Ek Boond Ishq 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
mj is busy in praying dargah, tara is outside, mj prays that I came here to ask for peace for myself but couldn’t ask you, I just want to pray for that girl, fulfill all her wishes and prayers, tara ask some person about mj, he says yes, I saw him going in dargah, tara gets happy and looks at dargah, she comes in dargah and prays, mj comes and ties sacred thread on net wall, tara is otherside and ties thread too, tara thinks that mj is in my every prayer, just make me meet him, she sees mj there and goes otherside to see him but he is gone, tara thinks that it wasn’t my imagination, god you made me see mj. outside om is finding tara. mj and tara prays at dargah, mj has his back to tara so she couldn’t see him, then mj turns and tara sees him but mj goes from there,

tara comes out to see mj ,mj is tying some flags on dargah gate, he is standing on stairs, tara is there but doesn’t see him, mj looks back and is hocked to see her, he falls from stairs in her feet, he looks at tara, tara looks at him. jahan mile dewaane do.. plays.. ek boond ishq pe… tara is about to fall but mj catches her. they share an eyelock.

Scene 2
tara hugs mj tightly and says where you went leaving me, I missed you mj, mj recalls fahim calling him mj too. balli breaks the hug, tara ask why are making me away from you, say something mj, mj moves back and says balli, I am balli not mj, tara touches his face and says you are mj, my mj, balli takes off her hands and says what are you saying, all are seeing us, I don’t know you, tara says I should ask you, why you doing this with me, why are you behaving like strangers, laado’s servant sees tara and is shocked, she goes to inform laado, om is finding tara, mj takes tara aside. he ask tara do you know any fahim, she says fahim chacha, he was our loyal servant in Bhopal, we used to live there, mj says Bhopal, tara says what are you saying, he says I was asking about fahim as he was calling me mj too, she says because you are mj, he says no I am balli, the most dangerous goon of this street, don’t come near me, you are someone else’s wife, she says I am your wife mj, he says you are sia agnihotri, I don’t know you, tara ask why you not recognizing me.
laado is lifting weights to become strong, her servant comes and informs her that some girl has come and she is calling balli as mj and is holding his hand. laado is stunned. laado thinks who can be this girl, I didn’t leave any family member, nandu, she says that all women of world are making me tensed, she says don’t know whom fahim told about mj. she ask servant to bring to gun, they leave from house.

SCene 3
mj is going, tara runs behind him, she ask what has happened to you, I am your wife, what has happened to you, he says no, you are omkar’s wife, it doesn’t look good that you talk to me like this, tara says that all says that I am omkar’s wife but you know the truth that I am tara, your tara, don’t do this with me, she says look in my eyes, can you say that you don’t love me, she hugs him tightly and says don’t make me away from you mj, mj is skeptical and recalls how om said that she is his wife, he breaks the hug and goes in house, he looks the door, tara runs behind him and sits outside gate, mj thinks whats all this, why she is calling me her husband, tara from outside says that if you don’t remember anything then I will teel you, we had an accident then we got separated, I was finding you and today I got you but you don’t recognize me, how can you do this, whats the secret, why are people calling you balli, you are mj, balli thinks that maybe fahim and this girl are one, fahim is my enemy laado told me this, so maybe he sent her but she is sia agnihotri, a rich women why will she do that, tara says that we got married for 3 times, 1st time in jail then in jungle and 3rd time with rituals, we took 7 pheras for 3 times and you cant recognize me in this life only, please open the door, talk to me, please say something, she cries, inside mj is also frustrated, he is getting mad and thinks that if this girl is right then why I am not recalling anything, this not truth, she cant be true, both cries.

PRECAP- mj opens the door and holds tara’s hand, she says you are taking em with you? he drags her away from his house, tara says don’t do this, I cant live without you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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