Ek Boond Ishq 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 7th October 2013 Written Update

Tara goes to MJ’s uchda chaman with flowers and places it there. She sees the message MJ has written on the wall which says that I don’t like colors or the one who does it. Tara writes back something(I don’t remember what she wrote). MJ is inside the house. When Tara is leaving she feels his presence but as she turns around she can’t spot anyone as MJ has moved frm there. MJ notices the flower and the doir wide open and search for the person who left it. He sees Tara’s message.

Nirmala is awake and calls for servants. Jayraj comes and tells her to rest and he will bring tea for her(he was being sweet)
Tara is preparing halwa for tauji and asking her mom for instructions. Meethi comes and tells her she will help. Jayraj comes and says let’s her ready to meet tauji.

is on phone and on the way to somewhere.

Jayraj and MriAra going to meet tauji(jayraj in infront and MriAra behind). Jayraj notices the quietness between them and says let’s play a game. Jayraj strats his khafiyaaa milana and ask MriAra to join. MJ doesn’t seem interested.

They reach shekhawat office. MJ and jayraj goes inside leaving Tara in the car. I missed some part here as my Frnd wanted to watch some other show
Tara wanders and gets infront of kalavati. Kalavati runs behind Tara. They reach a forest. Just as kalavati is about to catch Tara he gets a call and when he looks around he can’t find her. Meanwhile Tara escapes while he is not looking and reaches the car. MJ and ts comes back.

Intro of rudra pratap singh aka tauji aka kalavati. He reaches the place MriAra and jayraj also reach there. Jayraj tells someone to take Tara to tauji as he and MJ are surrounded by reporters. Tauji gets a call and says his men to find Tara as today is the last day or he will be dead. Just as he turns around he spots Tara infront of him and is shocked to see her. He thinks what he was searching for has come to him. Tara is scared to see his gaze fixed on her. He walks toward her. Just as he reaches her MJ and ts comes and stand on either side of her. Ts introduces her as MJ’s wife. Tauji is shocked. Jayraj tells them to take his blessings and they do. He blesses them. Tara gives her gift.
In between this cos the crowd MriAra keeping bumping toward each other. They try not to touch each other but keep bumping towards each other. Jayraj and MriAra take their leave. Tauji is in anger

Meethi sees adi phone which he said he lost(Nandu was calling him so he hid it in cupboard). She by mistakenly calls Nandu. Nandu is happy to see adis phone. Just as meethi is about to talk to Nandu adi comes and snatches the phone frm her and says haven’t I told u that we don’t interfere in each others life. Tara hears this and feels bad. Adi leaves and meethi makes some bahana and ask about her visit to tauji.
Tauji reaches his place and removed the fake moustache and wig and strats to dance in fury with Tara’s pic around him. He says what I was searching I have found it. Episode ends in his face.

Precap:the family is going somewhere ts says Tara is alone. Nimmy says MJ is with her.
Tara is scared to be alone with MJ. MJ takes out a knife and says I will do what need to be done

Update Credit to: Dilsha

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