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SCene 1
mj comes to laado, laado says I am making pari beautiful, mj says my pari is beautiful, pari sasy laado was cutting my hairs, mj takes her and says nobody can cut pari’s hairs as her hairs are her wings with which she flies, he ask apri to go, laado sasy today you saved her but till when will you be able to save her, mj says that you would have understood that I love pari that much that I can kill anyone for her. he takes scissor from laado’s hand and says can kill anyone, mj says I wont do your work now.
om tells vidant that there were nothing in Bhopal, vidant says but she is confident.,,,
vidant is about to go but om stops him and says that one American went in coma and when he became fine, he started speaking jerman language, one girl went in coma then after

recovery she used to call herself jiya fargis, later on it was revealed that jiya was her friend’s name, vidant says you mean that sia is facing like this, om says if we put pressure on these patients then its dangerous for their health, thay can become mad, vidant says that we have to find about Bhopal, we have to find is there any tara shikhawat, om says sia will be fine, vidant says if doctor ask to find about Bhopal connection then tell me, I will find it. he leaves from there.

Scene 2
om says to mannat that did you see tara’s behavior and you want to throw party, mannat says all are gossiping that sia is not fine and sia thinks that she is someone else, we have to shut their mouths, om says I understand that its important that sia meet people but what if she doesn’t come in party, mannat says you have to convince her, om looks on.
laado says I know to get my work done by other way, mj says I told you that I love you and pari and if you pressurize me then I will take pari from here and will go from here, laado says I will not ask anything after this, please do this work last time, mj says when I have to do this, laado says I will tell you and be calm, mj sasy don’t worry about me I am fire not wood that I will burn, laado leaves, pari comes there with water for balli, balli says nothing will happen to you, pari says that we didn’t go to mandir for many days, will we go? mj says ok but kiss me, she kisses on his cheek.

tara is playing with flowers she recalls moments with mj, servant brings flower for tara and says om has sent them, tara says throw them away, tara throws them, servant comes and says if you want to go anywhere then tell me I will take you as om has ordered me, tara says go from here, om comes there, tara says to servant that tell your boss that I will not come in his plan, not this time, om says relax tara, tara is stunned and ask what did you say tara? you called me tara this means you believe that I am tara, om says no, I wont believe it, you are sia for me but you call yourself tara and for your happiness I will call you tara, you are getting pain in all this, I took you to Bhopal for your happiness, I caqn do anything but I don’t do it as your happiness matters to me, forget whatever happened, lets become friends, you understand me and I will understand you, stop these pitty fights, the day you prove that you are tara I will leave you and if I prove that you are sia then you will stay here but till then you will not try to run from here. om ask do we have a deal, tara thinks but then shakes hand with om and says deal, om says that soon there will party in house and all want to meet sia agnihotri and I hope that sia will meet them, tara says I have done the deal so I have to fulfill it, tara ask can I go to mandir, om says of course I have done the deal so I have to fulfill it.
nandu meets some ice-cram vendor, she gives him more money then ice-cram and in return steals his watch and mobile phone, vidant sees her and stops her way, he ask whats hurry robbery girl, other inspector says she is wanted robber, they check her bag and finds things which she stole, vidant ask inspector to call lady police, nandu starts acting and says I am a poor girl, nobody understands the pain of poor not even god, so how will you understand, vidant says I have caught you stealing things right now, nandu says you don’t know that we poor doesn’t even get food of one day. she comes to same ice-cream vendor and says you are poor too, you will understand me, I have one mother and sister at my house, nobody wants to be robber but situations make them robber, if you want to take me to police station then take me but who will take care of my mother and my sister, vidant ask whether your drama is over, we are not fools, lets go to police station.

om sees tara coming and says someone is looking beautiful, he gives her rose, tara takes it, om gets a call, tara thinks that I am not a fool to come in party as sia, I want to show the world that I am tara, let me go out of this house once then I will not comeback. om ends the call and says to tara that we cant go to madir as I have an emergency in hospital, tara says but it was our deal, om sasy yes deal is a deal and I have to fulfill it come what may, he calla security guard and says that you will go with tara to mandir and be with her all the time, om says to tara that I have fulfilled my promise according to deal and now its your turn and those who deceive me gets a lot of pain and I don’t wannna see you in pain, tara says that don’t worry I will fulfill my deal and thinks that I will also fulfill my promise that I will run from here.

PRECAP- tara sees mj in mandir, she is shocked and stunned, ek boond ishq pe plays, she shouts mrityunjay, mrityunjay but mj doesn’t listen to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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