Ek Boond Ishq 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 7th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
yug remembers his proposal to nando, tara comes there and says to froget her she was not made for you, what had to hapeen has happened, yug says its not that easy, can you explain this to maa, she gave her much pain that it will never end, aradhna leaves from there, he says i am hating myself for loving person like her, how much she can stoop so low, tara says she has done a mistake, she doesnt know that rudra pratap is.. tara stops. yug ask what, tara says can you take me to central jail, i have to talk to Mj, tara says rudra should not know this, she calls fahim and says i am at maa’s home.
Tara and yug comes in police station, inspector says you cant meet him, it is not allowed and after fire incident we cant allow you, hawaldar comes and tells about electrician

coming in jail, yug gets the idea and says to tara that lets go.
tara comes in electrician dress, dressed as boy, she stands in line of electricians to enter in jail, she is tensed that everyone is being checked before entering.

Scene 2
nirmala says to jayraj she threw me out of the kitchen but the day isn’t far away when she will throw us out of this house. I dont know why you brought tara here. Her sister will become the owner of the house. Listen to that nandu will be reason of our destruction. Jayraj says i fear that too. Why he married nandu. Tara wanted to tell me truth. Where is she? Nirmala says i dont. He says i should call her.
tara says how will i go through these security men. She gets call from jairaj. She wonders how to receive it. She disconnects it. jairaj calls again but she disconnects again. He wonders why is she doing so. She is scared. The security man says phone isnt allowed submit it to me. He says give this bag to me. She puts on the ground. She is so scared. She goes in and looks everywhere. She sees mj asking an old man if he needs help. She turns to him. He says i am not used to see old people working. If my wife was here she would say a man should do work of two men. she is in Tears. She is moving towards him when a police man says what are you doing there? Go there and work. jairaj wonders why tara’s phone is off. He asks fahim if he knows? He says yeah she has gone to her mom’s place. He says thats good for her. He says i should call aradhna.

tara says maa, call gets disconnected, she says baba gets to know that i was not at maa’s home, what wil i say now, she calls meethi and says i am in jail, please call baba and says that i am with you, meethi says i can lie for you, she says i will call baba. tara thanks her.
In villa, nando says lets go, you are getting desperate to meet your wife, adi leaves from dining table in anger.
In meethi’s house, she tells her brother that dont call my sasural here, his wife says niramla is coming here, meethi is tensed.
shikhawat comes in meethi’s house, meethi’s sister in law alka is impressed by nando, nando says meethi is very good also, nimmo is lucky to get bahus like tara and meethi, meethi is better than tara, meethi says nobody can be better than tara not me not you, i am surprised that you are tara’s sister. nando says i have more glowing face than tara, she have plain color of face, meethi says glow brings fire in world and plain color gives peace. nando deliberately throws juice on her saree, meethi says i will show you washroom, meethi takes her and says why you came here, nando laughs on her , meethi says i am strong now only because of your sister, hope you had learned something from tara, you onlu know cheating, nando says i also learnt cheating from tara, tara is the real player. meethi says tara and cheating. nando says tara knew about my and adi’s relation from before but she hide this from you, she used to call me to villa, she pretended to be angry on me, she was on my side and will remain, meethi is in tears, rudra listens to it and smirks.

kala is playing with puppets and says all puppets are in my hand, queen(nando) thinks that she has power but she doesnt know that she is just puppet, tara’s life is miserable, mj, meethi, jairaj all are gone from tara’s life, nobody is left on her side, now the game starts, lets see what happens next, wood becomes coal on burning and coal becomes ash, tara is burnt that she doesnt become coal neither ash, she is left alone.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t like it when serials don’t give a pre cap. This is one of the most weirdest programmes I’ve ever watched with all the messed up ideas : I only like MJ, Tara and everyone else except Nando and rudra

  2. rudraprthap acting is very good, this acting is excellant, i like tara nd mj

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