Ek Boond Ishq 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 31st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
the bikers meet their other gang members, their guru comes and says you did a good job, his face is not shown, he says kalavati is our enemy and his bad days have started from today.
Villa is decorated, tara comes to nandu and ask whats all this, nandu says you are owner so you can come to anybody’s room, nandu says its some wishful month so bahu of this house should lit diyas, your baba thinks like that, tara says its thing that rituals of this house are alive, she ask tara to put mehndi on her feet, tara sit to apply, she gets flashback how once mj made her sit to apply mehndi on her feet but she asked him to not touch her feet, mj said that i can marry you but cant make you ready like bride? she smiles, he takes her foot and start applying mehndi on it, she lovingly

looks at him, Fb ends, she applies mehndi on nandu’s feet and make her wear anklet and other jewelry and keep remembering how mj made her wear it, she is emotional, nandu ask her to apply sindoor to her, she opens sindoor box and recalls how mj filled her forehead and said that you look good with sindoor, dada says when bride with sindoor bows down infront of God then god blesses her husband too, he kisses her fore head, fb ends, tara’s hand shakes and sindoor box falls from her hand, she goes out crying, nandu laughs that me arrow hit at right place.

Scene 2
nandu is rudra, rudra says ther should be some guests, nandu says we are kaminey so no one should be there to see our kaminampan, rudra ask about tara, she comes and ask about guests, rudra says you are owner then we are guests. rudra says i will check pulse, he says all coals are dead, nandu says i have something to lit fire, she shows a red saree which tara wore at karva chauth, tara says what you are doing, rudra holds her, nandu says it should be burned as your husband is dead so whats the need of it, she puts it in fire, rudra says to sign on papers, tara says i will never sign on property papers, nandu shows her sindoor box, her bangles, mj’s pictures. rudra ask her again to sign but she denies, nandu burns all pics of mj, tara is broken, she frees herself and tries to save pics from burinng but couldnt.

Scene 3
adi comes to stable, meethi is there, she says all wen to sleep, i was waiting for you.. she ask about job? he says i didnt get it, meethi says i will bring food for you, he sits to eat food, he says all whom i thought as friends were friends of my surname Shikhawat. adi ask you are with me? she says i am not with you i am with this family because i care for them.
tara is crying, nandu says husband died, rudra says killed, she says now his memories also got burned, rudra says who tries to stand infront of me he will be burned to ashes, 1st your husband became ash and now his memories is in ashes, tara says my mj is inside me, you can burn everything but cannot take mj out of me, he is alive in my heart and he will always, she applies ashes of mj’s pics on her forehead. Tara stands up and puts rest of the ashes in a glass and puts some water in it. She stirs it and drinks. Rudra and Nandu are dazed. She says do you believe me now ? How much he is inside me ? Can you remove his memories from heart ? Do it if you can.

Scene 4
Kala says you were talking about making her weak. She drank his ashes like a lemonade. Where does she get this power and strength from ? Nandu says should I cal maa. Kala says i m so angry right now. Nandu says you look so cute while being angry. Just sit here and think what were the short comings in our plan. She becomes the teacher again. Nandu says she is so strong. Kala says are you praising her ? Nandu says no just need a new plan now.

Scene 5
Surraiya comes to kala. Kala asks how you got that bruise on your head. Oh, you made a mistake ang got the punishment. We have new work now., Surraiya says I have a new plan. What if we don’t go by ourselves this time. Kala says yeah and we will catch him this time.
Some men are practicing in jungle and their leader says we have to beat Kala this time. She is going to celebrate something this time. Kala should get the punish of her sins this time.
Jairaj asks Meethi if she has seen nirmala ? She says no she has gone somewhere. He asks about adi ? She says he has gone for an interview. Faheem gives some mon ey to jairaj. He syas what will you have then ? He says I have you. I earned it from you and I am giving it to you. Nirmala comes jairaj asks where were you ? She says I went out to walk. I was suffocating. He asks are you okay ? She says yeah i am fine.
Tara is in her room. She says I can’t take it anymore. I am trying to stand like a wall but I falling apart. Tell me mj what to do. Nandu says dead people don’t talk. Its easy sign the papers. Live and let us live. Kalaa comes in wearing a cops’ uniform. She says police is arresting. Tara says what is this ? Kala says police has come to arrest you. She puts handcuff on her hand.
Aradhna shouts tara’s name. She says to meethi i thought for a moment that she is in trouble but she is a trouble for others. I miss tara and nandu but they are dea for me. Nandu and kala bind tara with a pillar. Nandu says lets fill colors in her life. Kala says wow you talk so good. I can’t see her like a widow anymore. Is there anyone out there who can color her clothes. Tara says are you mad nandu. Tara says please don’t do this. Nandu brings res color.

Precap- Rudra says soon you will get colored and you won’t be able to remove it. Tara says i won’t break its you who will. Tara later says to mj i will do pooja for sure today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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