Ek Boond Ishq 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Mj, Tara n Radha blissfully move ahead on the path the stranger directs them to… seeing a dead end,MJ moves his car back..in the process another car straight away blocks their car… our hero all charged up gets out inviting trouble (as if going after and taking one wid was not enough for Tara’s hero patidev) he rants the car driver.. as he moves ahead a few goons come out of nowhere and put a net on him. He tries to take it off him but couldn’t..Tara n Radha are shocked to see this and try to help him..but get caught by the goons..Kallo comes out of the care and sits on a chair in da middle of the road!

Kallo signals a goon to bring Radha to her…where as MJ is beaten up by them… Kallo says that Radha has made her happy..she on purpose has freed her as that she could

reach MriAra and she could trap them..so its one arrow and 2 preys.. aahan one arrow and three targets!
Then she asks the goons to start beating up MJ …Radha could only see MJ get bashed up and Tara – she was SO NOT gonna bear this…Kallo enjoys the show.. Taara then kicks the goon and starts to beat the other goons by a stick she finds near by… Oh TARA BACHU she so kicks some butts here and makes MJ stand…Kallo send a few more goons to stop the bavli madumakkhi Tara Mj does some dishum dishum…then they even manage to get Radha safe a their side.. MJ and Tara beat up the goons… Kallo asks the goons to attack MJ and not get kicked by them…Mj saves his wife again gets beaten… they dhulofy MJ…seeing this Tara runs towards him and lies on him protecting him from their beatings..they try to move her but the wife never moves… she saves him by covering herself over him.. mJ is touched to see this..where as Radha smells LOVE- Tara has done so much for Meer and protects him, not even thinking of her own life- she must be in LOVE wid her Meer… Kallo seeing this utters ‘Bada yarana lagta hai’ (Kallo echoing our words gosh gabbar has gone into Kallo or is it us IFins popularity)She sings.. ek prem kahani main ek ladka hota hai ek ladki hoti hai.. but then corrects..here there are two gals n one guy.. gal no#1 lied the guy and the guy liked gal #2 (does this mean that the number of times MJ convinces the audience that Tara is his moti.. all his GHARWALEY defines that and link him wid Radha?they better come to one consensus..confused ,messed up family! ) she adds “Status COMPLICATED” back here even MJ tries to save his wify…he covers her head with his arms… and then even Kallo asks the viewers this quest dono ladkiyoney Mj ko chaha ek Radha ek Taara… whats the difference? (tara is Mj’s wife period)

@ I felt this was the only scene sensible in da whole epy
Yug comes back to is place.. Ar and Nandu prepare for lunch… Nandu is shocked to see Yug without his walking stick.. they inquire abt the same.. however AR seemed very postive towards Yug’s FALSE (funny na… beti n damadka sach bura laga aur kisi ajabi ka jhoot bhi genuine lagatsk tsk tsl!)
He utters that his dad is dead..AR gives him a shoulder to cry…(as we predicted it to be)

BAck here our hero is all charged up (biwi/Josphe key protein shake ka asar) he pushes all the goons away at one go and again starts dishum dishum

Then Kallo comes into pick wid a gun…MJ observes this and tries to protect both his gals…but his wify is smarty..he should have known it by now.. she picks up some mud from the ground and throws it on Kallo… blurring their vision.. MriARa and Radha run from there for their lives…
They run ..run n run away… Radha feels exhausted and so does Taara…MJ supports Radha and tries to help her walk..tara observes this and feels envious..but then reasons it all out as MJ helping an injured friend of his..stop acting like a typical woman n possessive wife.. she disciplines herself (again here.. lagta hain merey write up scene main dekh rai hoon..how Tara feels MJ has stored all the rudeness for her..and is all sweet for Radha gal!)… they stop for a while and then MJ takes both his gals off the road..
The goons back here search for them.

They take the forest path…MJ holds his wife’s hand and marches forth along wid the trouble…MJ Mr..asks them to sit there on a stone till he gets some water for them..he does that creasing his wife’s arm..forgot to mention..our hero’s lip bleed.
The goons wait for Kallo..who threatens them if the fail to get those three back, she’d make their lives hell…

Back at Shikhwath mansion…Jayraj n Nirmala have a sweet moment..where Niramla is worried abt Jayraj’s absence.. Jayraj feels glad wid Nimmo’s complain as she has so much of affection for him in it…Jayraj says he is worried abt MriAra.

Mj finds a kinda jheel there and has a drink of water..he search the place and finds a coconut shell.. after cleaning it up he fetches some water for TAraRAdha..He first gives it to an injured Radha..makes her drink it wid his own hand-wa..wify is kind of taken aback…seeing his overly caring avtar for friendy gal!
Then MJ passes the water to Tara…before she could drink it..Radha observes a goons directing a gun towards them… then MJ kicks the gun off his hand and they start to run..yet again!
Then the goon fires a bullet… MriARa n Radha run from there…rolf part was when Mj asks them to run without turning back (lolz as if the goon wouldn’t fire again if they dnt turn backkuch bhee MJ!) then they run n run..but Tara bacu never budges so she picks up a few stones and direct them to the goons injuring them
*common sense I say!*
MJ had to literally pick his gunda biwi up and run from there
As they run they discover the road and an auto passing by..Mj stops the auto..Tara keeps up but Radha lags..she falls on the road and her hand gets injured due to some sharp object… Mj goes to her..no sooner he does that Kallo comes btw…and the goons surround them..
Its Kallo n MRiARa’s face off…crazy person is after them!

Kallo SHOUTS..scaring Tara out…one of the goons threaten MJ by pointing the gun at Tara.. Mj tells not to hurt her…Kallo-takes the mud revenge on Radha by hurting her injury even more.. Tara n MJ feel pained to seeing this.


Kallo is resloved to avenge the three for their deeds..BG is kinda cute though…wid MriARa holding each other’s hand-wain that situation too
MriARa and RAdha are still in Kallo’s trap..now Kallo will do the JUSTICE. .

Update Credit to: sankalp

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  1. Nidhi gautam

    Omg! Boring epi,i don’t wanna see tara hurt,mj plz throw this stupid radha away

  2. Nooo

    Mj don’t you dare leave tara
    The one who cares about you and is independent
    The one who wants to help you from the police
    Not for Radha
    The one who doesn’t really care and is dependent on you
    The one who is nearly separating you and tara
    The one who could of told the truth to the police about Mj being innocent but didn’t

    Hate Radha 🙁
    Luv you Tara n Mritirunjay
    MriAra forever !!!!! 🙂

  3. MJ, why r u doing to this Tara???? don’t u see hoe much she loves you???? piz, don’t do this to my sweet Tara bacchu!!!!!

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