Ek Boond Ishq 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 25th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with, Tara goes to adi’s room to give him tea and tells adi that meethi is ready to meet him and tells him that she will meet him at rose palace and adi goes to get ready anf leaves the tea. Nandu is packing her bags and aradhna asks her what are you doing, meethi says that nandu has said that if I will not go from here then she will destroy you. Aradhna asks her not to worry. Adi comes out and tara asks him to drink the tea, he drinks it and leaves. Tara is walking in the corridor and Rudrapratap comes there and says well done, you have saved adi’s life but now you should save meethi’s life and for that you should make a call. Tara calls meethi and tells her that I wanted to talk to you, she says that I know you are very upset with me but I wanted to tell you that

yesterday adi took lot of sleeping pills but I saved him now I promised him that I will make you meet him, and tells her that he will meet her at rose palace. Rudrapratap tells tara that now the game is being more interesting. Aradhna asks meethi that who’s call is this and tells her that tara was saying that I should meet adi to sought out things…and aradhna advices her to go there. Adi reachers the hotel and knocks the rrom, he enters and sees meethi stamding there he touches on her shoulder and says thank you to her for coming, and hugs her from behind and says that I love you and now nobody wil come inbetween us. Nandu turns and adi sees her and is shocked nandu tells him that tara asked her come there and meet him, adi says tara bhabi told me that meethi will be here, what the hell is this. The medicine starts showing its effect and adi sees nandu as meethi.. Meethi is coming towards the rrom.. And enters the room, she sees adi and nandu together.. Nandu gets up and asks meethi what is she doing here.. Meethi says that so tara sent me here to see all this and nandu tells her the same thing she told adi that tara sent her to meet adi. Meethi says to adi that now everything is over between us and leaves. Tara is prayimg to god to giver her the power to survive all this.. Rudrapratap comes there and tells that you dont want to see them in pain so let them go away from you. Tara asks him that why is he doing this, its his family also he says that they are no one to kalavati and now I will use you to destroy them. Rudrapratap tells her that now your next step is to make them move out of this house. Tara says I cannot do this but RP says you have to do this.. But she denies Rudrapratap says that now I should punish you, now you decide that jayraj should leave this house or this world. Meethi remembers the moments when she came to know about adi and nandu, she picks up a knife and is going to cut her wrists but aradhna stops her and slaps her meethi hugs her and cry, and aradhna asks what happens and she tells her everything that happened.

Tara is prayin to god and is asking them to answer her question, what she should do to save her family. Aradhna tells meethi that tara cannot do this and I dont trust nandu, she calls tara. Tara says that it is very important for me to save baba, he will be shattered but will be saved. Kalavati is in her room and nandu comes there.. She asks him why you returned so early, havent meethi seen you and adi Nandu tells him that meethi saw them but adi still loves that meethi. Kalawati tells her that he is mad. She then tells him that she has given ta the next task to make jayraj’s family move out of the house.. Adi comes there calls out tara’s name loudly , tara comes there and says why are you shouting. Adi says that how low can you stoop so low to help you sister.. Adi tells everybody what happened and nandu also blames tara. Adi is shouting on nandu and jayraj stops him , tara says that when the son does something wrong the father stops the son when the son is same as father.. Nirmala tells her that she is crossing her line.. Jayraj says that you have broken my trust tara, tara says if you have so much problem with me then… And she stops.. And leaves, jayraj and everybody leaves for mandir.. Tara is in her room and is talking to MJ’s photo taht she wasnt able to do it.. Rudrapratap comes there with nadini and tells tara that you havnt listened to me so now see what I will do to your sister he picks up an vase is going to break it at her head but tara stops him, nandu tells him that tara wont repeat this mistake again..

Rudra leaves nandini and pleads tara to agree with him and goes.. Tara requests him not to harm nandu, rudra tells her now see what will happen and then he calls someone and asks them that the accident will be according to our plan. Tara tells him to stop and give her a last chance she will throw them out of this house. Rudra gives her 2 hours and leaves. Jayraj and nirmala returns from temple and goes to there room and sees that their room is empty, nirmala is shocked and asks jayraj where is our belongings.. Tara comes and says that I have soldeverything and your other important things are outside in suitcases, and tells them that they will be leaving this house right now with aditya..

Precap: Aradhna is talking to taa and tells her that meethi will go nowhere, tara tells her that I have bought this house from the owner and if this meethi dosent leave this house then I will also throw you out of this house, aradhna is going to slap her but tara holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Crazyboy

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  1. it’s becoming very very boring now. how long will this go like this. give everything to kala and finished it for once..

    too boring to keep on watching

  2. When will MJ come back why don’t they just get rid of that rudra/kala an nandu

  3. Plzz yar,just getting bored to see this stupid serial,plz end this show.I’ve never seen such a crap show
    i used to love this show & mj,but there’s no hope that mj will return back in this serial

  4. This is all rubbish,can’t nandu see that how much tara love her & worried fr her,she is a black spot on d name of sister

  5. A non sense serial. Where evil wins over good. Life ok hv such kond of serials only like saubhagyawati bhava, amrit manthan n ek boond ishq. In ol three the common thing is dat good suffer n dies n evil njoy

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