Ek Boond Ishq 4th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
mj is thinking about tara, he thinks what has happened to me, why I think about her, why I feel like I have relation with her, who is she, he imagines tara in his room and ask who are you? tara smiles, mj approaches her and ask why are you silent, tara says why are you asking me, you heart knows who I am, ask your breath, ask your heart, ask your blood, they will tell you about me and if you listen to them you will get to know who I am, mj is about to touch her but imagination fades away, mj gets tensed and hurts his hand.
tara tells om that you are not doing right, what you think my mj will not find me, he will find me and will do that with you that you will remember your whole life, tara feels dizzy and becomes unconscious, om lifts her and takes her from school, om’s pa

comes and gives money to principal for lying.
pari comes to balli/mj and says you hurt your hand again, she brings 1st aid and dos aid to his hand, Pari says i know everything. That photo was in your mind. She says wait let me bring it. She brings the photo of tara. Pari says i’ve got it after hard work. To me she’s like a mice. At least thank me. He makes her sit in lap and says thank you.nandu is running and so many people are after her. She gets hit by omkar’s car. Driver comes out any says can’t you see. Nandu says you hit me and blaming me. Omkar comes out and says with happened. Nandu says say off or come to police station. Omkar says i’m giving you the payment. Tara wakes up and feels like she has listened it before. Omkar gives her the money the people who were after her are coming as well. She goes sits in car’s back. No one has seen her hiding there.

Scene 2
pari asks bali how is your bruise now. He’s better now. She says you’re the best bali. He says tell me what to do. She says make me the sweets. He says i’ve never made it. She says you’ve to make it. He says okay i’ll try but you’ve to eat whatever its like. He goes. Tara and omkar’s car stop. A quarrel is on going. Nandu comes out of the back and sees everywhere. She says where am i. Which place is this? She looks at a board and says dehli. Why did i sit in the car. I’m in dehli now.

Scene 3
mannat is talking to the picture of om and sia, she says there is no place of tara in this house, she has left from here and will never come, she sees reflection of om and tara in frame and turns to see that tara and om are standing there, mannat is stunned, she changes her tone. mannat says you know how much I love you Bhai, actually I get little mad in happiness that you came back, om says I don’t like this madness when sia is concerned, mannat ask what happened in Bhopal, om says there was nothing in Bhopal, no tara, mj, there was nothing, sia you should forget mj who doesn’t exist, tara says enough. tara says what you think mj doesn’t exist, I will tell you where is my mj. tara takes knife and writes M with blood by knife on her wrist and says my mj is in my breath, nobody can separate me from him, his name is in my heart, you cane see it but how can you ignore his name on my hand, om takes knife from her and says you cant do this sia, she says this name maybe not full but this is enough to clear your doubt, she leaves, mannat says om she came after losing from Bhopal so relax, she gives him drink and ask how did you manage, I thought after tara goes to Bhopal then its impossible to handle her, om says there is now word impossible in my dictionary, I needed time to do what I wanted in Bhopal so I drove by road not by plane, he leaves, mannat thinks how to throw tara out when my brother brings her back everytime, she gets call and says what? I am coming don’t panic.

Scene 4
mj is cutting wood, otherside tara is crying and says mj please come, nobody is believing me so how can anybody help me, I tried a lot to tell everyone that I am tara, my mj’s tara but nobody is believing, she recalls how nobody recognized her in Bhopal, tara says I need you mj, servant comes and says om has sent medicines for you. tara says to servant(rani) that what your boss(om) thinks of himself, my mj is alive and he is in me, he will come and take me, she shouts mj, otherside mj feels like someone called his name. tara feels dizzy.

PRECAP- laado tells mj that we are getting second chance for doing same thing, mj ask what you mean, she says we got contract to kill that lady(tara) of omkar’s house which you couldn’t kill earlier. mj is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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