Ek Boond Ishq 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Dadu says to jairaj that i will explain to rudra to not do this, he stops rudra, he is stunned and goes to him, dadu says why you do this with jairu, dadu says you took his plane today also, he holds his ears and says to give back to him, rudra fumes and says i will bring it, he leaves.
In night, nimmo comes to jairaj and ask him why is he tensed, she says you have done everything to take MJ ut of jail now what you can do, daija informs nimmo that you got courier, nimmo says i will come, she ask jairaj to take rest, she leaves.

Scene 2
Yug is with Mj, Mj says i was just checking papers before going, yug says i will catch that culprit rudra because of whom you are going in jail, he is roaming freely, the real culprit. Nimmo gets the courier and it has pictures

of rudra with his men dragging radha away, nimmo says this means radha is alive and rudra was lying to us and he is sending Mj jail but still things have not worsen.
Otherside yug says i will kill him, Mj says what you want to do? MJ asks yug to keep his emotions under control as his only hope is him.
Nimmo comes to rudra and confronts him, She asks what all he hide and tells she won’t help him. Rudra pushes her and say that u were going to become mother of your lovers kid but I got u Married. If u try to reveal my truth. Then I will send adi to heaven like I did it with your first son. Rudra asks her whether she is shocked and don’t try to be queen when ur servant, nimmo cries.

Scene 3
Tara is making jalabis for Mj and says to meethi that he will not get it there, she cries. Police comes to arrest MJ, Tara pleads with rudra to do something. MJ comes and takes her to bedroom, He reveals how rudra is responsible for everything and he till Blame for adi, She asks why he didn’t inform her before. He says he was scare she would do something stupid. He tells yug and dadu also knows about rudra and ask her to save his family from rudra and ask to promise him she will be wall infront of rudra, Mj and tara hugs and cries. MriAra comes downstairs holding hands. They handcuff MJ. All are sad, adi and nimmy also. He glares rudra while going, They take him in jeep. Tara is looking from far and crying. They reach jail with police car infront and Tara and jairaj car behind. Tara’s tears fall on her hand. MJ gets flashbacks(FB) of his first visit. Fb shown of MJ intro. MJ is near the door. Tara comes and hold his hand, They take MJ inside. Tara tries to enter but they stop her. MriAra leaves the hand. (do pal ka song in bg) with MriAra having fb of their moments. MJ is inside his cell.

Scene 4
Jairaj and Tara reach villa. Tara is about to enter but retreats her step thinking when she was near him she didn’t love him and now she is in love with him he is not there.0
Rudra goes to jail to meet some prisoners and instructs them on something.

Scene 5
Fahim informs Tara that dadu is asking for MJ. She goes to dadu he thinks she us MJ and says don’t go near rp. She asks why MJ shouldn’t go near rudra but dadu looses control. She comes out of room and sees rp. She glares at rudra and leaves. He thinks how Tara comes everywhere at the wrong place at the wrong time. He says his usual dialogue of nahi aana chahiye tha.
Tara is feeding dadu. He asks for bhagvat Geeta. Dai ja says its in rudra room but no one can enter there. Tara asks for Fahim but he is nowhere to be found so she decides to go to take bhagwat Geeta
Rudra has removed his mustache and singing masakali. He thinks of doing something before Tara does something Tara enters the room knocking while rudra is playing with a wig rudra is alert in secret room. She takes the Geeta while taking she presses a bottom which reveals the secret room of rudra. She is shocked to see the pink of rudra. Tara is thinking why is this room attached with rudra room and starts exploring the room. Rudra is hiding and watching all this. she sees the wig and the accessories of kala, she is all scared and thinks of getting out before rudra comes. He closes the door rudra sighs breath of relief on seeing Tara go. while coming out The light goes off. Tara sees a pic of rudra and his eyes and remembers incidents with kala, she connects the dots that rudra and kala.

PRECAP- tara directly confronts rudra. she tells him she knows his secret he asks what she will do. She says she will tell everyone. Rudra shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice epi,precap is interesting,mj is in jail this was heartbroken

  2. so u are preparing a great fall rudru good good!

  3. good episode 3rd march,i like this serial and also like my family and friends, thanks life ok

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