Ek Boond Ishq 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 5th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Tara slaps nando, yug says what you did, tara says what i said to you nando that you will not tell anything to meethi then why did you tell her, tell me why, she says why are you doint this, they started to be normal with each other and you destroyed everything, she says look say to meethi that nothing is there between you and adi, please tell this small lie, it will make her life better, for me please. otherside meethi is leaving house with luggage, she looks at her and adi’s picture and remembers adi romancing with her. nando here doesnt agree with tara, tara says i knew it that you want to break their relation so that you can make relation with adi, i cant even think that my own sister can stoop so low, i was trying to make them close so my sasural see happiness but

my own sister separated them, she says if you try to snatch their happiness then i will be enemy of you, adi is only meethi’s you cant come between them. she leaves. nando breaksdown.

Scene 2
Jairaj comes to police station and says why you Mj in separated cell, IG says he was fighting with others, IG says i cant shift him in normal jail as upper body will ask me, he have to live isolated.
I cell, Mj is lying, jailer gives him food, Mj sees it and its empty, jailer says its order to not give you anything, live on air now. he leaves. Mj sits and is in pain. someone passes food in his cell from other side, Mj says i am not hungry, he says i am waiting for death from 15 years but it will not come by not eating, /mj says wil eat half half, he says what you did if you didnt help anyone in life(zindagi mein kisi ki madad nai ki toh kia kiya) Mj says my wife also say like this, she helps all.
Tara comes in villa and stops meethi, tara sasy to meethi that you are going with adi’s memories, maeethi says there no relation between us, tara says i slapped nando today, she will understand soon, meethi says clapping is done from both hands, adi is not innocent, tara ask her to stop and i am going to tell something important to all today. she says i want some proof before that you go back in your room, meethi leaves.

Scene 3
In night, tara enters in rudra’s room, she says before her changes his secret room i should capture some snaps, meethi calls everybody in hall and says tara wants to tell something very important that will shake us. Tara captures pictures of room, she presses button and door is locking, she tires to stop, fahim stops door from closing, fahim says what are you doing here, only i am allowed to come in this secret room, tara says it means you know about kalvati, fahim says what you know, tar says that rudra and kala are same, tara says you cleated jairaj, fahim says i am lyal to jairaj but to rudra also, i have promised him to keep hi secret, he says i have to remove these pictures, fahim says what if her is a kinner, tara says i will tell about his wrong doings, fahim says i dont want to force you give phine to me, fahim tries to snatch phone from him, tara takes the knife and gives it to fahim she says if you want to stop me then you have to kill me, he tries to attack her but cant, tara says if you would have tell the truth then i had more respect for you but i have to do this now.

Scene 4
Mj ask the person’s name who is in other side of jail, he says what will you do by knowing my name, it doesnt matter aashiq miyya(lover boy), Mj says like you called me aashiq miyya i wil call you guru ji(instructor) Mj says you talk deep, make me eat, we both are innocent, nimmo says where is tara, tara comes in hall and says i want to tell truth of one person of this house, all are tensed, rudra comes there, tara looks at him angrily, jairaij says tara want to tell secret of one person. In jail, guru says you are right, Mj ask how you jailed he says my own cheated me. Tara says one person is cheating everybody he is using and destroying lives of all, truth is that, rudra says trauth is that i have someone with me, i would have tell you all before, i didnt know i will do it but now i will tell you all. There aradhna is worried for nando that she is missing, yug says maybe she is feeling guilty thats why she didnt came home, she says nando did wrong and you are taking her side, yug says i want to help her out to come on right path.
Rudra ask someone to come, some bride in veil comes, rudra says tara wanted to tell this truth, i married to her, all her shocked to see her, rudra says o know you had seen us in mandir but how you can tell when i had to tell this, jairaj says you took oath of being sanyasi, adi says marriage in this age, rudra says i agree but this was in my fate, i am elder of this house, i took this decision after thinking, Mj says to guru that my own taya cheated me. nimmo says to meethi to bring aarti’s thaal so we can welcome her. she does the aarti of them, rudra and bride comes in home.
Aradhna says you love her so much, yug says i will always be with her, he says we can bring her to right path.
nimmo ask her to take out her veil, she removes her and its non other than nando being bride, all are shocked, rudra says to jairaj that you forgot your manners, touch her feet, ji says how you can do that she is of your daughter’s age, she is siter of this house’s bahu, rudra says i didnt force her, tara says lie she is innocent you trapped her, rudra says to talk with respect she is my wife, this house’s queen, nando smiles, he ask jairaj to touche her feet as she is elder to you in relation, nimmo stands beside jairaj, they touches her feet, tara cries, nando says meethi and adi will you not take my blessing, rudra ask them to come, adi fumes. they touches her, nando puts hand on adi’s head and says be happy always and get a good wife, meethi is hurt, nando hugs meethi and says not be married always. Tara is hurt alot. rudra ask tara to come and take blessing of tayi.

PRECAP- rudra blesses tara and says we have two relations now, you are my bahu and saali, now it will be fun to tease you, tara says i dont make doublwe realtions, i have only one relation with you that of hatred and i will fulfill it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ew! That’s disgusting! Why would a girl marry some man who is way older than her. The director of this serial is making it boring with weird characters such as nandini, rudra/kalavati, Fahim and his she male people . The only normal ones are everyone else

  2. In it !

  3. ekh boond ishq seraial is very good serial, tara mruthyunjay, kalavathi acting is very good

  4. its good serial

  5. good character tara mruthyunjay and kalavathi

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