Ek Boond Ishq 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 6th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Tara comes and touches nando’s feet, she put hand on tara’s head, she touches feet of rudra, udra blesses tara and says we have two relations now, you are my bahu and saali, now it will be fun to tease you, tara says i dont make doublwe realtions, i have only one relation with you that of hatred and i will fulfill it.. nando ask what both are discussing, he says tara was asking me should i prepare for your suhagraat, nando says how she will do it alone, meethi should help here, rudra says why are you asking you are owner of this house, you can ask anything from anyone.
In jail, Mj’s cell is one fire because of short circuit, he shouts for help.
In villa, fahim says to tara that i dont know why he destroyed life of nando, her marriage will never be completed,

tara says now you know, his problem is not that he is kinner, but he is devil, fahim says i still cant believe it, if you are true then i will be with you, rudra calls his men in jail, he says we have done short circuit in Mj’s cell, he says to make sure he is dead. Fahim says i listened all this.

Scene 2
Meethi says t tara that i am decorating bed of girl who destroyed my life, she says i decided that i will leave this house now. In jail, Mj is taken out, gets to know that the man who was in cell beside his hasnt been taken out, he goes to take him out.
In villa, rudra says i was asking to teach the goons who fought with Mj, you know how much i care for them, fahim says the why did you marry tara’s sister, nando says i will answer you, nando says he saved me from dying, i was deceived in love but he came in life, fahim says sorry rudra, he leaves. nando and rudra smiles, she says now we have to save each other.

Scene 3
nimmo says how he can marry nando, now these sister will take everything, jairaj says what are you saying, tara comes there and says i want to talk to baba, nando shouts, all come in hall, nando has hurt her hand, she says i was going to take water and slipped from stairs, tara says to tell truth, she says i just slipped, rudra came to save me, rudra ask all to go in their room, nando says i will go today is suhagraat, all leaves. rudra stops tara and says the bangles in your sister’s hand were broken because of me, he says i have given Mj’s contract to kill him, he says tomorrow you will get his body, tara goes, she calls police station, hawaldar says police station got fire, it happened near Mj’ cell, he says all are safe, she ask about mj but he cuts the call, tara says rudra is devil and i have to tell this to nando. In jail, mj takes out guru ji and tries to get him up.

Scene 4
Tara comes to nando, she says rudra married you because he wanted to take revenge from me as i know his secret, she ask what secret, tara says he is not a man but a kinner, she ask nando to lets go from here but she doesnt budge, tara says dont you trust me, he is kinner, nando slaps her hard. In jail, guru ji gets up, mj says thank God you are safe. nando says tara i didnt know you will sttop so low, just leave from here, rudra comes there and faces tara, he says now i am sure that you are very good wife, tara is jealous of you, she took mj’s proposal which was for you so that she can enjoy this life, now that you are owner she will do everything. jairaj and nimmo comes ther, rudra says tara was saying something to nando, nando says she was saying that my husband is .. he says leave it, you are big in this house so you have to keep up respect of this house, nando says you destroyed my night, just leave from here.

Scene 5
Meethi is leaving, adi says you are leaving, she says i cant see nando close to you, he says please stop, she says you lost right to stop me, she leaves. In room, nando and rudr laughs, she says now you can come in you real self, he says in kala’s tone that i take hours to get in my real self, he says thanks for be on my side, he gets flashback where he says if you marry me then you will get money and adi and you will face nothing from my side, i will never come close, she says after marriage man cannot be trusted, he says true man cannot be trusted but i am just kinner, she is shocked. FB ends. he says i kept on trying to make you accept my offer, she says i was on call with you when yug proposed me, he ask then how you changed mind? she says because of tara’s slap i decided to get position upper than tara, he says i will get adi for you, she says you are nice, she ask why did you tell me your truth, kala says its also a secret, kala gifts her necklace, she hugs him,she says how you will do suhagraat, kala puts dupatta on her head, she ask who will take out veil,nando laughs and says you are funny.

Scene 6
nimmo gives order to servants what to make in linch, nando comes there and says niramala i will tell them what to make in lunch, nimmo says you maybe big baahu, but from years i am managing all this, you dont need to come here, rudra comes there and says she is owner of this house and she will order everything, nando says from today your ownership is over so give haveli keys to me, nimmo says i am having these keys from my marriage i dont give them to anybody, nando says i am big bahu, rudra says give it, she gives it to her and leaves.

Scene 7
aradhna and yug are searching for nando, she says we should go to tara’s house to see her, they comes there, aradhna says to tars that nando is missing from yesterday night, i dont know where she is, nando says you must have asked something else from God, aradhna sees her as new bride and says you married a man who is already married, rudra comes there and says this is my 1st marriage nando married me, he says give blessing, he touches her feet, he says she is bahu of this house, nando says arent you happy, sorry i didnt tell you please forgive me, she takes her blessing but aradhna stops her, she is about to slap her but nando holds her hand, all are stunned, nando says its not your house that you can slap me, its my house, shekhawat villa, i am big here. the leaves from there, rudra says to tara that if you try to open your mouth then you know what can happen.

PRECAP- tara ask yug can you take me central jail, he agrees. Tara is in electrician getup, she is line to enter in jail, she see all man are being checked up, she is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh my God,nandu is soo disgusting,hw can she stopp so low,n she knows that rudra is kinner even that she marries him,plzz its a request saba mam in this show never give hr happiness,who never cares fr her family(aradhana)her frnd (yug,who loves hr)n her sweet sister(tara)

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