Ek Boond Ishq 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 24th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with nirmala and Adi.she asks Adi what happened and Adi satmys when will MJ go back to jail and do you think will he be able to keep your promise and nirmala says yes he will.
Tara is sitting on her bed and is talking to her self then she hears Adi and mitthi fighting.
She goes out if her room and hears the noise of ghungroo from mitthi’s room and goes there and sees mitthi dancing.
Mithi is talking continues rounds and she falls
Tara holds her and ask what is all this mithi.
Nandini is seeing her and adi’s pic on her mobile and calls her friend and says that today we party in fizz club at 10.
Mrityunjay comes in dinning area and sees his sister sitting there and crying and she she shows him the family album and he says that

you were always fat kya? She says i am not fat.
MJ says that how much mom loves you but she says nirmala dosent love her.
She asks MJ that where r you in these snaps he says maybe i was outside and she says you were always out wen snaps were clicked.
He says that actually i am shy from pucs getting clicked.
And goes from there.
Mithi is telling Tara about her plight and says truth is that Adi never loved me niether before marriage nor after marriage and also says that he would hv never married her nor taken responsibility if the baby that was in him my whomb.
Tara asks her where is baby mithi says i lost the baby too.
Tara says i hv also got married and till date i hvnt seen my husband face yet and never want to see his face.
Our story is same our destiny is similar and asks mithi to stop crying and says i will surely solve the problem of your life and hugs her.
Nandini reached the fizz club and goes inside with her friends and sees Adi coming out in drunk position and asks him r u fine?
Adi says Nandu seeing you after such a long time i missed you and always that one is you and other us her Nandu asks Adi whom r u talking about ?
Nandu leaves with Adi to him his home to drop him.
Tara remembers the scene when MJ tried to abuse her.shr is walking in the corridor.

-Break 1-

Nandu and Adi are sitting in car and Adi thanks her and says just says that u will go home and driver will dtop you.
Nandu sees the home and says that this is Tara’s home and he leaves.
Tara enters her room and the room is pitch black MJ is sitting on the chair and Tara sees him and asks what are you doing here,go from here or else i will call baba.
MJ says that baba will ask questions will you be able to answer them
Tara says why r u doing this with me?

-Break 2-

MJ asks Tara why you have gone to dark room?
Tara remembers and says I was there by mistake
MJ says but I came here delibrately and tara says I will not stay with you in this room I hate you and I am going.
MJ says I also hate you and todays night you will spend with me in this room only you,me and horror…and this nights each second will be like a century for you

Precap- Rudrapratap days that she has gone to get flowers for puja and when she will come she will drink this water and den it will be her last breath..

Update Credit to: WingsOfHeart

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