand that I am poor, she says I will beg on signal but just give me one chance, I will not do robbery, vidant says you are a girl so I am giving you one chance, go from here, he ask are you wearing rings that you rbbed? nandu says no maa gave me it, vidant leaves warning her, nandu thinks that soon I will take my jewelry back from you inspector.
balli and pari comes to mandir, pari ask him to buy garland, tara comes there too. mj has his back

towards tara, tara thinks that today I will not go to agnihotri house and I trust you god, tara goes to other shop to buy garlands and flowers, tara passes by mj but doesn’t see him, tara comes in mandir and prays that mj and me separated many times but this time I even don’t know where is he, please take care of him. she leaves from amndir, mj comes in mandir, he prays that if say no to laado then pari will be in danger and I don’t want to kill that girl, please show me someway. tara dodges the guard and runs from mandir, guards searches for her.

Scene 2
balli and pari are outside of mandir and they dances with caravan, guard goes to driver and says sia ran way, lets go and find her, tara comes out from where she was hiding, priest says to caravan that from here only one man can carry maa’s idol and brings in mandir, pari says my balli will do it, pari says my balli can do anything, balli takes idol in his hands and strat walking towards mandir, tara tries to see his face but couldn’t because of idol in his hands, balli/mj comes in mandir and gives idol to priest, now tara sees his face and is shocked, tara thinks mrityunjay, she shouts mrityunjay, mrityunjay but mj doesn’t listen because of noises in mandir, puja starts, tara comes in mandir but mj leaves from there, tara ask some man about mj but he says I don’t know about him, tara comes out and sees mj leaving on bike with pari, she shouts mrityunjay, and strikes with a women, mj looks back but doesn’t find tara there, he leaves, tara is devastated.
mannat is playing with doll calling her as her daughter and says I know mama is spending less time with you but you know what in party tara will be killed and vidant will send om to jail in muder charges, she sings poem for doll.
tara is searching for mj, she ask different people about mj but doesn’t find about him.
om has tied the guard who was going with tara to mandir, om says your tummy is so much big, how will you run behind tara, he ask him to hold his breath otherwise sword will go in his tummy, guard hold his breath and becomes unconscious, pa comes to om and says that commissioner is finding sia, don’t worry, om says if sia doesn’t come home till tomorrow then I will not leave you, pa leaves. vidant calls om and says I got to know about sia, om says if you find anything about sia then tell me, mannat comes there, om says we cant trust this girl, mannat thinks that I am impressed tara, what a plan you made, good now I don’t have to kill you.

tara is finding about mj, she sees police asking about sia, she thinks that if they see me here then they will take me to omkar. she sits somewhere.in tv news it is telecasted that om’s wife is missing from morning and if anybody finds about sia then he will be given 60lacs the shopkeeper sees the news with tara’w pic flashing in tv and then finds tara sitting near his shop. he smirks.

PRECAP- the shopkeeper says to tara that are you asking about mrityunjay of Bhopal? tara says yes, you know him? shopkeeper traps her and says yes, come I will take you to him.
mj gives jalebies to laado, laado says from where did you order it, mj says I made it, laado says good, mj says in English that even I got to know it yesterday that I can make jalebies. laado is stunned to see him speaking English.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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