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SCene 1
balli thinks that laado can see tara, this girl can be in danger, her life can get into trouble, i have to send this girl away from here, he comes out, mj opens the door and holds tara’s hand, she says you are taking em with you? he drags her away from his house, tara says don’t do this, I cant live without you, she tries to free her hand, she stops him and says have you gone mad mj, how can you send your wife to anyone else, i am tara not sia, what happened to you, mj shouts enough, don’t utter a word now, it wont be good for you, get in car silently, tara silently sits in car and keep looking at mj, driver says to tara that i told om that you went to mandir, you also say him same, he calls om and says tara has come back, she went to dargah, om says ok take her to home, he

thinks that tara came back to me, whats going on her mind, mj starts leaving from there, tara looks at him and cries, she keep looking back at him, mj goes way but then stop. driver starts the car and bumps with person on cycle, the man says where is my house, Who am i ? Another man comes and says why are you annoying others. tara asks whats wrong with him? The man explains he came here 2 years ago with his memory lost. Since then he keeps asking people these questions. Driver asks him to leave. Tara see the poster on wall with mj’s poster that he will going to club fight. She says why is mj doing all this ?

Scene 2
mj’s friend tell him that sia agnihotri lives in delhi and she is married to om and vidant’s sister. mj thinsk why that girl was lying but why her eyes were saying truth.
om comes back home, he is stopped by some person, he is new body guard and stops m from entering the house, other guard says he is our boss but even then he doesn’t let him enter the house, om gets angry on him, guard says that you cant go in home with proving your identity, other guard tries to stop him but he beats him and throws him away, om is stunned, guard says you have to prove that you are owner of this house.
mj looks in mirror and says that who am i, i don’t remember anything before 5 years, i don’t know about my earlier life then why i accepted that i am balli, maybe i am mj, who am i, he looks at his photo and recalls tara’s words that you are mj and she is his wife, he gets frustrated and thinks that who am i, why i don’t remember anything about my life, am i balli or mj? he sees his own imagination, imagination says mj did you recognize me? i am your heart, you couldn’t think anything so i came to help you mrityunjay, mj shouts that i am balli not mj, imagination says that you don’t know your identity, mj says that am i living a life of lie, imagination says that from when you are living this life? mj says maybe from childhood or maybe from just 5 years, i don’t remember before, imagination says that maybe that girl is right that you are mj, whats your relation with her? mj says that no relation, she is sia, not my anyone, imagination says then answer my questions why your breath stops looking at her, why you couldn’t kill her, why you saved her life, mj recalls his moments with tara, he shouts i don’t know anything, imagination says don’t shout but find answers of these questions, they are inside you only, heart is on left but he is always right, mj thinks that i have to find answers of my questions and i know from whom.

Scene 3
mannat comes and scolds guard, she says that he is my brother, let him come in, she says to om that he is new guard for sia, he is johny Braganza, om says that i like him, they come in home. tara comes there, om says to tara that now you can go anywhere, you wont have to say a lie to go out but your body guard will be with you, he is johny, tara thinks that i have to make him leave from here otherwise i cant meet mj, tara says to om that you cant appoint guard without my consent, om says he is very good, tara says let me test him, tara goes to him and tries to slap him, he holds her hand, she tries to slap him with other hand but he holds it too, tara is stunned.

Scene 4
mj comes down and calls out for laado, he doesn’t find laddo and starts surfing through her things to find anything about his past, laado comes there and is shocked to see room messed up, she shouts balli.
om claps for johny and says very good, you are appointed to guard sia, tara says i don’t need any guard, i can manage myself, om says that its for your security as i love you, tara says who love doesn’t put restrictions. om says that you are ill, you cant remember anything and you cant come back home even so you have to be with guard, tara says i don’t need anyone, he says you have 2 options, 1st go anywhere, don’t need my permission but with guard otherwise you know.. he says that your silence is saying that you need guard, he leaves, tara thinks that you can play any game om but in end i will be with my mj and you will be punished, i have to show you to how fly with cage.
laado ask mj how dare you do this with my room, mj says why are you playing with my life, you say that i am balli but why people say that i am mj, 1st fahim and now this girl, laado ask who is she?

PRECAP- mj says i want t meet fahim and you will take me to him right now, laado is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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