Ek Boond Ishq 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 3rd January 2014 Written Update

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The epi begins with fake baba saying his plan to his minions if killing ts.

One of the goons enters sm and places a gun in Tara’s bag. MJ is shown walking towards the room. His phone rings and the goon is alerted. MJ enters the room to find a tshirt and the bag on floor. He is about to pow it but doesn’t. The goon sees this frm the window and escapes. MJ busy in phone. (I thought MriAra room is in first floor. I think this is to trap MJ.

Meethi goes to her room with Tara outside waiting. Adi is going out and ask meethi whether she won’t ask where he is going. She says to have fun. Adi asks whether she is alright. She says he is having fun what is it to do with her state. Adi surprised by the sudden change in meethi and goes our. Tara

and meethi happy their plan is working.

They are informed rp is bak. Rp ts and nimmy in hall discussing election
Tara thinkgf what is gong on in MJ’s life.

MJ having a call with the person with whom he gave the rp file. He says he has no tym since he has decided to go bak to jail. The man is shocked and asks y. MJ says he has to away frm his family. Tara hears this and feels sad. She asks why an innocent person wants to go bak to jail MJ asks how she knows he is innocent. She shows him the flight ticket. She says she know he doesn’t consider her his wife and only the girl who married him for money. MJ is sad hearing this. She says she will prove her husband innocent and no one will stop her.

Adi comes bak frm out. Nimmy asks him to get ready for rally. Ts also comes and speaks lovingly to him. Adi wonders about the change in ts and his he is considerribg him like MJ. Methi and Tara also come meethi tells she will do Tara’s make up in her mom since adi is hea. Adi wondering about the change in
Meethi(looks like adi redemption track)

Pandit doing puja of rp.everyone in hall. MJ standing on the stairs. Rp says today will be an unforgetful day for all. Ts says if their dad was alive he wud have been happy. MJ noticing ygr change in rp. Tara calls rp and asks whether MJ can also come with them.

Rp says just because he allowed her to come doesn’t mean MJ can also come with them. He leaves angrily. All leave with nimmy giving angry looks to Tara and meethi vasu and Fc giving sad looks to Tara. MriAra alone in hall. Tara says goodbye to MJ. MJ holds her hand and tells her to take care of everyone and Tara asks MJ to take care of himself. Tara leaves. MriAra feeling that why they feel something bad is gonna happen. (MriAra thoughts also same). They smile at each other as Tara leave. Epi ends in MJ standing in hall.

No precap

Update Credit to: Dilsha

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