Ek Boond Ishq 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 4th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Tara runs out and comes to her room, she remembers kalavati and tayaji and says they are same, she says i have tell this to MJ.
In jail, Mj is eating dinner and remembers tara eating him kichdi with her hands, one man irritates Mj to give him space on bench, MJ sits on other bench, other man also irritates him, Mj holds his anger.

Scene 2
Meethi sees rose on bed, she throws it, adi says forget old things, meethi says i cant be relationship which is based on lie, she is about to leave room but adi says i will go, he leaves.
Nando calls someone and says wasnt able to receive you call earlier, she says i will get what i want? she says okay let me think then i will tell you. In morning, yug is caressing radha’s picture, nando comes and says you doesnt look

god being sad, he says you are best friend and i am happy that you are with me in this time, i wouldnt be able bear all this, i am feeling alone, nando stops him and says i am with you, aradhna sees them and thinks that tara must be alone, she must be feeling lonely like yug.

SCene 3
Tara comes to meet Mj in police station, in jail, all goons tries to beat Mj but he beats them too, they grabs him and beats Mj alot, inspector comes there and says he will be in special cell from now on as he beating people around, tata says let him meet me once, he says you cant meet him now, she calls out to Mj, Mj calls her name but they take him away. tara is coming out devastated, rudra comes there, she sees him and comes face to face with him, Inside they drags mj away, rudra says to tara so sorry you didnt meet you husband, he was beaten up badly by my people, tara is stunned and says why are you doing this with him, rudra says because i dont like his face, tara says you are kameena, she says i know you true identity, rudra talks in kala’s tune, tara says i will tell about you to everyone, he says see Mj, you tried to tell him and what happened to him, tara says i am afraid of you, i will tell baba how you sent Mj to jail, he says i like you kidn of enemies which have spark to fight, he says go and do what she ca, tara says i will fight with you at any cost, she challenges him.
Inside jail, Mj is badly injured and says i want to meet wife, they locks him in dark cell, Mj calls for someone to take him out, he imagines someone saying to him that nothing will happen by calling out, nobody will listen, soon you will get habituated to this darkness, accept this pain as you are innocent, Mj says how do you know that i am innocent? he says this dark cell is made for innocents only to make them culprits, he says now your life is between these walls, Mj thinks that my life is not here my life is outside, My tara is my life, he calls her name. In villa tara feels Mj is calling her, she picks Mj’s photo which is about to fall, she says we took 21 pheras, i will not become weak. i will fight for you, i can tell jiaraj about kala and rudra being one, Jairaj goes out of home. tara miss to meet him, she calls jairaj and says i want to tell you that kalavati and tayaji are one and he did it, jairaj is stunned.

Scene 4
Nirmala comes to orphanage and says i want to know some kid who was put here 27 years back, officers says its difficult to tell about old data, nimmo request her, otherside jairaj is not able to listen to tara because of weak signal, nimmo comes to office of orphanage, she sees file of 27 years old registration but one page is missing from it, she remembers rudra saying that he can do anything.

Scene 5
kala is dancing, suriya praises her, kala says i am only one piece, suriya says tara gets to know about your identity still you are cool, kalal says because i know how to handle her, she says my next move will push her to not open this secret, in villa tara says i have to find proof that kala and rudra are same.
Meethi says to adi that i cant forget what you did, adi says i am changed, meethi says if did same then would you have accepted me? adi says i dont care about your past, nando is my past, i only care for you, meethi says you havent forgotten nando, when she came here you holded her hand, adi says to enough this doubt game, this is spoiling our lives. meethi says its spoiled, tara comes there and ask what happened, adi says ask your sister what happened.

Scene 6
Nand is calling someone and says i cant do this, i cant this is difficult for me, tara, maa what will they think, i cant do that, she cancels the phone, yug comes there and calls nando, he makes her sit and says i want to tell you something, he holds her hand and says i want to marry you, she takes her hand away and says dont joke, yug says i love you alot dont know from when, after radha left me i realized how much important it was to tell you, he says i dont want to loose you, tara comes there, yug says i proposed nando, tara says what nando said? he says she is thinking, tara says to nando what you thought? tara slaps her hard. nando is shocked

PRECAP- all shikhwats are in hall, jairaj says to rudra that tara want to tell some secret, rudra says i want to show someone, he calls someone inside who is in bridal dress.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg! Precap is funny,nandu is in bridal dress she is rudra’s wife,wat will happen with yug

    1. What do u mean ‘ nandu is the wife of rudra??!!

  2. Yes naina,this is a big twist in this show

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