Ek Boond Ishq 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 27th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kala says to tara and MJ that you are late but still you cam. you played game with me in jungle so seeing you here gave me peace, today we will play game and name is love game, today there will be love, fate etc, Mj says to leave radha, tara says else it will be bad for you, kala says oh you both came to save her, she fires bullet near MJ’s feet and says to be careful as i can elsewhere, she gives gun to Mj and says to brust balloons placed around radha and take radha with him, tara ask him to not do so as it can hit radha, he stops tara and fires the bullet pointing at kala, but there are no bullets in it, kala says you cheated so you are out of game, goons catches Mj, kala says now tara’s turn, she throws gun at tara, tara says i cant do it, kala says you are strong

thats why you entered my mandir that day. Tara remembers her encounter, kala says only two things can happen, either radha will die or will be safe, tara says no, kala says to goon to put knife on Mj, tara says ok i am doing it, tara fires the gun and one ballon bursts out of three, tara says i cant do this, kala says your husband will be dead the, tara fires again and 2nd balloon bursts, tara again fires and 3rd one also bursts, kala says so tara is winner, you will get two gifts, one, she ask goons to leave, Mj, tara hugs him, she says as i said i will leave radha, she throws radha (who is bound to target shape) from height, radha falls on grond, Mj and tara runs to her, tara ask her to open her eyes but she doesnt.

Scene 2
Meethi thinks about nando’s words, adi comes and says i came before time, he ask what are you thinking, she says i was seeing album of tara and Mj’s marriage she shows him pictures of nando in wedding and keep praising her beauty, adi says i dont know about her, meethi shows him their close picture and ask then what is this.

Scene 3
Radha is dead, Mj ask her to get up, Kala comes and says if you are mrityunjay then what this that you cant let anyone die, Mj runs towards kala to attack her but goons hold him and atack on his head with rod, they beat him and tara cries.
Meethi ask adi how many girls you have in your life. Mj is being beaten up, tara comes and hugs, MJ protects him, tara tries to attack but fails, Mj and tara are being beaten up. Meethi says i was waiting for time when you will accept me as wife, i thought you have no feelings for me but you were flirty with every girl, i am hating myself, dont show me your face, she leaves, adi is tensed.

Scene 4
Mj and tara are badly injured,kala checks radha and says she is dead, kala says to stop beating them its enough for now, she says to take away radha’s body so that nobody will know that radha was alive. Mj tara tries to hold radha’s hand but they take her deadbody away.

Scene 5
Mj and tara are in their room, Aradhna and Yug come to see them .in their room Aradhana asks how this happened .rudra also there listening all this yug asks about Radha to Mj tara, Tara says she is no more. Yug heartbroken and doesn’t believe them. Tara is crying while mj is motionless, rudra happy to see all this.
Jairaj asks Tara to be strong for MJ Tara is determined and says she will prove MJ innocent. Tara ask him to find radha’s deadbody.

PRECAP- that goon which is with police taken mj name that mj asked to keep the gun in tara’s purse police says he will be taken into custody till further investigation…tara hears this and faints

Update Credit to: Atiba

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