Ek Boond Ishq 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
tara says to om what has happened to you, are you in senses what you were doing, om ask from did you get this saree, tara says mannat gave me, om says if mannat ask you to jump win well, you will jump, tara says its just a saree. om says to tara that this color(red) is not pleasant to my eyes, you change this saree right now, tara shouts that I am not your servant, I will not follow your orders, om says ok then, he takes knife in his hands, tara is shocked..
mj is busy in working out, he recalls tara’s face, he sees her photo and thinks who is she, when ever you come infront of me why I feel like that I am not balli but someone else.
om comes to tara wth knife, he cuts her saree with knife and says that now you will have to change it, he leaves while tara is in fear.

comes to pari and ask her to not sit under fan after taking bath, pari sees photo in balli’s pocket and ask what it is, mj says this is the girl which I was talking about, pari ask him to show it, mj doesn’t show her and says your hands are dirty, go wash and then see, pari says oh I can make you eat with these hands but cant touch photo, mj ask did you eat something, pari says I ate breakfast but my teeth are paining, mj says you didn’t brush, lets go and brush teeth.

Scene 2
mannat is talking with doll, she says you know today I made a plan and it got success, when I see my brother in pain I get peace, you know now brother will come here and will shout mannat, om comes there and shouts mannat, mannat comes to him, he ask why did you give sia’s saree to tara, mannat says that I want to make you happy, I thought when you will tara as sia you will get happy, I did wrong, om says listen once that she is tara not sia, I don’t want to see her as sia, don’t do this again, mannat says I am sorry, I hurt you, I was dumb to do this, I will not do this, om says I am sorry, you did all this unintentionally, you wanted me to be happy, how can I forget that my sister cant think ill for me, mannat ask him to forget all what happened in past, we have to convince tara that she is sia, om says yes tara has to forget her past, he leaves.
laado is lying on bed after applying face-pack, she ask servant to give newspaper, mj sees tara’s photo there and is about to take it when it comes near laado, he is about to take it but photo come in feet of laado, laado sees the photo and is stunned.

servant comes in tara’s room and packs her bags, tara ask what are you doing, servant says I am doing what om has ordered me, tara ask what he is upto now, servant takes bag down stairs, tara thinks whats going on in his mind.
laado ask this photo, mj says this is the girl which you asked me to kill and I couldn’t kill, laado laughs and says you have gone mad, you need rest, when did I send you Mumbai to kill her, mj says she is in dehli, laado gives him pic and it is of dipika. laado ask him to rest. mj thinks where is real photo, maybe pari know.
tara says will anybody tell me where you are taking me, guard ask her to come and see, tara says ok lets go and see where om is taking me, mannat smirks.
tara is sitting in car, om comes in car, tara says may I know where are you taking me, I am not your servant to go with you everywhere, you have kidnapped me and now taking me somewhere, om says don’t talk much as we are going to Bhopal and today driver will drive not me so accident chances are less, tara says I will believe you when we will reach Bhopal.
mj is searching for pari, he sees her sitting in rickshaw, mj says when rabbit(pari) hides from bear(mj) then there must be something so tell me what it is, pari says that I took that photo and came out to see but I fell down and photo gets lost from me so I put dipika’s photo there.
pari says that photo was important to you, mj says not at all, look you fell down and got hurt, I was mad to think about that girl but now I will make my rabbit fine.

tara says Bhopal has comes, she gets happy and recalls her moments when she was not married and with aradhna and how she was tomboy, om looks at her smiling. she recalls how she spent time with mj, tara says thanks om, I couldn’t understand you earlier, I had no hopes that you will bring me here but you did. tara says I know each place here, this is my identity, they come to shikhawat villa but instead of villa there is a park, tara is shocked. om ask did you tell address right, tara says I used to live here, how can I be wrong, I know this is done by kalavati, I used to live with mj here. guard comes and says that here is park not any villa, tara says what are you saying, I used to live here with my family, how it can become park. guard says this park is here for 9 years, tara says you are wrong, look minister has opened, tara is shocked.

PRECAP-fahim tells mj that you are mj and look this kalavait has killed all family, she will kill me too, laado/kala comes there, mj looks at her, laado thinks why is her looking at me, did he got his memory back. >

Update Credit to: Atiba

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