Ek Boond Ishq 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 26th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara says your account is being sealed from today you will not get any money from my property, she says dont waste time,nimmo ask why are you doing all this, tara says i like giving shocks, rudra ask whats happening, jairaj says eh sold our furniture and is throwing us out, tara says dont ask question else i will throw you too, rudraq says dont you feel ashamed, tara says i am doing this in helplessness, after dad and mj they treated me very badly, they just increase expenses, my sasuma splurge money on her beauty, fahim says enough, tara says you act like very honest then go with them, fahim says who want to be with you, tara says why are standing go, jairaj says you will not get peace in this house, lets go, rudra says i will go with you, hr ask nando to lets go, tara says

my sister will not go, nando says dont separate me from my husband, tara says i am not asking him to go, nando ask rudra to not go, jairaj says bhai you stay here. Jairaj holds nirmala’s hand and is about to leave. Nirmala stops him. He takes her out.
Nandu says to Tara thank you I will nevber forget this favor of yours. Now its just rudra and tara in the lounge. He says congratulations you saved mother in law, brother in law and father in law from death but sad you did it in second attempt. You have used one life line and you will be punished.

scene 2
Ardhna says to meethi that I am going to meet tara. I hope that one day all the misunderstanding will vanish. She opens the door and tara is already there. she comes and says to meethi what are you made of? A lot has happened and you still don’y understand. Adi and tara ae together. I know I said again and again there is no such thing that’s because I din’t want you to spy on adi. I had to be good in front og you so I could get all the property. Tell me when are you giving divorce to him so they can be together. Aradhna says what are you talking about tara. I just said to her that you are not like what she thinks. Tara says stop it me. She sat to meethi tell me did you see only my house in the world. Now get lolst from here. Aradhna says I never thought you will behave like nandu. Listen to me she won’t go any where. Tara says I ahve bought this house and I am the owner of this house. I will send you out of this house is she doesn’t leave. Aradhna slaps her and says you will kick olut your mom. SHe says yes. Aradhna is about to slap her again. tara stops her and says I am using my mouth to speak. If this meethi means you more tha you daughter the I was wtong to give you a day. She calls some men and asks them to throw away all the stuff from the house. Aradhna says you were my pride tara. I thought you will always be right. You broke your mom. Tara turns on the other side and is in tears. She says in her heart forgive me maa. I am doing this to save your life. Tara says anything more ? Aradhna syas yes you are worse than nandu. Tara satys stop it and leave this house. Aradhna says there is some fault in mu up brining.

Scene 3
Jairaj says we are living a life of a dream. Who knew that we would see these days because of tara. Thank God this stable of mj was on my name. I request you to live here with us. I know its a small place. Tara is there behind a bush and says I am helpless please forgive me baba
Tara comes in the house recalls the good days when they celebrated everything together. Adi comes in and asks tara what is this ? He shows her a newspaper. She reads it out and thinks kala must have done this. He say what you thought what will happen when mom dad will read this ? I will tell them. SHe says where are you going ? You will tell this to them when you find someone in house. Go from here and then turn right you will find a stable. They are living there I have thrown them out. He says what you think tara ? She says what will you do call police ? Go out other wise I will call police. Go your mom dad needs me. He says thank God mj is not in this world. He would have been so hurt to see you. He leaves. Tara says why would I do this all if he was alive. SHe is in tears and says please forgive me mj.

Scene 4
Aradhna says i am so sorry becasue of my daughters. Theor deeds can’t be forgiven but I still ask your pardon. He says ist not your mistake. Nirmala says we have nothing negative in our heart for you. You were tara’s mom fr us but now you are meethi’s mom for us. Adi comes and asks why you all came here. Faheem says what could we do. He says she didn’t only kicked us out but see what she wrote in the paper. We will go back and fight for our rights. Jairaj says we don’t have anything. SHe has seized all our accounts. She even kicked her mom and meethi out of their house. Adi goes in the house and says what you think is not truth. SHe says I can’t deny what I saw myself. He says you hate me so much that you don’t believe me. At least me are together under a same roof. SHe says I am just here for my mom. She never left me alone and I won’t leave her. I love her as much as I hate you.

Scene 5
Nandu asks how long are you gonna take. Kala says I am coming. She comes out, nandu says you look so pretty. Kala says I was 12 when I had to become a bo after then whenever I wanted to wear all this I used to go in. Now I am in my room with all this. I wanna shout and tell everything that I am Kalavati.
Jairaj is so down. Nirmala comes to him and says your sugar level seems low. Its your medicine time. How can I give you. Let me arrange something to eat. He asks where are you going ? It all requires money.
Kala says I was never that rudra. It was my dad who did this. Nandu says don’t cry. SHe hugs Kala. Kala says on this freedom my nandu is with me. Nandu asks why you didn’t open the door when tara went to remove geeta. Kala says I kind of changed the atm pin.
Faheem comes with some fruits. Jairaj asks where you got these from ? He says from the near garden. Niramal worried how to manage food.
Tara is packing the lunch box. Nandu comes in and ask where are you going ? She says baba needs to eat before lunch and everyone else also must be hungry. Nandu says you care about everyone except for your sister. You know what rudra will do to me if he gets to know. Tara says I will come soon before rudra comes. Nandu says do you think they will eat ? Tara says please give it to them and tell them that you have made this. Nandu says maa is there too. She will taste and get it that you made it. Tara says mix some other things in it. Can you do this for me > Nandu swipes her tears and says what time has come. She hugs tara. Rudra comes there. Nandu says rudra.. Tara stands in front of the lunch box.
Adi is trying to arrange some place to live. He says I have to sankalp he will arrange the food. Nandu comes in with the food. Adi says we don’t need it. She goes to jairaj and says I ask yhour pardon on my sister’s behalf. I feel s bad to see you all like this. She sent you in this stable and took everything from you. She says to aradhna she was you beloved daughter. She did this to you. Aradhna says leave. She says I will go but fist eat the food that your tara.. She stops. Nirmala asks does she know ? Jairaj says why will she send this food ? Nanadu says maybe she will care about this food of yours. Nirmala says go and tell her that we don’t need her food. niramal throws it out and they all see that the lunch box if full of stones. Jairaj says what is it ? Nandu says I didn’t knwo that she has put stones in it. Nandy says I could never think that she will do this. Rudra is in car with tara and shows her everthing. He says don’t ever think that you can act smart. It was decided that their lives will be ended if you break any rule. Should I give them the same punish I agve to mj. I will give them food, mixed with poison. Tara says you won’t do this. Rudra adds some drops onto the food and tara was begging not to.Tara is begging him to stop. Her hands are bind. Nandu says I will bring the food. Rudra says I have brought the food.

Precap- Tara says to rudra if you think I have understood this game then do remmeber that I can win it at any moment. All i need is a bit of good luck and the way to beat you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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