Ek Boond Ishq 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 4th February 2014 Written Update

Nimmy asks JaiRaj about MJ and Taara. She suspects if he is trying to hide somthing. FC comes and informs JaiRaj that party people have come and are asking for RP and whether he knows where he is. Jayraj says he don’t have any idea. He makes a call to RP.

MJ Taara and Radha are with Kalavati. Jayraj calls Kalavati, and informs him about the party people. Kalavatii says to handle them as he is busy now. Jayraj also informs him about MJ’s new Lawyer. Kalavatii says to hire someone who is dependable and cuts the call and thinks that here she is the only judge and only court. She decides to punish all of them.

Yug is crying for his father and AD is consoling him.

Kalavati is torturing MJ and is asking him what he knows about Kalavati and where is RP’s Father and

what does he knows about RP’s secret. MJ says he will answer only if gets some answer. Kalavatii asks whether he is in hot seat or it is she. MJ asks who is kalavati, what is relation between RP and Kalavatii. He says that RP will surely betray with her. Kalavati gets angry, beats him and says that RP will never betray her. He asks the goons to bring the beautiful Pariis.

Goons bring Taara and Radha. Kalavatii says she is going for Pooja and orders them to take care of the captives.

Nandu is consoling Yug. She asks him about his past. Yug tells about his bad habits and how he recovers with help of Radha and how he lost his sister forever. Nandu is shocked hearing that, the girl shot in the Rally was Yug’s sister.
Yug gets call form Jayraj. He asks Yug to meet him.

Taara unties MJ. Mj comes to Radha, she is bleeding. Taara tears her dupatta and MJ bandages Radha’s hand. Taara asks MJ they should find a way to escape.

Jayraj and Yug meet and Jairaj tells him about Radha being alive and she is safe. Yug becomes happy and asks him where she is. Jayray replies she is with MJ. Yug gets angry and says if she is with MJ then how she can be safe since he tried to kill her once. Jayraj asks him if Mj is the culprit then why would Radha save him in the Rally, she did so coz she knows MJ is innocent.

Kalavatii is doing her pooja.

MJ finds a door and opens it. But goons were there, they hit MJ on his head. Mj falls. Taara and Radha shocked.

Goons tied Taara and Radha. And beat Mj. Both are watching this helplessly. Goons leave and lock them inside. Taara notices the room is getting filled with gas.

Precap. They can’t inhale. Taara tells MJ that they need to get out and they can’t stay in this poisonous gases for long.

Update Credit to: PrincessN

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