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Scene 1
artist whose address mj gave to tara says to mj that he is leaving, he says my shop timing is closed, I am leaving, mj is waiting for he, artist is closing door and leaves from there.
mannat comes to her doll and breaks the robot saying how dare you to come near my mom, she says nobody is of anyone, they all crave fro money, mannat says that om is bringing body guard for tara, sorry I am bringing guard which will kill tara then om will go in jail then we will leave in this house alone, om is shouting in hall where is sia, mannat says to doll that I like this girl tara, she always keep om in tension, she comes to om and ask what happened, he ask where is sia, she says I don’t know, ask rani, rani comes there and says she went to ice-cream parlor as you gave her permission,

om ask when, she says when you were busy in meeting, you told to do what sia is saying, om is shocked and thinks that you are playing dangerous game tara, I wish your life wasn’t important to me.

Scene 2
driver brings tara to street, tara thinks that address is of here only but I have to go alone from here now, she ask driver to go and bring ice-cream, he says there is no parlor here, tara says it is in next street, go and bring, om calls driver, he tells this to tara, tara says don’t say anything rubbish, he says why will I, you are not running from me, tara says ok pick up the phone, driver picks up, om ask where is sia, driver says he is with me, om ask to give her call, driver sees back seat and finds sia missing, he thinks that om will kill me, he lies to om that sia is busy in pooja, she saw mandir and asked to stop there, om says ok after pooja, make me talk to sia, driver ends call and thinks that I have to find sia today.
tara is going to address which mj gave her, driver is finding her.
mannat says to om that I have a way for this, I have one guy as body guard, tara cant find any fault in him, om says ok call him, mannat thinks that 1st I wanted that you run away from here but now I want to kill you and put blame on om.
nandu shed crocodile’s tearws infront of vidant, she says why you saved me, you wont be always with me, from childhood people used to flirt with me because I am a poor girl, when I grew up I couldn’t find any job so I started robbery, tell me who will give me job, vidant says look girl, I have given you chance earlier too and I am giving you chance now too, I have found a job for you, go and do good job, nandu hugs him and says you are great sir, she smirks.

Scene 3
mj ties artist and threatens him to make painting fro the girl which will come in some time, mj says balli will not leave you if you leave before doing work of that girl. tara comes infront of that shop, mj gets a call and goes outside to receive the call, tara comes in shop, she ask where is mj? he ask who mj, he says you are the girl whose sketch I have to make, tara ask who you know, he says the guy told me that you will come, she says where is he? he says he went to receive a call, tara ask is he long heighted, artist says you guide me to make sketch then we will know if we are talking about same person. mj is busy in call, driver comes to him and him did he see any girl, wearing green dress and hairs open, mj ask her name, driver sys sia agnihotri, mj smiles and thinks that she has comes but hiding so I should tell about her to this driver, I have to fool this driver, he says to driver that I will find her, its my area, ou stand near your car, I will bring her to you. driver goes to car.
tara is busy in guiding artist to make mj’s sketch, mj comes there and sees tara sitting in shop with her back to him, tara is emotional remembering her moments with mj, jahan mile deewane do.. plays.. rubaro tu… ek boond ishq pe hoon zinda.. tara has tears in her eyes remembering mj. mj is looking at tara, suddenly laado comes there and ask what happened balli, she couldn’t see tara as she ash her back to tara. balli is shocked to see her. mj thinks that laado should not know that the girl whose killing contract was given by mannat, she is here and I am helping her, mj says that I was waiting for my friend, laado says you always raom here and there, are you ready to do the work, mj ask what work? laado says come home, we will talk there, mj prays that god this girl should not leave from here till I come back.

Scene 4
artist make sketch of mj, tara says this is my mj, she says make moustache too, he makes and says this is the man who asked me to do your work, his name is balli, tara says no he is my mj and I know he is near only, today I will go after meeting him only.

PRECAP- tara is finding mj with the help of sketch, pari sees her and ask what happened? tara shows her sketch and ask do you know him? pari says balli, tara says you know him, where is he, pari says come with me, I will take you to him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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