Ek Boond Ishq 28th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
tara says to artist that he is near only, she ask artist to give him sketch, he gives her, tara comes in street and start asking people about mj, pari thinks that she has come here too behind my balli, pari calls tara towards her, tara comes to her and ask who is she, pari says you tell, who you are, she ask what happened? tara shows her sketch and ask do you know him? pari says balli, tara thinks why everyone is calling him balli, why mj si hiding his identity, tara says you know him, where is he, pari thinks that this girl has stuck to my balli, maybe she will take away balli from me, pari says that balli is not in home, tara says I need to meet him urgently, pari thinks that I will fool her, pari says come with me, I will take you to him. she shows some man to tara and says this is

balli, tara goes towards the man happily, man turns and is someone else, tara is stunned and says sorry, she ask him about mj, man says yes this is balli, tara says I know him, man says he went to his house sometime back, tara ask him about mj’s house, man tells her and tara goes towards mj’s house, pari is disappointed.
laado gives address to balli and says that you have to beat the goons there, mj is lost in thoughts, laado ask where are you lost, balli says I understood, balli thinks to go to shop, he leaves for the shop to meet tara while tara comes to his house, she sees laado sitting there but couldn’t see her face, tara thinks that the house is this only, tara is about to go to laado when pari stops her, she says balli is not at home, tara ask how do you know? pari says I know about very well, she says balli is in chowk, tara ask address, pari gives her, tara goes to chowk, pari says now you wont get balli.

Scene 2
mj comes to artist’s shop and sees the shop closed, he thinks that he lost her, he thinks why he wants to meet her, he listens to the azaan in dargah and thinks to go there to find some peace but some car throws dirt on his clothes, he thinks that I cant go to dargah now, driver is waiting for tara, om calls him and ask where is tara? he says that she is doing pooja, om ask the address and says I am coming. he leaves his watch there, mannat comes there and takes his watch, she says I want to throw away this watch, it always do tick tick, om comes from behind, mannat is stunned, she says I was just playing with it, he says this is not a toy, don’t do it again. he leaves with watch, mannat thinks that I am afraid of your ager but I want to increase, you should also know that how it feels to burn in your fire only.
tara is finding mj and thinks that she has come on wrong chowk. mj comes to dargah in changed clothes, he thinks that nobody leaves empty handed from here, I want peace, I want to get answers of my questions, he sees one bagger lying on ground and ask him is he fine, bagger says my crutches are broken, how can I go to dargah, mj says I will take you, take my shoulder. mj brings bagger to dargah, mj meets his friend and says you are doing good work, he ask mj to come in dargah, mj says I will come, you go.

SCene 3
tara prays to god to make her meet mj, she says when I know mj is here, I cant wait to meet him, please do some miracle and make me meet him, please do something, she listens prayers from dargah and goes towards there.
om comes to the area where tara is searching mj, he calls driver and says I am standing outside mandir, driver says I am coming, om comes in mandir. he sees on one in mandir and gets angry, he comes to driver and ask where is tara? driver says don’t know she was here, om scolds him, one lady says to om that dargah is near, whoever goes in mandir, goes to dargah too, driver says maybe she went there, om scolds driver and says I am going to dargah and you find her here.
mj comes in dargah and prays that I don’t want to ask anything from you God, I just want that whatever that girl(tara) wants, give her that, fulfill her wishes, tara comes outside dargah, tara ask some man about mj showing him sketch, man says I saw him in dargah, tara gets happy and looks at dargah.

PRECAP- mj is tying some flags on dargah gate, he is standing on stairs, tara comes there but doesn’t see him, mj looks back and is hocked to see her, he falls from stairs in her feet, he looks at tara, tara looks at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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