Ek Boond Ishq 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 4th October 2013 Written Update

Epiosde starts with…MJ recollecting all the happened in his life…He recolelcts what Tara says…She calls him JAANWAR,,,Mj again sees radha..he is angry and throws all vessels in his lab..

Then thy shw kalavathy who is admiring something..She says even if there are 1000 veiks she will get hold of tara..she says she will catch hold of kavathy..she says time toi meet has come..she says time is also with her..She sees tara photo and sings and song and time us near..Tara is sleeping and she sees kal in dream.she is very afraid..she gets up frm sleep..she says previuposly she used to hug her mom but nowe there us no one..

She hears footsteps of someone..she thnks some thng fishy..she says who is there at this time in night…she goes to see who it is..she says whe will catch

hold of thief…she has a rug in hand and shouts chor chor..all come and assemble..its her mil..she says what the hell..tara says sasuma aap..she says she did a big mistake..mil slaps tara..mil says she is brainless…jayaraj apoligises she says no probs..she says she gt slap frm mom…tara is geting ready and find some moti that has fallen down…

she searches for moti as she is afraid of her mil…she goes in search of moti near a room…she opens the room its dark…its mj room…she says why red lkights in room…she says btr to leave..she sees soemthing and stops..tara sees the eyes of some girl..and fels something is fishy..she switches on the light..she cant see the negative al become black..jayaraj comes s and asks taras why is she there in mj room…jayaraj says he cant get her lost thng here..jayaraj asks why are u afraid..he fees gd she is trying to undd mj..he feels mopre the understanding gd for thm..tara feels whn mj fills darkness ina evryones life hw can light come in his life..jayaraj leaves…frm mj room..tara closes the door..but she is thnkinh somthing…

Then thy show nandini who is going by auto…she sees aditya in car…she asks auto driver to follow the car of adi..she asks the auto fellow to rush..She stops the auto..she foolows adi..she asks watxhman where did adi go..watchman says he doesnt knw…she lloses rrack of adi..she says no probs..she says she will catch hold of adi surely..Thy are promoting BACHERLOTTE INDIA.lol..she says malika kismat is good..she says mallika is lukcy so many men arnd her..


Nandini says tara is younger and she gt married in rivh family..she says frem young age she dreams of nmarrying ricvh but never cld marry..she prays to god to liosten to her..jayarj wife is all angry thgat rudra bhaisaab is nt there for his birthday..She says as tara became bahi rudra bhai saab didnt come..she says tara is the root cause..tara comes to meet jayaraj..tara says the main boss of the house is angry and doesnt come home..jayaraj says nothing likr tht..he says rudra bhaiosaab is busy…


After break tara says she can see Rudra bhaisaab na..she says thy can give surprise to rudra bhaisaab..she says abt keep khali daabas safe..mil tanuts saying its not her tela..jayaraj says thy shld go and meet rudra bhai saab with his wife..she says i cant come..she says rudra bhais aab will feel bad after seeing tara..she says its one of the shocking birthdays for rudra bhaisaab..she says tara will add fuel to fire..tara feels bad..

Precap—Kalavathy follows tara..ME on monday..

Update Credit to: Meera

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