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Scene 1
mj says why are you playing with my life, you say that i am balli but why people say that i am mj, 1st fahim and now this girl, laado ask who is she? mj says it doesn’t matter who was she, question is me, laado says that you are balli, mj says this not truth, you have to tell me otherwise.. laado says otherwise what? she points gun at him and says you cant threaten laado.
vidant comes to one company, nandu is with him, he talks with manager and ask for nandu’s job, manager says don’t worry we will appoint her, nandu says no take my interview 1st, I want to get job on my own, vidant says good and ask manager to take interview.
laado says that if I didn’t love you, I would have killed you, mj throws away gun and says that threaten somebody else with

this toy, I use it everyday, mj says I want to meet fahim, laado ask why, he says I want to know the truth, laado says I don’t have time, mj ask why are you afraid laado, if you saying truth then take me to fahim, laado says we will go tomorrow, mj says i want t meet fahim and you will take me to him right now, laado is stunned. laado says that don’t you trust me, we will go tomorrow, mj says my head will burst till tomorrow thinking about it, we will go right now, I want answers. he jerks laado and says that if you want me to trust you then take me to fahim, If you want to stop my anger from coming out and burn the whole world then take me to fahim right now, laado says ok.

Scene 2
manager takes interview of nandu, he ask her name, she says I have used many names to rob many houses, she says that I robbed many things, manager drinks water and calls vidant, nandu thinks that work is done now he wont give me job, vidant comes, manager says that this girl is diamond, I never saw a girl who say this much truth, we want loyal workers like her, nandu is stunned, she wants to change but doesn’t hide anything, her job is confirmed, she can come from tomorrow, nandu thinks that plan backfired.
tara in her room recalls how she met mj and how he said that he is balli, she recalls how all was saying that he is balli, she thinks that with his get up and his outlook, he doesn’t seem like mj, she recalls how she met a amn whose memory was lost, she says maybe mj has lost his memory, she says we had accident 5 years back then.. yes mj lost his memory otherwise he wouldn’t talk to me like this, I have to meet him to make him recall who is he but how will I meet him as om appointed this guard.
nandu is doing work in office, she is frustrated, vidant calls her, he ask are you fine, she taunts that I am enjoying very much, its all because of you, vidant says that you got it yourself, he ends call, she says is he a welfare worker, what to do that manager throws me out of this company.

Scene 3
mannat sees johny standing outside tara’s room, she takes him to her room , she goes close to him, they share smooch, she hugs him and says I missed you a lot, he says I love you, she says I love you too vaibhav, he jokes that johny isn’t bad either, mannat says its good that you never came infront of om,6 years back when I told om about, you, he denied meeting you, vaibhav says that he forcefully made you marry rajat, he is villain of our story, she says now you kill that girl and put blame on om then we will live together, he says that we could do this 5 years back too, she says do it now, she ask him to go and behave like guard.
vaibhav comes to tara and ask her to not stand near window, anybody can attack, tara says don’t bore me and goes inside room, tara is frustrated in her room that this guard will irritate me so much, tara sasy wish mj was there instead of this guard, tara says great idea, if mj becomes my guard then I will be able to make him remember that he is mj but how to prove to om that mj is more good then this guard, she recalls how mj was going to have a fight in fight club, she says great idea.

Scene 4
laado brings mj to fahim’s house, he ask her to stay outside, today fahim will speak and I will listen to him, laado says you will believe him, he says its on me to believe him or not but today I will listen to his full talk, he goes in. he sees fahim tied to chair, mj says that I was cruel to you but I want your help today, tell me fahim, who am I, tell my whats my name, fahim says you are balli, laado’s special person, mj says then why you used to call me mj, what you wanted me to remember, fahim says that you lost your memory and I wanted to take advantage of it, I wanted to create rift between you and laado, mj ask about family names which you used to take, fahim says it was all lie, I am responsible for your memory loss, I am responsible for your parents death, I am responsible for laado’s broken leg, mj says you are lying, he points gun at fahim and says that one girl calls me mj, tell me who is she, fahim says I don’t know, mj says I will kill you, tell me truth, fahim thinks that I say truth then I will be saved but kalawati will kill mj, I can lose my life but cant see mj being killed, he says that you are balli and I was just trying to fool you, mj points gun at him to kill him but then says that I wont kill you as my hands will become dirty. mj comes out, laado says did you listen to the truth or you still thinks that I was lying, mj thinks that I know laado you forced fahim to lie to me, you think that way I wont find truth but now I will find truth myself, laado ask what are you thinking, she says I forgave you balli, you are my kid, mj says that I had doubt I was just clearing it, laado says leave it, go now, mj glares at her and goes, laado smirks.

PRECAP- tara sweetly ask om that can I go, he says yes, she goes, mannat ask om where did she go? he says she said that she is going to watch fight but there is something else in her mind, mannat ask then why did you allow her to go, om says to get to know whats in her mind as I will follow her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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