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Scene 1
tara say how can be park here, guard sasy no madam, minister opened this park only, tara says you are lying, tara cries and touches the mud of her house, she recalls all her happy moments with family and mj, she cries badly, om says look you are not tara but sia, tara says I am tara, you think I am making stories, I have lost my family, my husband and you think I am lying, om says I am not saying that but I gave you chance to prove yourself but you couldn’t so we should go back home.

Scene 2
fahim is buying grocery, some eunuchs traps him, laado comes there and says where were you fahim, I got to know that you come here to but milk so I came here, look your habit of drinking milk will be the reason for your death, fahim says why you want to kill me that to by hands of

mj, laado says he is not mj but balli now, he is my loin and biggest goon of this area, he forgot everything and only you can make him remember past so I will kill you today, fahim throws spice powder in laado’s ears and runs from there.
tara says to om that I am not lying, tara sees dai ja(servant of shikhawat villa) and goes to her, she says you remember me I am tara, dai ja says sorry I didn’t recognize you, who are you, tara says what are you saying, I am tara, mj’s wife, dai ja says about whom shikhawat you are talking, tara says you used to work for them, dai ja says there is no house here, what are you saying, let me go. om takes tara from there, dai ja looks at her. om looks at his hand holding tara’s hand. tara jerks his hand away.
fahim is running when mj comes infront of them, fahim sasy this kala has killed your whole family, kill her, mj beats fahim, mj throws fahim in feet of laado and says here is your enemy, laado says you are my loin, go, I will see him, fahim says she killed all, she will kill me too, please save me mj, mj leaves. laado says I will give
om says I cant talk now, I will talk later. he ends the call, mannat says my brother seemed worried, tara will stay in Bhopal only.
tara says to om that kala has done this all, she must have prisoned mj and pari.. om ask who is kalavati, tara says the one who destroyed me, my mj is in problem, I have to help him, om says when there is no house here then how will you find people, lets go to dehli, I will take you to doctor, lets go sia, tara says no I will not come with you, I will prove that I am tara not sia, om says that I brought you here on your insistence but what you will do here, come with me, tara says that lets to go to my school, they will prove that I am tara not sia, please take me, om sasy ok, they leaves to school.
someone is pointing gun at daiji(servant of shikhawat villa), she says please leave my son and Daughter in law, I did what you said, I will not say anything to anyone, the man who is threatening her is pa of om, pa says remember you will not meet anyone(tara) else I will kill your family members, she agrees, he leaves.

some guy comes in his room, he is newly married and its his marriage night, he comes to his bride, they talks lovey dovey, his bride praises him, he ask her to show your face, she says no 1st drink the milk then I will show my face, the girl name is billo rani, guy drinks the milk and comes to bride to romance but becomes unconscious, bride takes off her veil and its none other than nandu, she laughs and says lets do my work now, she takes his money and mobile, and does the robbery on house, she runs from there.
tara comes to her school but principal doesn’t recognize her, tara says you were principal here how cant you recognize me, she says I want to check the register of 2003, om ask why, she says there must be my name in that batch, principal gives her register, tara says there is no name of any of my class fellow, tara says there were 4 sections but in register there is only three sections, principal says no there were only 3 sections, tara thinks whats happening here, nobody is recognizing me, om smirks, tara sees him and says so you did this all, you bought all these people, om says enough I brought you here, I wasted my time and you are putting allegations on me, tara says om you are not doing right, what you think that my mj will not find me, he will find me and will do that with you that you will remember your whole life.

PRECAP- mannat is talking to the picture of om and sia, she says there is no place of tara in this house, she has left from here and will never come, she sees reflection of om and tara in frame and turns to see that tara and om are standing there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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