Ek Boond Ishq 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 3rd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with tara and mrityunjay in car. Tara is saying to mrityunjat that how cruel you are you left me in the middle of the road.
Kalawati is shown playing game on her mobile. Then she is seeing some photographs
Nirmala is shown talking to thakur and says that dont interfere in my life and says rudra bhai sab called and told them that the news of mrityunjays hitting the reporter should not be revealed. It will cost the families reputation. Aditya comes and ask for 5 lacks. Nirmala says take them from my account.
Mrityunjay stops the car and checks the bonut. He is trying to find some fault. Tara says that thank you for saving me infront of maa by coming on time. Tara is giving some toll to him but by mistake he holda her hands. Mrityunjay

finds up the tools and sits in the car.
Thakur gives ladoo to vakil and says that i think mrityunjay will be improved soon. Vakil says that we have a hearing soon in high court. And we should hope for the best. He says that in these cases chances are less to get saved and thakur says i willl change them into 109% Mrityunjay and tara enters. Tara touches thakurs feets and he sats that your mother must be happy. She said yes she was and she felt very giod meeting mrityunjay too. Tara goes to make tea for them
Kalavati’s frnds are showed dancing and kalavati enters. Kalavati says now stop and the sits. Kalavati gives ladoo to them. ~ Tara’s mother is showing cutting vegetables and says i havnt given you attention Since tara left. Tell me what hapoened and nandu says to why you care you only care for tara.

~break 1~

Fahim is infront of the door of locked room and tara comes. He gets shocked and hide the keys. Tara asks why are you sweating in AC. He said that its nothing and tara gives him tea. Tara says that i saw the keys of this room with you. When is tayaji coming i am excited to meet him as everybody talks of him.

~Break 2~

Mrityumjay is shiwn in the red room and tara in her room. Mrityunjay revalls wen thakur asked him how he felt after meeting tara ki family and he said this narriage is a compromise for me. Tara thinks till when she will hide from aradhna and Mryunjay recalls that when thakur says try to give this relation a chance.Tara thinks that only for thakurs respect she is in this relation.

Tara shouts chor chor and wen everybidy sees the chor is nobe other then nirmala. Tara did a mistake and nirmala slapped her.

Update Credit to: Hrideyy

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