Ek Boond Ishq 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 5th February 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Tara, Radha and MJ being tied up in a locked chamber where poisonous gas is leaked. It suffocates them and Tara manages to drag herself to where MJ is lying. On the other hand Kala is doing some sort of pooja (Well looked like black magic to me ). Tara realises its poisonous gas and tells it to MJ and also says they won’t be able to stay alive for long and asks him to make an attempt to free her with his tied hands. They sit upright and try to help free the other but they are struggling. MJ faints and Tara shouts. Tara is struggling on her own and later faints. A while later Radha too collapses. Kala’s rituals are complete too. Here Kala’s henchmen think they are dead since he can’t hear them coughing and the poisonous gas did its tricks. The other one

calls Kala and tells her, her work is done and all three enemies have gone to yamlok. Kala tells him to get rid of their bodies but respectfully and after finishing their job asks them to get empty sacks and she will fill them with rewards and they are all excited . Kala talks to God’s idol and says she will spend her life peacefully and destroy Jayraj and his family. His two well wishers Tara and MJ are anyways dead and Jayraj’s reign will come to end heralding Kala’s reign . The moment she had been waiting so desperately for has finally arrived.

In Shekhavat vills, DIG has come to meet Jayraj and Jayraj looks nervous and asks him why he has come. DIG replies in a grave voice that the matter was serious and he had to come. Jayraj asks him to sit down and DIG tells him that he said MJ will be out for just a day but its been two days now. He tells him that he cannot cover for MJ any more than he has as the pressure is now falling on him. He says MJ has to present himself in police headquarters and he has already helped in whichever way he could and if he does more, he will get into trouble. Jayraj tries calling MJ but the no. is not reachable. Jayraj tells him that he is trying but not getting the line. He assures him he will send MJ asap.

Yug is fuming over his dad’s murderer saying he will not spare him and ensure he is punished for his deeds. Aradhana asks him to control his temper lest he do something wrong. And tells him since he thinks of her as his mother then she doesn’t want to be the mother of a criminal. She asks him to have faith in God and that God will only punish them.

MriAra have escaped and MJ is carrying Radha. Tara is tired but MJ asks her to run. They put Radha down and MJ tells Tara that had she not come up with that plan they would have died and thanks her to which Tara nods. Flashback is shown where Tara notices a bottle on a box in the chamber while they are being suffocated. She crawls upto that and knocks it down causing it to break. With the broken shard she manages to free herself and then Radha and MJ (Go Tara Go ). She notices a window behind a stack of boxes and she breaks the glass. She covers Radha and MJ’s mouth with the dupattas since they are suffocating. When the goons go in to check on them, MriAra together knock them out and they escape

Aradhana is tensed since she hasn’t heard from Tara and tells Nandu to check in on her. Nandu isn’t interested but when her mom insists, she agrees reluctantly.

Radha finally comes back into a conscious state and MJ is happy. And they talk to each other in a very friendly manner teasing and pulling each other’s legs. Tara is watching this from a distance and feels bad thinking that she came in between them (Radha is irking me so much right now ) Tara takes a step and is about to stumble and MJ notices this and comes running to her.

In Shekhavat villa, Mithi is feeling happy thinking Adi has changed so much towards her (Does anybody smell a rat here ) Adi comes in asking her for breakfast and when Mithi tells him she will knock something for him quickly he tells no need and he will eat a sandwich

Nandu comes to meet Tara and asks Jayraj and he tells her that MriAra have gone to their ancestral village. Nandu says ok, then she will talk to Mithi and go. He tells her Mithi is in kitchen and she can go there. In the kitchen Adi is helping Mithi cut tomatoes while Mithi is surprised. She asks him when did he learn all this and he says he is cooking from childhood and he pretends to cut his finger. Mithi is concerned and tries to suck his blood and Nandu sees this and she is shocked to see their bonding. She curses Tara thinking she is the only one to create obstacles for her. Mithi sees her and calls her in. Adi walks out seeing Nandu. She asks Mithi when will Tara come and if she had called her? Mithi says she is worried now since she didn’t get a call and Nandu looks happy

MJ asks Tara if she is all right and Tara says she is fine and he should be more concerned for Radha and goes away . Radha tries to get up but falls back crying in pain and MJ runs back to her. He asks her why she tried to get up and she says she got up to thank Tara and that she is very good. She helped them so much without bothering about her life and asks him who she is. MJ replies that its Tara, his wife . Radha feels bad on hearing this and takes her hand off him.

Precap – Radha asks MJ when did they get married and if it was love or arranged? MJ says their wedding was unusual and no one can even think that anyone could get married like that and he says they got married in jail and Radha is shocked.

Update Credit to: mandy

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  1. Finally,radha came to know that tara is mj’s wife,now plz radha go away from mj

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    Finally rhada knws the truth

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