Ek Boond Ishq 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 8th October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Baba asking Tara about why she is not ready for the party. Nilima when questioned about telling her, says that it is a high society and she has nothing to do there.
Baba says she is family and so she comes with them. Nilima stops her and says Tara would get bored with strangers around her there.
Baba says that her family will be there with her. Nilima stops her again, and convinces Jayraj.

Baba tells that she and MJ will be alone at the house and hands her a file to give it to MJ.
Tara worries on that thought.

Nandu is asked by her mother to visit the new neighbours. Nandu says she will come later and hurries off. She then crashes into her new neighbor. She shouts at him only to realize he is handicapped. She apologies to him and

he forgives her.
Nandu waits for Aditya outside his office, entire evening. She swears to meet him one day.
Aditya, seeing Nandu finally leave, comes out and worries about her coming infront of his mom or Mitthi.

Meanwhile, Tara is scared about giving the file that her FIL had asked her to give to MJ.
On her way, she sees someone spaying the curtains of a room. She wonders who it is.
She knocks on the door and window and asks whoever the person was. But no reply.
She then sees the lock on the door, wondering how is it ever possible and also whether there are ghosts in this haveli.

Meanwhile MJ is seen walking, so Tara remembers her task and goes ahead to complete it, chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

After a short game of hide-and-follow by Tara, she finally knocks his room. Before that, MJ is seen in his room taking out a black file and reading it. He says that ‘this secret’ cannot be relieved as it would hurt you all. So he would keep it to himself. Putting the file back, he spots a knife and takes it. He opens it from its cover and thats when Tara knocks.

He asks who it is, Tara says its her and that Baba had asked it get his signatures in this file.
MJ asks to keep this file. Tara does so and turns to leave, suddenly MJ shouts “Where is my tea?”
Tara leaves and talks to herself that there is none in the house to serve him tea, so plans to do it herself out of fear.

Tara prepares tea in the kitchen when Taiyaji makes his entry. He spots Tara alone and walks like a predator to the unaware Tara.
Before his reaches her, MJ calls him form behind. Taiyaji taunts him saying that his habit of giving the wrong entry at the correct time hasn’t gone.
This is when the others also come.

Everyone seeks his blessing. Tara also comes and seeks his blessing. His hand fists while that.
He says that seeing his elder Bahu, his anger had vanished and so he decided to come.
When asked by Nilima about his sudden coming, he says that he doesn’t come when he remembers them, it can also be for some other reason. He glances at Tara while doing so. Tara stares at him and he asks with discomfort why is she staring? She denies for nothing.

Taiyaji says aloud about some matters to be kept within the 4 walls of the house, or the respect of the respected members would be at stake. Indirectly taunting MJ the entire time.
He asks about “his son”, Aditya, taunting MJ again and making him leave.

Update Credit to: Mithuz

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