Ek Boond Ishq 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 6th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with, Radha asking Mrityunjay that who is tara, and MJ tells her that tara is his wife, rdha is shocked to hear that and tears starts falling from her eyes. But she wipes her tears and asks MJ that when they got married and MJ Tells that our marriage was very strange and tells her how thy got married in jail and narrates her about how there life was, how he tried to make tara hate him but tara never failed, and even she is trying every possible thing to make me proof innocent and to find you, and toay if you are standing here its because of her. Radha says that till now I thought you were In trouble because of me but I now understood that in all this who suffered the most was tara..now when everything is going to be perfect you should take care of her and MJ said I

know for me she has walked on thorns but now I will make paths of flowers for her.. Jayraj is going somewhere and nirmala asks him that where he is going and he tells her that he is going to take tara and MJ. MJ goes to tara and tells her that she has done alot for her and now he has to say something to her but tara interupts him and says that firstly we have to go out from here, we dont hae money, phone , car..we have lost our way.. MJ says when our destination is infront of us we will find the way.. Tara says that rdha must be hungry she us very weak due to the injury.. Thakur is in cara nd DIG calls himand tells him that he should bring MJ to police tommorow or else MJ’s parole will be cancelled and new charges fir breaking of patoke will alos be applied. Tara tries to get some fruits from the tree but her height is short, she says that her condition is very bad due to hunger so what would be of Mj and radha they are injured also., MJ comes ther and helps her to get the fruits down… He shakes the tree and a fruit falls on tara’s hed and then on MJ and tara laughs.. MJ and tara are sitting and MJ asks tara that what are you thinking she says nothing.. Tara sees that radha is having difficulty is eating and aks to make her eat and till the time she will search for a way out of jungle, MJ aks her to go later toghether but she denies..and she goes.. MJ is lost on thoughts and radha asks him what are you thinking.. MJ says that how much pain has been thier and I didnt even know what exactly happened on that night.. Radha tells him that during that time your tayaji sent you out due to work and that night he kept a party.. I took only 1 drink that night and something was in the drink I wasnt able to walk so I sat in your room to get some rest but aditya came there and he made me sit on your bed.. He touched me but I stpped him and then I was unconcious.. Then your tayaji came in room and when I opened my eyes he slapped me and then he attacked me with an rod on my head..


Mrityunjay stopped radha nd says her that please forgive me as a friend I couldn’t do anything for you, I have died thousand times due to that incident, thinking that I wasnt able to stop the attack on you and from aditya doing your rape.. But radha tells him that my rape never happened, your tayaji tried to kill me.. MJ gets very angry and says that Rudrapratap you will get your punishment for this.. Rudrapratap is sitting on a chair and MJ is there and says that you will get your punishment, and kills him with knife but at the same time Rudrapratap opens his eyes…


Rudrapratap suddenly gets worried and says that MJ is not even sparing him in his drams he should kill MJ in his dreams too.. Nirmala calls Rudrapratap and tells him that Thakur has gone to get tara and MJ and he was very worried. He said that it is imp. To get them back.. Rudrapratap says to himself that jayraj you are coming here and I am going there to win episode, Tara.MJ and radha has died already you will only keep finding them.. Radha says to Mrityunjay that in all this tara has suffered more then has, have you told that how much you love her.., you are shocked how I know this I understand you very well..go and tell her that how much you love her..

MJ goes to tara and says her that I want to tell you something imp.b but tara says firstly we have to reach bhopal then you will be free from this case and you and radha can be together forever, and Mrityunjay says WHAT!!!

Update Credit to: WingsOfHearts

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  1. Wow,really this is d best epi,mj loves tara,n about to confess,but tara why are u so keen to sacrifice ur luv,

  2. Very interesting precap,but it will be telecast on monday,so i m so sad…

  3. Go mj n tell her that u love our tara bacchu so much…Like we do,

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