Ek Boond Ishq 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 27th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra packs poisoned food and goes out of car, tara shouts no, rudra comes in stable and says i have got food, he says what you thought jairaj that i will eat without you, jai hugs him and says when you are here then there is no problem, rudra says lets eat food, nandu serves food to all, jairaj ask rudra to eat 1st, rudra says i promised that from today i will eat only after you eat, jai says you brought my favorite food, tara is struggling to get out of car, she open her rope and comes in stable, she says you cant eat this food, she throws food, nimmo says what you did, tara says i threw it because.. she thinks if she tells them that its poisoned then rudra can hurt them . aradhna ask why are you silent, tell me, tara saqys because this food is brought from my house you have

no right over it, adi says dont forget we gave it to you, nimmo says to be afraid of God, tara says enough she ask nandu lets go, they leave with rudra.

Scene 2
in villa, rudra says to tara congrats that you saved your family, you played well, tara says if you think i am started to become good in this game then i can turn tables to my side all i need is a bit of luck and fate, rudra says thats the spirit, now it will be fun playing, rudra says in new level again bad will win win over good, tara says bad never wins over good and if this happenes then story is not finished.

Scene 3
rudra’s eunuch worker are in hospital’s cloth, kala calls suriya and ask about work, she says no one will know that there is drugs in ambulance, kala ask suriya to hide them under stature, suriya ask workers lets go.
in villa, kala gets chit from window, she says its some lover like in my young days, she read the chit which says rudra pratap soon all will be finished, kala says mu drugs will go today only, nobody can warn me.

Scene 4
meethi is packing jairaj’s cloth, he thanks her for coming with them, he says i know its difficult for you to stay with adi in same house, adi comes there, he gets a call nandu says we did a deal with sankalp he will not give you farm house now, adi says he cant do that, nandu says he is friend of rich adi, she gives call to sankalp, who says to adi that i am getting good businees deal from them i cant help you, he cuts the call nandu ask sankalp to give details about adi. adi says to jairaj that nandu and tara trapped sankalp alsp jair aj says dont worry, adi says if mj was there he wouldnt have let this happen, meethi puts hand on his shoulder and says atleast you are trying.

Scene 5
tara in her room remembers how rudra put poison in food, she falls and recalls childhood in which she is playing with nandu she falls nandu doesnt help her and says thoses who cant help themselves nobody can help them, i will not give you hand, fb ends. tara says you were right nobody helps if you dont help yourself, i have to think how to get away from rudra how to come out of his trap, 1st i have to take nandu from his trap.
ambulance is on road, there is police check post, policeman says somebod informed that drugs are supplying, he ask suriya to open the box which is under patient.
tara brings andu in her room, she ask whom do i love most? whom i cant swear wrongly upon? nandu says mrityunjay, tara says yes she says i swear rudra pratap is kalavati anf he killed my mj. nandu is stunned, tara recalls how mj was being killed, tara says i saying truth.

Scene 6
police is about to check but suriya says patient will die please let us go, policeman says okay.
tara says i am not lying, nandu says its lie, tara says you are putting your life in danger for luxury, but if life is not there then whats the need of luxury, she says you have also seen his dual face, good and devil husband, nandu remembers rudra beating her, tara says he always scare me that he will kill you all, i am worried most about you because you are with him, nandu says you are lying, he cant be a killer, tara says what you wanna say that i swore wrongly on mj, she says her will kill us both, just go from here, nandu says its all fake, my husband cant be killer, she leaves, tara says i pitty on you, you dont know whats right, you dont know where you are caught.

Scene 7
some people on bikes start following ambulance, suriay notices it, they leave the road.
nandu comes to rudra and says i wanna ask some question, she says i have listened about rudra and wanna ask truth behind it, she ask did you kill your nephew mj, rudra gets angry, he holds nandu’s hand and caresses it, he says i not only killed mj but also my father, i had no choice, for kalavati rudra had to kill them, he says look at my pink room then look at rudra’s room , they are two different places, kala was trapped in this, i loved my family but they didnt know anything for kala, your friend cant do this but they became hurdle in my way so rudra killed them but doubt is on kala and my friend is questioning me too.
bikers stands infront of ambulance, suriya ask to drive over them. bikers point gun at them, someone attacks suriya and driver.
rudra says now you will leave your friend alone because of rudra, nandu says i understand your pain, i know how it feels when family is not with you, she says i am afraid of rudra, rudra says you can go but give me back jewelry i gave to you, nandu says i am with you, can i leave you, rudra hugs her, he ask who told you that i killed mj? she says tara, he says i told her to not make my wife against me but she doesnt listen, nando says i will take care of her.
in jungle, suriya gets up and sees ambulance nowhere, she cries that how will i answer didi saheb.
nandu comes to tara and cries, she says you were right, my husband is murderer, he killed mj but one good news, i have recording where he accepted that he killed mj, she makes tara listen in which rudra says i killed mj and my father. nandu says we will give it to police.

PRECAP- in police station, tara says to rudra that i have recording where you accepted your crime, she calls nandu and says to play that recording, rudra is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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