Ek Boond Ishq 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 28th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rudra comes in the station. He says why you called me / He says your daughter in law accused that you have killed her husband. He says you must have read in the paper what she did to rest of the family. Now she is ploting against me. He says she has got proofs. Rudra says what is this now ? Tara stands up and says I have a recording in your own voice of your confession. She asks Nandu to come in. Rudra is bewildered. Tara says Nandu play that audio. She says yes. She opens her phone and some music plays instead. Inspector says what is it ? Tara says what are you doing ? Nandu says this is the only clip I have. Tara says he must have deleted it. Tell the cops what he has done. Nandu says what can I say about my husband. Rudra partap is the name. He is the best husband in this

world. Tara is shocked at her words. Nandu says he got me everything I wanted. He loves me so much. Tara says what is this nandu tell the truth. Nandu says I said all the truth about him. There is one truth which is that my own sister asked me to lie. When you know that I don’t have any clip then why you asked me to go against me husband. She says I won’t be scared anymore. I am in police station and I have the saviors of law around me. Rudra says yoy have made me proud today nandu. Rudra says don’t know why tara feels so good in annoying us. Inspector says this is the last time miss tara. He apologizes Rudra.

Scene 2
Rudra and Nandu are laughing outside. Tara comes out. Nandu says tara you imagined that I will go against my husband. Who goes against husband I know he killed mj and killed dadu ji and I know that he is kalavati. You know who is she ? My best friend. he promised to fulfill my dreams. I gave those scars myself. I hurt myself to show you. Sometimes you have to do all this. It was important to tech you. Don’t ever come here again. Rudra says learn from your sister. You were with truth but proved wrong. Well I feel good to see you like this. Tara say nandu you are doing wrong. He says she is right. No one can get to rudra. Suddenly an ambulance comes and rudra realizes that its the same one that he send with drugs. The cops have to it. He wonders who can do this ? The same man who sent the letter ?

Scene 3
Kala is with her workers. She looks ferocious. She says tell me, eye sight should be fine and nose should be sharp and the teeth should be pointed. What you all did ? Learn the table once again. What have you all done ? When we used to do something wrong is school the teacher used to hit us. I have a punishment for you all. Where is the ambulance driver ? Kala hits him with a hammer. She another to come and hit his hand so many time with a hammer. Then she calls surraiya. She is ready with a cutter. Kala says my most closer one. You are special one, so the ounishment will be special as well. your punishment is 10 hammers. She places her hand on the table. kala says which nail polish is this ? Why didn’t you get me one as well. Can’t hit you on hand now. She hits her on the head. Kala says now i have to get to the people on those bikes. Kala says i will get to those who got me caught.

Scene 4
Tara says i was worng that i tried to save you nandu. You are playing with fire and get burnt one day. Nandu says you are nice and so good what you got ? Nothing. And so does your husband., Look at me i got all I want. Good never wins. Rudra says wow well said. Good never turns out good for you. Look at us. We should change the name f this house to ‘ Kamina house’. Rudra says we can’t change it because its on tara’s name. He places fingers on tara’s shoulders. Nandu asks what are you doing ? He says I am seeing how delicate her shoulder are and we have placed such responsibilties on them. Nandu says what else can be done ? Rudra says go I am giving you freedom. You have to pay for the rules you broke. You have to give your autograph. Not on balnk papers but on the papers of property transfer.
Jairaj says to the lawyer that tara got the property by making dadu ji fool. He says it is so well written. Lawyer says I can’t do anything. He leaves. Jairaj says last hope has ended. Adi says nothing has ended. We will start again. Suddenly he sees mj instead of adi. He smiles. He says to adi i felt like mj is saying all that. Adi says I would be so proud if I could become like mj.
Rudra says sign these papers and get yourself free from everything. Tara takes the papers and burns the candle. She places her hand on the flame. She says I will urn my hand but won’t sign these papers. Rudra blows the flame. SHe syas you are late my hand is burnt how will I sign now. Even if i do they won’t match. i ahve been so stubborn since childhood ask your wife. Tara can be broken but she won’t bow down. Rudra says all right then I will break you. Nandu says when you can get it done by bending then why you need to break. nandu says i will handle her. I know how to get things done from her.

Scene 5
Tara’s hand hurts. She recalls when her hand got burnt and mj was there with her. He said look how much burnt is this. She said its nothing. I was not focused. He said you are not allowed to go in kitchen again. she says my hand is burnt and your head has messed up. She says I wpuld like these things to happen everyday so I can know how much my husband loves me. He says didn’t you know before. She says yeah I got to know today that my hysband love me so much that he put medicine on wrong hand. She places her hand and says this one. She starts crying.

Scene 6
Adi has gone for an interview. He says you don’t need to dot this job. The interviewer says I started from your company. mj helped me a lot. He says you can join from tomorrow. Suddenly he get a call and says okay sir I will do what you say. He says to adi and says my CEO asked me not to hire you. Do you have some trouble with him ? Adi says with someone else. I know who is that.

Scene 7
Nandu tells kala that I have got a list of all friends of adi from his pal sankalp. I have sent then business proposals. They won’t help him. She says should we start the lecture. She says today’s lesson is tara’s weaknesses. What her greatest weakness ? Kala says miss i will tell. Its.. nandu says you don’t learn kala. Kala says jairaj uncle, nirmala aunty, adi bhaiya, her own mom aradhna aunty and.. Nandu points at mj’s picture. Kala says yeah he is the one but he has already died ? Nandu says good question kala. I know he has died but his everything is still tar’s power. All his words, the gifts and everything. All that stuff make her powerful. Kala says I will tell miss. Nandu says we have to do this. Kala says yeah practical work is more interesting than theory. She claps and says it will be fun.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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