Ek Boond Ishq 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 28th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kala says i had to kill radha, y goons were sympathizing with her but i said a rule is a rule, she did a mistake and have to be punished, she says now Mj and tara have nothing, today radha went now MJ tara will have to suffer, they will now get breaking news that there wounds will pain again.
Jairaj ets the call from IG who informs that Mj have to come to police station as his name is in list of culprits, tara comes and ask what happened, jairaj tells her that Mj have to go to jail, tara says his health is not good, Rudra comes and says we have to follow the law, MJ comes there and says i am ready to go to jail, i am ready to take enemy’s conspiracies so that he will know when i will play my card. Tara says your health is not good, i am coming with you, Mj says..

tara stops him and says i cant leave you where are you, i will be there. Jairaj and tara leaves from there, Mj looks at rudra and leaves.

Scene 2
Mj comes to tara comes to police station, Mj makes tara sit and says i will come, they hold hand, Mj is being called inside, he takes his hand from tara’ and leaves.
Kala is playing with parrot toy and says i share my secrets with him, she gets the call and says whenever it rings, it gives me bad news, she receives the call and is informed about Mj in police station. she is happy
In police station, guddon is identifying the one who ordered him to put gun in tara’s bag, Mj is there too, he comes to Mj and looks at him, here kala is happy and gifts suriya her dupatta, she says when i am happy i make everyone happy but when i am sad… she presses suriya’s neck.

Scene 3
Guddon says that Mj gave me money to put gun in tara’s bag so that he can use it, Mj grabs him and ask who gave you money, Guddon says you can change your hair style but i can identify you, Mj says he is lying. they take guddon away. Kala says nw game is in her hand and i will catch my enemy at any cost. In station, IG says we have arrest Mj till truth comes out, tara comes there, and is shattered to listen this, she gets unconscious and falls on ground, Mj takes her in his lap and calls doctor at home, tara says Mj how can this be, Mj says its conspiracy, he makes her stand and hugs her, she cries. Jairaj ask IG to find the truth.

Scene 4
At yug’s home, yug is sitting like stone, aradhna comes to him and consoles him, yug says i will get peace only when i will punish radha’s killer. nando comes there, aradhna looks at her angrily. In villa, adi comes in room but meethi ignores him, he says i am changed man, you know that, please listen to me, meethi shouts to leave her, adi says i accept that i did mistakes but now i am changed.
here nando says to aradhna that i was not at fault, meethi puts false allegation on me of destroying her marital life, she ask her to speak, aradhna says you are nothing to me, i feel ashmed to call you my daughter. here meethi says you cheated me, adi says nando is jealous of you because what you got she didnt, meethi ask what i got? only half trust, cheating, she says you were wrong and you are still wrong ad cheating me, she leaves from there. adi is tensed.
nando says to aradhna cant you see your daughter’s life being destroyed, aradhna says when you got to know that adi is married even then you didnt step back, you tried to destroy meethi’s life, why? she says my own is at fault, aradhna says i am giving you one last cahce to make things rigt=ht, she ask her to come with me, nando and aradhna comes at villa, aradhna meets tara nand Mj, Tara hugs her and cries. nando meets adi, she thinks that what you thought ad that i will leave you, she tries to flirt with him by touching him, adi says that you did enough to destroy me now stay away, nando tries to touch his face, meethi comes there and sees them, she cries.

Scene 5
aradhna says to tara to be strong, she gives her parsad and says everything will be fine. adi sees meethi, nando pretends as if adi was flirting with her, she goes, ad goes behind her, nando aughs and says tara’s life is gone and now meethi and adi are separating, she calls someone.
Here Mj hugs aradhna and says it was decided that i had to go to jail, he says to compose herself, he ask them to promise that they will always smile and will be happy, tara promises that we will live happily.


PRECAP- dadu calls rudra, he is stunned, dadu says why you do this with jairaj.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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