Ek Boond Ishq 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 25th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rudra calls radha for cold drink, she is tensed but gives him anyway. she texts MJ to meet her after completing wedding rituals as i have to tell you something important about kalavati. Marriage is announced to be done, MJ tara takes blessing of all. radha thinks MJ will come after wedding, she leaves. Aradhna says to MJ thanks for completing my wish, i hope you get all your wishes, MJ says i dont need anything as i got my tara, tara says i also got my mother nad husband. Aradhna says you will always be happy with him as he is a good son, good brother and will be good husband, jairaj says we should leave now. Vasu takes Mj’s phone and gives it to Adi sayng he forgot it in mandap, adi gives it to yug. Tara does bidai ritual by throwing rice behind her back, yug gives

phone to MJ, tara meets nando and says to be a good girl. After everyone leaves, rudra sees Mj’s phone lying on ground.

Scene 2
Radha in home, thinks about kala and rudra, she remembers all encounters and says so this the secret behind tayaji.
In stable, MJ is about to check his phone but meethi ask him to make tara sit palanquin, he makes her sit and his phone falls from his pocket, tara cries seeing aradhna, barat leaves from stable, here radha is waiting for MJ’s call.

Scene 3
meethi and vasu brings tara in MJ’s room, tara ask them why are they laughing, am i looking like monkey, meethi says you are fairy thats why Mj have gone mad for you, cut his hairs, tara says he only cut his hairs, but he is still stubborn and his mind didnt change, MJ comes there, meethi vasu stops him at door and ask for money so tha they can leave. He says you both can stay here, i dont have any problem, i will read book, he lies down with book in his hand, meethi ask tara to do something, tara takes book from him and ask patidev your bride is infront of you not in books, give them money at right time, Mj says how much neg you want, he hugs them and says here is your neg, Tara says you are kanjoos, she gives his walet to them and says to use his card also, they leave, she closes the door and jumps on bed, she sits like bride and puts veil on her, she ask Mj to take it off, he takes off her veil and she makes weird faces he laughs and says i ma dead.

Scene 4
In police station, police officer informs to DIG that today is marriage of Mj, we will call him tomorrow.
In room MJ gives moti back to tara and says i got my moti back, you can take it, tara says i have big heart, you can take my moti as i am wearing too musch jewelry, he says they must be heavy, i will help you out, he one by one takes out her jewelry, she stops him and says i know everything, he ask what you are understanding tell me, she says nothing, help me, he says if i didnt help my wife on suhagraat then i didnt do anything, he takes out her bangles and says poetry about her beauty and touches her face, tara is nervous and goes, she stands near window, Mj comes there.

Scene 5
Radha says i hope this night gets over fast, so that tomorrow i will go in court and end this chapter of kalavati, door bell rings, she opens the gate and is shocked.
In room, Mj ask tara did i do anything wrong? she says no but then says yes, he ask what did i do, tara fumbles, he ask tell me, tara says you cut hair then why didnt you cut beard. He says to are talking like wives, ou have to manage with this only, she says i know you are stubborn, he says i am like this and.. tara says i know you will say you are like this and will be like this so remain like this, Mj cools down and sits on bed with her, he says why are we talking like this at this time, tara says you started all this, you could have said taht you will shave after two three days just for my sake, he says so should i lie just for your sake, he goes and takes pillow and says i ma sleeping, he lies on setty, she calls him gullo ke papa, i thought you will do something new, ok if you dont wannna talk then its ok, she lies down on bed.
Yug comes back home and cant find radha anywhere, he is tensed.
Tara is sleeping, Mj comes to her and says i am sorry, she says you are stubborn, very bad. He says forget it, he kisses on her forehead, he says i hurt you alot, i hurt your hands, he kisses her hands, he kisses her eyes and wipes her tears. she says to forget about past now we will start our life afresh, he is about to kiss her, but tara’s phone rings, she sees yug’s call and gives it to MJ. yug informs about radha being missing.

PRECAP- AT court, lawyer ask Mj where is radha, we are getting late for hearing, MJ informs that she is missing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow,today’s epi was awsme,n very romantic,loved d MriAra scene,mj looking damn hot ..

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