Ek Boond Ishq 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 26th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
MJ gets to know that radha is missing, MJ says where she can go, tara says there are many enemies of her, MJ says she was at home, tara says she came in our wedding, MJ says why didnt you tell me, i could have not let her go alone, tara says we will go to find her, MJ says not you, only me and yug, he ask yug where was she last time, he says in your marriage, MJ says you also knew, he says i will come there, he gives alook to tara and leaves.
MJ and yug comes to dancers house but they say they didnt go on marriage so dont know about her. MJ and yug ask to everyone there but couldnt find anything, tara calls him and ask about radha, he says we didnt find her, he ends the call.

Scene 2
In morning, meethi comes out after taking shower, water drops

falls on adi, he grabs her close to him, she says its working day so get ready. In hall, jairaj is waiting for tara but fahim gives him tea, he says now i have to drink tea alone as tara will be with MJ, tara comes there with tea and says i didnt change my party. He ask tara everything is alright? she nods, jiaraj says today is court hearing, where is MJ, tara tells about Radha missing from night, jairaj is tensed, MJ comes there and says we couldnt find her, tara gets call, radha says some people are behind me but you people go to court, i will meet you there, Rudra come there and ask everything alright, jairaj says yes and says lets go, MJ looks angrily at rudra, rudra smiles evilly. He thinks you all will be waiting for radha but she will not reach court.
Meethi brings breakfast for adi but he says i have meeting, she says comeback fast, he says your gift is lying there, she says it came from tara’s house. In court MJ and tara are waiting for radha.
In villa, meethi opens the gift and find adi and nando’s cosy pictures. She is shocked and remembers nando’s words.
At court, lawyer ask where is radha, lawyer says judge is waiting, he says why did you left her alone to come, MJ says she is missing.

Scene 3
Kalalvati’s men have grabbed radha, kala laughs and sings, at court tara says radha will definetly come. Radha says to kala that i have to go, kala says ok go, she ask her men to throw her from height, she says i will be dead, please leave me. kala says i found your bracelet with yug, then i knew everything that you are at yug’s place.

Scene 4
Meethi comes to aradhana’s place, she says i always thought you as tara’s elder sister but you didnt do right with me, aradhna ask what happened, meethi says to nando to tell her, meethi shows her pictures, aradhna is stunned.

Scene 5
MJ gets the call, radha cries MJ ask where are you, kala says i will tell you, come to kali ghati with your wife, nobody else should come.
Aradhna ask waht is this, nando says her husband is there in pictures too, meethi says you didnt feel ashamed of doing affair with married man.
AT court MJ tells that kidnapper want to meet me and tara, they leave.
Nando says why dont you ask your husband, when he met me i didnt know he is married but he knew that he is married, didnt he feel ashamed of doing all this, she says i was silent because of my sister but your husband destroyed my life, he played with my feelings, meethi thinks did he destroyed lives of other girls too, adi is animal.
MJ and tara reaches the spot, they hold each others hand and see goons, MJ sees radha tied up on target board, kalavati comes there.


PRECAP- Kala gives gun to MJ and says to brust the ballons placed around radha, MJ fires in kala’s direction.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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